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Kali Carbonicum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the whole head, as if screwed in, with sticking in the brain, with frequent pauses,

Confusion of the head, as after intoxication, and as if the ears were stopped, with nausea, almost amounting to vomiting (after eight days),

Frequent confusion of the head,

Frequent confusion of the head in the morning, and heaviness in the region of the eyebrows,

Confused feeling in the head, as if he had not slept enough, in the morning after rising, and a feeling as if befogged, with loss of liveliness,

In the evening, after falling asleep and waking again, she was confused in her head, had no ideas, did not know where she was, and then was seized with frightful anxiety, after which she again became quiet,

Feeling as if intoxicated (fourth day),

Giddiness in forehead, as if she would fall forwards, on holding head down,

Frontal lightness and giddiness on moving, as if all things in the room were going round (not as if room were revolving), when talking or being talked to; feels as if she must lean head on hand as it seems to hold head still, and relieves the giddiness and lightness,

General Head.

A constant in the head as though something in it were loose, and turned and twisted toward the forehead,

The head several times jerks towards the left side, without loss of consciousness, whereupon the nape of the neck feels stiff,

Dulness and confusion in the head, in the evening,

Weakness of the head,

Great warmth in the head, especially in the right side of the face, frequently (fifth day),

Rising heat in the head, in the evening, before lying down; disappearing in bed,

A feeling of fulness in the head, as if the brain pressed hard against the skull,

Rush of blood to the head, and a feeling of intoxication therefrom,

Rush of blood to the head, at night while lying in bed; at times it seemed as though the senses would vanish,

After dinner constriction in the head like a band about it,

Violent pressure from within outward, as if the brain would press forward,

Dull sticking in the head (first day),

Stitches through the whole head,

Weakness in the head just over the eyes, after walking rapidly (seventeenth day),

Beating (throbbing) pain in the upper part of the left side of the head; on pressure the pain becomes more violent and sticking; more externally,

Throbbing and beating in the forehead, and especially in the sides of the head, frequently intermitting; also after dinner, while walking and standing,

Beating vibration in the right temple,


Painful turning and twisting within the head,

Taking cold in the head is followed by pain in the head and teeth,

Violent pain in the whole head, with throbbing and sticking in the knees, disappearing on moving about; in the evening,

Burning painful sensation of heat in the head,

Headache in the morning, on waking, lasting a quarter of an hour, for several mornings,

During the menses, headache in the morning, with great heaviness,

Headache relieved by sitting up in bed, aggravated by lying down,

During the menses, great headache on the second day, from morning till evening,

Violent headache for several hours, from walking in the open air,

Warm rush of blood to the head, with orgasm of blood in the body, and after some hours slight headache (immediately),

Violent pressive pain in the whole head, with shivering chill over the whole body, especially in the forenoon,

Violent pressure over the whole skull, extending down the nape of the neck, throbbing in the head and whole body; the pain does not tolerate the slightest touch, and is aggravated in paroxysms, with excessive nausea and vomiting of bile,

Pressive headache,

Pressive headache for several nights, disappearing on wrapping up the head,

Shattering headache,

Jerking-tearing pain in the head,

Ulcerative pain in the head, after dinner; she was obliged to lie down, when it became better,

Painful throbbing in the head when she writes,

Jerking headache, the whole day,

A painful sensation as of something movable in the head, worse on moving the head,

Painful pimple on the right side of the head, as if a boil would form (sixth day),

Sticking pain externally on the head and in the nape of the neck, with a sticking swelling of the cheek, and sticking in the teeth,

Headache in the vertex, when pressing upon the head,

Pinching pain in the whole upper part of the head, especially in the left side,

After taking cold, headache in the right side and heat in the eyes,

Paroxysms of one-sided headache, right and left, with weakness and exhaustion, almost amounting to nausea, in the evening,

Heaviness and pain in the sinciput,

Terrible headache through the eyes,

Pressive pain in the forehead, like a confusion,

Pressive pain in the forehead, with vomiting of mucus and acids,

Pressive headache in the forehead, in the afternoon, while walking, with peevishness (thirteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth days),

