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Kali Carbonicum - Mouth symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Fetor of the mouth, like old cheese, every morning.

Soreness of the inside of the mouth.

Numbness in the mouth, in the morning after awaking, as if burned.

Violent burning of the mouth, in the morning, and thirst.

Dry, sticky sensation in the mouth.

Painful blisters on all parts inside of the mouth, with burning pain.

Soreness on the fraenum linguae.

Bitterness in the mouth.


Cramp-like sensation in the lips.

Tearing in the left upper lip and in the gums; it goes off by pressing on it.

Stitch in the upper lip.

Burning on the lips.

Burning of the lower lip.

Itching about the border of the lips.

Eroding sore pain around the mouth on the edge of the red of the lips, very painful when touched.

Soreness of the red of the lips; in the morning on awaking they are agglutinated as if from suppuration.

Swelling of the upper lip, it cracks open in chaps, it is painful when touched and bleeds readily.

Thick, ulcerated lower lip.

Scurf on the upper lip.

Vesicles on the red of the lower lip, which when touched, pain and itch.

Vesicles on the lips.

Small, pointed itching and humid pimples on both lips and around the whole mouth.

Pimples on the lips, which smart and itch.

Painful pimple above the upper lip, near the left nostril; it pains when touched (36th d.).

Peeling off, of the lower lip (24th d.).

The lips are cracked open and peel off.

The lower lip peels, cracks open and scabs off.

Burning of the tongue and lower lip.

Gums and teeth

The teeth are painfully sensitive (4th d.).

Toothache with faceache; one tooth after another became loose and sensitive, or a bone in the face became painful and seemed, like the tooth, to be all sensation; then it twitched or tore at a certain point in paroxysm.

Pain in the teeth, daily in the morning, on awaking.

Pain of the teeth on the left side, in the morning in bed, and the whole forenoon (2d d.).

Pain in the roots of the teeth on the left side, for several mornings after awaking, increased by eating (3d d.).

Toothache after eating, extending to the cheek-bone and ear, where there was griping and stinging.

Toothache, when partaking of any food, but not otherwise.

Toothache only when eating, a throbbing in all the teeth.

Pain in the teeth, when she takes water in her mouth.

Pain of the teeth, when he takes anything warm or cold into his mouth.

Frequent attacks of toothache as soon as he draws any cold air into his mouth; relieved by warmth.

Toothache, with subsequent swelling of the gums.

Toothache, like a steadily incumbent pain, as if something had got into his hollow tooth only transiently relieved by cold water; with drawing behind the ear, and on the head, finally twitches in the tooth and disappearance of the pain.

Toothache, only when eating, at noon and in the evening, often at once with the first morsel, as if something had come into his hollow tooth, with intolerable drawing extending to the eye and ear, only in paroxysms, with intermissions of half an hour.

Pressive toothache in the root of a posterior hollow molar, in the evening.

Drawing toothache in the evening, as soon as she gets into bed, not by day.

Drawing in the roots of the anterior teeth and in the left molars, chiefly in the evening.

Contractive toothache in the upper and lower rows of teeth.

Twitching and drawing in a tooth, as if it was decaying, chiefly after a meal and at night, for a long time.

Tearing toothache, during or soon after eating.

Tearing and griping in a molar and in the left zygoma aggravated and excited by cold substances, relieved by firmly bandaging it.

Tearing in the teeth and in the lower jaw on the right side.

Eroding, itching violent pain in the various teeth and in the gums, not relieved by picking the teeth.

Itching in the teeth after supper.

Itching and digging in an upper left molar, after dinner relieved by pressing upon it.

Burrowing toothache in the left lower row, caused by picking the teeth.

Severe burrowing in an upper left molar, after dinner.

Boring, pressive toothache, every time after dinner, as if something had got into the tooth.

Beating or pecking sensation in an upper right incisor, after dinner.

Throbbing and pecking in the teeth, when moving at other times, a burning pain.

Burning, lancinating toothache, especially at night, as if a hot iron was thrust into the teeth.

Burning, shooting pain in the tooth, especially at night, with an internal chill, and swelling of the lower jaw and of the gums (aft. 32 d.).

Shooting in the teeth and the gums, then swelling of the cheek with shooting pain (aft; 14 d.).

Severe stitches in the teeth.

Single stitches here and there in the anterior teeth, in the evening.

Single stitches in the teeth and frequent sneezing, in the morning, on awaking.

Shooting pain in the anterior teeth, with sensation of dullness at supper (32d d.).

A tooth is prominent and pains much in chewing.

Sensation of looseness in an upper left molar.

Looseness of all the teeth.

The gums just above the anterior incisors show a tearing pain.

Tickling in the gums and bleeding of the same on sucking at them with the tongue.

Redder gums.

Painful inflammation of the anterior gums.

Severe swelling of the gums above the upper molars, with swelling of the left tonsil and of the cervical glands (9th d.).

Gum boil.

Ulcer on the lower gums on the right exterior side.

Soreness of the inner gums of the anterior teeth.

Painful vesicles on the tongue and the gums.


Dryness of the mouth wakes him from sleep in the morning (7th d.).

Dryness in the mouth, in the morning after rising.

Dryness in the mouth, without thirst, in the evening.

Sensation of dryness and gathering of saliva in the mouth; he has to spit much.

Gathering of water in the mouth.

Continual gathering of water in the mouth.

Much saliva in the mouth, continually.

Much saliva runs from his mouth, even by day.

Disagreeable, sticky saliva in the mouth.


Erosion of the inside of the mouth and of the tongue, as from something sharp.

The tongue, on awaking in the morning, is often quite dried up, and almost without sensation.

White, dry tongue in the morning, as from something acrid.

Burning of the tip of the tongue, as if it was raw or full of blisters.

Swelling of the tongue, and many small painful vesicles on it.

Painful little pimple on the tip of the tongue.

Soreness of the tip of the tongue.


Bad smell from the teeth.

Loss of the sense of taste in the morning on awaking, but only for a short time (2d d.).

Bad taste in the mouth.

Bad taste, and much mucus in the mouth.

Disagreeable, watery taste in the mouth.

Bitter taste in the mouth, with nausea (1st d.).

Bitter taste, in the morning.

Bitter-sour taste in the mouth, after breakfast.

Sour taste in the mouth, every day.

Putrid taste in the mouth.

Sweetish taste in the mouth.

Taste of blood in the morning, after awaking for three hours.


On the palate, itching (10th d.).

Shooting and smarting in the back part of the palate, as if from too great dryness before the breaking out of a cold increased by deglutition, in the morning and evening (8th, 9th, 29th, 30th, 41st d.).

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