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Kali Carbonicum - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



On walking in the open air, drowsy with yawning.

Lassitude, languor and nausea, after the afternoon nap.

Relaxation and lassitude of the limbs.

Titillating lassitude in the limbs.

Much talking fatigues her.

Languid, weary and bruised in the hips and lower limbs, and especially in the calves, when she walks (13th d.).

Attack of lassitude in the whole body, especially in the sacrum, the cervical muscles feel relaxed, the arms and legs nerveless, as if he should sink down, with a faint feeling about the heart, as from syncope (aft. sever. h.).

Attack of sudden faintness, in the evening on lying down, with aching nausea, warmth and lassitude in the pit of the stomach, and vertigo and failing of thoughts in the head; so also two fits in the morning, which leave behind them great lassitude.

Attack of nausea, at once in the morning, with violent yawning, eructation, writhing about the stomach, severe heat and anguish (3d d.).

Attack of nausea and vomiting, with bruisedness of the head, drowsiness and some watery stools, with subsequent constipation.

After the cramp-like attack, eructation, giving relief, and extreme lassitude, prostration and discomfort; she could only talk quite low.

Tremulous in the hands and lower limbs, and easily fatigued by walking.

Frequent yawning.

Sleeping too long, and the head then feels chaotic, great lassitude, sensation of coryza and pressure in the eyes.

Great drowsiness by day; she goes to sleep, while sitting.

Very sleepy, with yawning in the forenoon, till noon.

Drowsiness after dinner; it goes off in the open air.

Always drowsy, in the afternoon, with yawning and wretched complexion.

Great drowsiness; she felt like going to sleep at breakfast (soon).

Drowsiness in the afternoon (3d d.).

In the evening, early drowsiness and sullen silence.

After midnight, violent erections, which disturb his sleep, weary him and threaten a pollution, which, however, does not occur.

Sleep and dreams

Difficulty in getting to sleep, in the evening, after walking in the open air.

In the evening, he is long in getting to sleep for several days.

In the evening he cannot get to sleep before eleven or twelve o'clock, without cause.

Late in getting to sleep (the first weeks).

After mental work, he cannot fall asleep before midnight.

In the evening, on going to bed at eleven, she could not get to sleep, for a stinging itching all over the body; she only slept from eleven to one o'clock.

At night in bed, he cannot fall asleep before one or two o'clock, without cause or ailment.

Insomnia at night, and if he does get to sleep, anxious dreams; in the morning, he feels dull, with hot hands.

Restless sleep (4th d.).

Very restless night; she wakes up some twenty times without any particular cause.

She wakes up early, at one or two o'clock, and is too wide awake to get to sleep again.

She wakes up much earlier than usual and cannot go to sleep again.

He always awakes at four o'clock and then several times, till morning comes.

At night, after waking up, she cannot go to sleep again because of a rush of ideas.

Her night's sleep is half-awake.

Only a slumbrous sleep at night.

Tendency to wake up early, without getting wide awake.

At night, after lying down, he remembers sad events, which keep him from going to sleep.

At night in bed, delirious fancies, while awake for three hours, with heat in the brain, and external heat all over the body, then some sweat, coldness of the limbs and shivering, with great timidity.

At night, she raises herself up in her bed while sleeping, talks all manner of incoherent things with her husband, and cannot get conscious for a long time, but she knew that she was speaking with her husband.

Sleep, full of fancies and talking loud.

Talking in sleep.

Loud talking in sleep.

Violent weeping, in a dream at night.

The child tosses about at night and cries.

Sleep, full of dreams, restless.

Many dreams, with restlessness and tossing in sleep.

He falls at night from one dream into another.

He goes to sleep at once, but also begins dreaming at once.

Dreams at night, with restless sleep and frequent awaking.

Dreamful sleep and frequent awaking (aft. 10 d.).

The whole sleep is full of vivid dreams, about the occurrences of the day.

Frequent voluptuous dreams (the first 14 d.).

Anxious dream, she calls for help.

Dreams about robbers (aft. 11 d.).

Dreams about diseased parts of the body.

Anxious dream, his father was about to beat him.