Violent sticking in the forehead the whole day, and at times also in the left side of the head; together with severe pain in the chest and icy coldness of the limbs,

Throbbing pain in the forehead,

Crawling pain above the forehead,

Pain in temples, especially in the right one, as if proceeding from the stiff neck,

Pinching pain in the left temple at intervals; also tearings,

Pressive pain from within outward, in the right temple,

A sharp pressive pain in the temple, externally,

Pressive headache in the left temple (sixth day),

Pressive headache from both temples towards the middle.

Painless bubbling-like twitching of the muscles in the right temple,

Pressive pain in the occiput, extending to the nape of the neck, disappearing in the open air,


An attack of vertigo as often as he rises from his chair and turns around,

Dryness of the hair,

Falling of the hair,

Pimples on the scalp,

Itching on the scalp,

Itching on the scalp, with sore pain when scratched,

Outer head

Fine stitches externally in various parts of the head,

Violent tearing externally on one side of the head, while walking in the open air,

Frequent itching on the head, especially on the occiput,


Drawing and tearing on the vertex (thirty-third and thirty-fourth days),

Pressure upon the top of the head, in the evening,


A severe heavy sensation in the left half of the head,

A tearing drawing in the left half of the head, above, in front of, and in the temple (twelfth, nineteenth, and twenty-fifth days),

Pressure from without inward on the right side of the skull, on rising up from stooping,

A stitch through the right side of the head, from behind forward,


A sensation on stooping as if something were sinking from the occiput towards the forehead,

A feeling in the forehead as if a hot body were lying before it, frequently repeated while stooping and writing, disappearing on rising,

A feeling in the forehead as if it would burst, in frequent short paroxysms,

Drawing in the forehead, in the forenoon and at midnight (second and thirtieth days),

Pressure and drawing tearing in the forehead, extending into the eyes and root of the nose (fourteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and twenty-first days),

Pressure in the forehead, in the evening, on going to sleep, with qualmish nausea, as if the stomach were disordered; relieved by rest, aggravated when walking,

Pressure in the forehead, with photophobia,

Severe pressure and drawing in the forehead in the evening,

Violent pressure from within outwards, in the whole frontal region, while writing,

Sticking in the forepart of the head,

Stitches in the forehead like needles,

Stitches in the forehead, in the morning,

Stitches in the upper part of the forehead and above the temples, on moving the lower jaw,

Tearing in the left frontal eminence (twenty-fifth day),

A digging throbbing in the frontal bone, above the left eye,


Pressure in the right temple, from morning till noon (after eleven days),

Pressure and pressing in the right temple (eleventh, nineteenth, and twentieth days),

A sticking pressure inward in the left temple,

Sticking in the temples,

Sticking in the temples, even to starting up and crying out, in the right temple, with tearing,

A stitch above the left temple, and immediately afterwards in the middle of the forehead, extending from within outward,

Some tearing stitches in the left temple, extending into the zygoma,

Tearing in the right and left temple, also in the left parietal bone,

Jerking in the left temple,


Heaviness in the occiput, like a confusion,

Heaviness in the occiput, as if it were filled with lead, the head constantly falls backward, with stiffness of the nape of the neck, extending to between the shoulder-blades,

Aching and heaviness in the occiput, worse on swallowing,

Drawing in the occiput and nape of the neck, especially in the right side with stiffness,

Pressure and burning low down in the occiput, with heaviness of the head, even to falling forward,

Violent pressure in the occiput, with rush of blood in the head and a feeling of heaviness, while standing,

Stitches extending from the nape of the neck into the occiput,

Stitches in the occiput, on stepping and on stooping, as if upon the surface of the brain,

Tearing, now in the right, now in the left side of the occiput, and now in forehead (first day),

Throbbing tearing in the right side of the occiput, close to the nape of the neck (sixteenth day),

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