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Kali Carbonicum - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

Offensive odor from the mouth, like old cheese, every morning,

Painful blisters in all parts of the mouth, with burning pain,

Numbness in the mouth, as if burnt, in the morning after waking,

Violent burning in the mouth, in the morning, and thirst,

Dry, sticky sensation in the mouth,

Soreness of the inner mouth,

Bitterness in the mouth,

Bitterness in the mouth, with nausea (first day),

Bitterness in the throat,

Acidity in the mouth at night,


Burning of the tongue and lower lip,

Gums and teeth

The gums became loosened and fell off in pieces,

Offensive odor from the teeth,

A tooth is prominent and very painful on chewing,

Looseness of all the teeth,

One and another tooth becomes loose and sensitive, or a spot on the bone of the face becomes painful and seems to be very sensitive like a tooth, followed by jerking or tearing in one point by paroxysms,

Feeling of looseness of a left upper back tooth,

Pain in the teeth daily on waking in the morning,

Pain in the teeth on taking water into the mouth,

Pain in the teeth of the left side in the morning in bed and the whole forenoon (second day),

Pains in the roots of the teeth of the left side every morning, after waking, aggravated by eating (third day),

Toothache only on taking food,

Frequent attacks of toothache as soon as anything cold is taken into the mouth; relieved by warmth,

Toothache with faceache,

Toothache like a constant settled pain, as if something had got into a hollow tooth, only transiently relieved by cold water, with drawing behind the ear and into the head, at last jerking in the tooth and disappearance of the pain,

Toothache only when eating, a throbbing in all the teeth,

Toothache only when eating, at noon and in the evening, frequently at the very first mouthful, as if something had got into a hollow tooth, with intolerable drawing, extending to the eye and ear only by paroxysms, which intermit for half an hour,

Toothache after eating, extending into the bones of the cheek and ear, where it becomes seated and is a sticking pain,

Toothache, followed by swelling of the gums,

Constricting toothache in the upper and lower teeth,

Burrowing toothache in the left lower jaw, caused by picking the teeth,

Violent digging in a left upper back tooth after dinner,

Drawing in the roots of the front teeth and in the left back teeth mostly in the evening,

Drawing toothache as soon as she gets into bed in the evening, not during the day,

Pressive toothache in the root of the last hollow back tooth in the evening,

Boring, pressive toothache always after dinner, as if something got into the tooth,

Sticking in the teeth, and gum, followed by swelling of the cheek with sticking pain (fourteenth day),

Burning-sticking pain in a tooth, especially at night, with internal chilliness and with swelling of the lower jaw and gum (thirty-second day),

Sticking pain in the front teeth, with a feeling of bluntness, during supper (thirty-second day),

Burning-sticking toothache, especially at night, as if a hot iron were sticking into it,

Some stitches in the teeth, and frequent sneezing in the morning on waking,

Some stitches here and there in the front teeth in the evening,

Violent stitches in the teeth,

Tearing in the teeth and lower jaw of the right side,

Tearing and griping in a back tooth and in the zygoma of the left side, caused and aggravated by cold, relieved by tight binding,

Tearing toothache during or soon after eating,

The teeth are painfully sensitive (fourth day),

Throbbing and beating in the teeth on motion, at other times a burning pain,

Throbbing and picking in a right upper incisor after dinner,

Jerking and drawing in a tooth, as if it were being eroded, usually after eating and at night, for a long time together,

Itching of the teeth after supper,

Itching and digging in a left back tooth after dinner; relieved by pressing upon it,

Corrosive, violent itching pain in various teeth and in the gum, not relieved by picking the teeth,


Gum redder than usual,

Painful inflammation in the front gum,

Great swelling of the gum above the upper back teeth, with swelling of the left tonsil and cervical glands (ninth day),

An ulcer on the gum,

An ulcer on the lower outer gum of the right side,

Tearing pain in the gum just above the first incisors,

Tickling in the gum, and bleeding of if after sucking with the tongue,

Soreness of the inner gum of the front teeth,

Painful blisters on the tongue and on the gum,


Dryness of the mouth wakes him from sleep in the morning (seventh day),

Dryness in the mouth after rising in the morning,

Dryness in the mouth, without thirst, in the evening,

Dryness of the mouth prevents sleep at night,

Sensation of dryness and accumulation of saliva in the mouth; is obliged to spit very much,


Accumulation of water in the mouth,

Constant accumulation of water in the mouth,

Much saliva constantly in the mouth,

Much saliva runs from the mouth, even during the day,

Insipid, glutinous saliva in the mouth,



Swelling of the tongue, with many small painful blisters upon it,

A painful pimple on the tip of the tongue,

Tongue dry, white, as from something acid, in the morning,

The tongue is frequently very dry and almost without sensation in the morning on waking,

Burning on the tip of the tongue, as if it were raw or covered with blisters,

Soreness of the tip of the tongue,

Soreness of the fraenum of the tongue,

The inner mouth and tongue feel raw, as from something acrid,



Sweetish taste in the mouth,

Bad taste in the mouth,

Bad taste and very slimy mouth,

Offensive taste to the water in the mouth,

Foul taste in the mouth,

Bitter taste in the morning,

Bitter, sour taste in the mouth after breakfast,

Sour taste in the mouth every day,

Taste of blood in the mouth, in the morning after waking, for three hours,

Loss of taste, in the morning on waking, though only for a short time (second day),


Tongue, gums and fauces were shockingly destroyed, the cuticle appearing as if destroyed with a hot iron, while the inside of the cheeks, roof of the mouth, and velum were entirely inflamed (after one hour),


Sticking and biting in the posterior portion of the palate, as from too great dryness, before the outbreak of catarrh, aggravated by swallowing, in the morning and evening (eighth, ninth, twenty-ninth, thirtieth, and forty-first days),

Itching on the hard palate (tenth day),

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