Dreams, that he was tumbling down a high mountain.

Dreadful dreams disturb the sleep.

Anxious dreams of threatening forms passing by her, some of which threaten to lie on her.

All manner of frightful forms before her eyes, in sleep.

Dreams of snakes, sickness and deceased persons.

Dreams of deceased persons, as if they were alive, and of quarrels with them.

Dreams of masks, ghosts and devils.

Frightened, when asleep.

Startled, when going to sleep.

In the evening, when going to sleep, a jerk through the whole body, so that he starts up.

In the evening after lying down, he started up, while walking in bed, with a shudder of the whole body.

In sleep, he starts up several times and trembles.

In sleep, his limbs twitch and snores.

Two nights in succession, while asleep, his whole body moved as if epilepsy was coming, with twitching in the arms and kicking with the legs, but without any rattling; after awaking, he knew nothing about it.


A sort of tension in the interior of the body, extending into the head and the eyes.

Pinching and strongly contractive sensation in the anus, in the stomach and toward the fauces.

Formication in the limbs, especially in the lower ones, when sitting, with drawing in the legs, making him restless.

Drawing pain in the whole body, now here, now there, in the nape, the scapulae, the hands and the knees (aft. 10 d.).

Drawing pain in all the limbs, with the sensation as if he had been sick for a long time, with great paleness of the face and emaciation.

Severe drawing in the abdomen, in the arms and legs, with bruised pain of the upper arms; most when resting (the first days).

Stinging in the joints and tendons.

The pains predominating in Kali are stitches.

Pain, as from festering, when pressing on any part of the body.

Bruised pain of all the muscles of the body.

The parts on which she lies (arms and legs) go to sleep.

The pains come early, at 2 or 3 A.M., so that he cannot remain lying down, and they are stronger then than by day during motion.

After the cessation of the pains, at once a chill.

In the open air, she seems to feel better than in the room.

The open air seems to increase the ailments, especially the feverish condition.

On walking in the open air, violent tearing externally on the one side of the head.

From walking in the open air, violent headache, for several hours.

Great dislike of the open air.

When walking in the open air, great readiness to take cold, and sweat at night, with restlessness and heaviness in the nape, as if from a load (4th d.).

Readiness to take cold (3d d.).

Very ready to take cold.

Very ready to take cold after being heated by exercise; he loses his appetite, has feverish shiverings, diarrhoea with colic, restless sleep, etc.

After taking cold, headache on the right side of the head and heat in the eyes.

Ailments from taking cold, at every draught.

After catching cold by a draught, she feels for a moment too hot in the room, then heaviness in the limbs, tearing in the whole body, and in the head, with roaring before the ears, and general coldness, then throughout the night, a sour smelling perspiration (aft. 31 d.).

After taking a cold, there is fever in the evening; toward morning, perspiration with violent headache, and after rising, a chaotic feeling in the head.

Ebullition in the blood, and heat in the head.

Ebullition in the blood, in the evening, before going to sleep, with oppression and tightness in the chest.

He feels the pulse all over the body, even in the tips of the toes.

Sensible throbbing of all the arteries.

Sensation of emptiness in the whole body, as if it was all hollow.

Heavy and languid in the whole body, as if broken on the wheel.

So heavy in the limbs, that she could not set one foot before the other.

Heaviness of the body, in the morning in bed; it goes off after rising.

Heavy, especially in the feet; walking is an effort.

Indolence (aft. 2 d.).

Frequent languor and weariness (1st d.).

Languor and weariness, in the evening, almost reaching nausea.

Great languor in the evening.

Great weariness, in the morning on awaking, diminished on rising, but returning with increase in the afternoon.

The child (of four years) wants to be continually carried.

Going up a few steps is troublesome to her; but not walking on a level.

Sensation of faintness every morning, as if he would swoon or have vertigo (the first 6 d.).

Threatened with syncope, as soon as he moved at all.

Fit of faintness, on returning from a short walk, so that she could reach her home with difficulty; a warm sensation in her stomach and (in winter) drops of sweat gather on her forehead, and her lower limbs tremble; after a short rest, her faintness passes off.

