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Kali Carbonicum - Modalities Etc

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Pain in whole head; drawing in forehead; pain in left teeth; thirst; nausea; chilliness; shivering, etc.

(Noon), Peevish mood; pressure upon eyes.

(Afternoon), While walking, pressive headache in forehead, etc.; nose thick, etc.; towards evening, anxiety in chest; stitches in costal regions; weary in thighs; towards evening, chilliness, etc.; at 6 o'clock, febrile chill, etc.; heat, etc.; about 5 o'clock, febrile heat, etc.

(Midnight), Drawing in forehead.

(Before midnight), Hiccough; cough.

(After midnight), Soon, soreness in lids; rising of water from stomach; sticking in chest; till 3 A.M., warm sweat, etc.

(Open air), Vertigo; burning, etc., of eyes; face pale etc., all troubles, especially febrile condition.

(Walking in open air), Headache; tearing in one side of head; pressure, etc., in abdomen; pressure in back.

(Bending backwards), Pain in small of back.

(After breakfast), Bitter-sour taste.

(Cold), Tearing, etc., in back tooth, etc.

(On becoming cold), Pain in pharynx.

(Cold things in mouth), Toothache.

(During dinner), Fretful mood, etc.; pains about umbilicus, etc.; falling asleep of foot.

(After dinner), Constriction in head; ulcerative pain in head; digging in back tooth; throbbing, etc., in incisors; itching, etc., in back tooth; sticking in upper abdomen; feet fall asleep.

(Eating), Toothache; tearing toothache; throbbing in teeth.

(After eating), Vertigo; jerking, etc., in tooth; especially after breakfast, pressure in stomach; immediately, fulness, etc., in abdomen; tickling in larynx; weariness, etc.; chilliness.

(After physical fatigue in open air), Weeping mood.

(Food or drink), Especially cold, pains in stomach.

(Knitting), Tearing in shoulder; tearing in wrist.

(Laughing), Stitches in side of abdomen.

(Lying down), Headache.

(Mental exertion), Perspiration.

(Motion), Throbbing, etc., in teeth; pain in upper arm; drawing on surface of wrist; chilliness.

(Moving head), Sensation in head; throbbing behind ears; falling asleep of knees.

(Pressure), Pain in upper left side of head.

(Rest), Drawing in abdomen, etc.; after physical exertion, pain in back; bruised pain in back; pain in joints of knees, etc.; tearing in axilla.

(Riding in carriage), Tension along side of back.

(Rising from sitting), Griping in groins; pain in knee; tearing in calves.

(Rising from stooping), Pressure in side of skull; twitching etc., in ear; sticking in right chest.

(Running), Stitches in tendons.

(After singing), Feeling of lump in throat; soreness of throat.

(Sitting), Retraction of umbilical region; griping in groins; sticking in left chest; pain between scapulae, etc.; pain above small of back; tearing in lumbar region; pain in region of kidneys; crawling in limbs, etc.; sensation in knee.

(Standing), Vertigo; pressure in occiput, etc.; drawing in thigh; twitches on lower leg; tension in calf.

(Stepping), Stitches in occiput.

(Stooping), Feeling in forehead; stitches in occiput.

(During supper), Pain in front teeth, etc.

(After supper), Itching in anus.

(Talking), Frontal lightness, etc.; soreness of chest.

(Bending talked to), Frontal lightness.

(Touching body), Fright.

(Turning around), Vertigo.

(On uncovering body), Roughness in throat.

(Violin playing), Cough.

(Walking), Vertigo; pressure in forehead, etc.; pain in liver; feeling in lower abdomen; on expiration tension across chest; pain in knee; especially on extending leg, pain on side of knee; stitches, etc., in feet.

(Walking rapidly), Weakness in head.

(Warmth of bed), Drawing in thigh.

(Writing), Vertigo; throbbing in head; feeling in forehead; pressure in whole frontal region; dyspnoea, etc.


Stooping, moving it, eyes or lower jaw.

Early in morning, in cold.

WORSE, after coition; in cold weather; from soup and Coffea Cruda Coffee; in morning about three o’clock; lying on left and painful side.

Cold AIR



Changes after Overheating

Changes after exertion

Time 2-3 AM

Winter Before menses

Lying On painful or left side

Loss of fluids

After labor


(Afternoon), On waking, stopped catarrh.

(Open air), Vertigo; pain in occiput; feels better.

(Tight binding), Tearing, etc.; in back tooth.

(Leaning head on hand), Frontal lightness, etc.

(Lying), Drawing in small of back.

(Moving about), Pain in head, etc.; stiffness in neck; pain between shoulders.

(Pressure), Itching, etc., in back tooth.

(Rest), Giddiness; pressure in forehead, etc.; pain in small of back.

(Sitting up in bed), Headache.

(Swallowing food), Soreness of throat.

(Warmth), Toothache.

(Wrapping up head), Pressive headache at night.


Warmth, raising up.

In warmth.

BETTER, in warm weather, though moist; during day, while moving about.


Sitting with elbows on knees

Open air

Desires and aversions

Desire for acids; for sugar.

Aversion to rye-bread.

No appetite; disgust for food.

Intense thirst.


Increase of appetite,

Great hunger,

Great longing for acids,

Little appetite,

He eats without hunger,

Disgust for everything,

Aversion to black bread,


Thirst, in the evening before lying down,

Thirst at night,

Great thirst, in the forenoon,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Ineffectual desire to eructate, followed by spasmodic constriction in the stomach, in the morning and afternoon,

After the spasmodic attack, eructations, followed by relief and extreme prostration, weakness, and discomfort; she could only speak very softly,

The constrictive spasmodic paroxysmal pains in the stomach are followed by eructations, which frequently relieve, or by chilliness and shivering, with shaking, though mostly only in the hands, back, and head, and the usual stool,

Frequent eructations, especially in the morning,

Loud eructations, with accumulation of water in the mouth,

Sour eructations after eating,

Many sourish eructations, in the afternoon, with qualmishness,

Eructations as of sour bitter water,

Acid eructations, in the morning (tenth day),

Acid rising from the stomach up into the mouth,

Sour uprisings,

Uprisings of water from the stomach, much of which she expectorates; after midnight,

Something constantly rises from the stomach into the mouth (soon),


Hiccough, at noon,

Constant hiccough before midnight,



Heartburn for three hours after supper,

Little appetite.

Little appetite, with insipidity in the mouth, but he relishes food.

Severe hunger.

Severe thirst, in the forenoon.

Thirst in the evening, before lying down.

Thirst, at night.

He does not relish his food, he eats without hunger.

He has a repugnance to food, especially to meat; he relishes it indeed, when he eats it, but he cannot eat much.

He loathes rye-bread.

He loathes everything.

Milk does not agree with her.

Bread alone feels heavy in the stomach after eating.

Great desire for sour things.

Position etc

Motion 4, 26, 27, 32, 33. Moving head 3. Walking 7, 16, 26, 28, 31, 33. Ascending or descending 33. Exercise 40. Turning 2. Sitting erect 27. Leaning forward 26. Stooping 3. Raising head 3. Lying 40; on side 27; on right side 28.

Morning 2, 4, 7, 8, 13, 26, 29, 32, 40. Noon 40. Evening 2, 4, 29, 37, 40. Night 26, 33, 40, 46. 2-4 A.M. 17, 27, 28, 37. Day 20, 37, 40. Day and night 27.