Attack of contractive pain in the back, while at rest after physical labor; he has to lie down; then profuse sweat through the night, and in the morning a stool with mucus and blood, but painless.

Cramp-like attack A pain seized him between the shoulders like a tearing, then his nape became, as it were, stiff, and when he would move his head, it was jerked backward several times.

Twitching in all the limbs (8th d.).

Quivering in the muscles, here and there, for several days.

Sudden tremulousness.

Violent trembling.

Tremulous weariness, when walking, first in the knees, then trembling in the abdominal muscles and the arms.

He feels as if he had not slept enough, in the morning.

Very sleepy in the morning, and waking up late.

In the morning, after a sound sleep, he has soon to lie down again, and after a sleep of three hours, he feels restored.

Irresistible somnolence, in the afternoon and evening.

In the evening, he gets drowsy early (aft. 10 d.).

In the evening, after going to sleep and waking up again, she was, as it were, confused in her head, had no thoughts, knew not where she was and was then seized with a fearful anguish; then she became rational again.

At night, when lying in bed, rush of blood to the head, at times, as if he would lose his senses.

Several nights, a pressive headache, which goes off on bandaging the head.

At night, gnashing of teeth, while asleep.

At night, acidity in the mouth.

At night, regurgitation of the food eaten at dinner.

At night, dryness in the mouth prevents his sleeping.

At night, an hour after going to sleep, a violent, jerking cramp in the stomach, with anguish, groaning, coldness of the tip of the nose, of the hands and feet, then vomiting of food and of an acid substance, with much eructation of air; the following night, the same, but more slight.

At night, pressure and burning in the stomach.

At night, pressure below the scrobiculus cordis, with coughing.

At night, she has to spit out much mucus, often for half an hour at a time.

At night, colic for two hours, without subsequent stool, then in the morning, pain in the sacrum and chest, and in the afternoon all the limbs feel bruised.

At night, pinching in the stomach, in paroxysms, with nausea and constant eructation.

At night, colic at the least movement in bed, not while at rest, a dull lancination and pressure, as if from an internal induration.

Three nights in succession, tormented by flatus.

At night, much emission of flatus.

At night, bellyache and diarrhoea.

Every night, from three to four o'clock, diarrhoea (the first week).

At night, he could not get to sleep for burning on the anus.

At night, burning itching on the perinaeum.

At night, sweat on the perinaeum.

At night, he cannot go to sleep for itching on the scrotum.

At night, in a restless sleep, full of dreams, many erections.

In the evening, on going to sleep, constriction of the throat, so that she wakes up terrified; then stinging dryness in the throat (aft. 12 d.).

At night, an obstruction to breathing wakes him from sleep.

At night, a nightmare, with a dream as if a stone was lying on him, and as if simultaneously his throat was being constricted, while he in vain endeavors to wake up.

At night about two o'clock, she wakes up with oppression about the heart and cannot go to sleep again.

At night, when she lies on the right side, she feels oppression and anguish, and she has to sit up in bed, until eructations supervene.

At night, the child is restless and anxious, cries much and reaches out for one thing and another, without accepting anything.

At night, tension in the right or the left side.

At night, stitches in the right or left side.

At night, stiffness of the nape.

At night, a throbbing pain in the upper arm awakes him.

At night, restlessness in the hands.

At night in bed, burning pains in the lower limbs.

At night on awaking, tearing and drawing with sensation of great weariness in the legs, especially in the ankle joints.

At night, waked up twice by cramp in the right thigh and the calf.

At night in bed, on drawing up the leg, cramp in the calf and the sole of the foot.

At night, the left leg and the right arm go to sleep.

At night, restless sleep on account of pressive pain, on the side of the body on which he was lying.

At night, excessive pain in the whole body, like strokes of a hammer.

In the evening in bed, such restlessness in the limbs, that she cannot find a spot on which she can rest well.

At night, severe bleeding of the ulcer.

The sleep at night is interrupted by heat in the whole body, especially on the hands, and by too vivid dreams.

In the evening in bed, very hot hands, with transient shivering and long-delayed going to sleep.

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