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Kali Carbonicum - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Large painful haemorrhoids,

The haemorrhoids swell and protrude with a hard stool,

Greatly swollen haemorrhoids in the anus, and profuse bleeding from them, while urinating,

Protrusion of the haemorrhoids during a diarrhoea-like stool, with needle-like stitches and burning in them for many hours,

The haemorrhoids protrude excessively while urinating, and discharge at first blood, but on the next day white mucus,

Large discharge of blood from the swollen haemorrhoids, with a natural stool,

Inflammation of the haemorrhoids (after twenty-four hours),

Profuse discharge of blood from the rectum, followed by uneasiness in the blood and pulsation in the whole body,

Pimples in the anus,

Shivering about the anus, for half an hour after a stool,


During the cough, pain in the haemorrhoids,

Burning in the rectum, after a stool,

Burning and griping in the rectum frequently (first day),

Burning in the anus, without urging,

Burning in the anus, so that he was unable to sleep on account of it (after twenty-one days),

He is unable to fall asleep on account of burning in the anus, at night,

Burning and contraction in the anus,

Burning in the anus, during and after a dry stool,

Burning about the anus, haemorrhoids, with severe pain while walking,

Constant burning in the anus after a stool,

Pain in the anus as if it would burst, after vomiting; can scarcely endure it,

Pinching and violent constrictive sensation in the anus, epigastric region, and extending to the throat,

Twinging in the anus,

Burning-cutting in the anus,

Stitches in the rectum,

Stitches in the anus when not a stool, frequently repeated,

Stitches in the anus as from needles,

Stitches in the haemorrhoids,

Sticking, tearing and cutting in the anus (repeated several days),

Soreness in the anus (fifth day),

Sore pain in the haemorrhoids,

Biting sore sensation in and around the anus, after the morning stool,

Smarting in the anus, in the evening,

Crawling in the anus (also after six days),

Crawling and sticking in the anus, in the evening,

Crawling in the haemorrhoids as from worms,

Stitchlike crawling in the anus, before every stool,

Itching in the anus,

Itching in the anus, after supper,

Violent itching in the anus and scrotum,

Violent itching and crawling in the anus, in the evening, lasting a long time (first day),

Urgent desire for stool, as in diarrhoea, though the stool was hard, with colic (soon after a new dose),

Frequent urging to stool; it seems as though he could not pass everything at once (after twenty-four hours),

Frequent urging to stool, at night, which disappears after the passage of some flatulence (third day),

Frequent urging to stool, with passage of very little,

Much urging to stool, something always passed,

Frequent excessive urging to stool by paroxysms, with passage of only a small natural stool, or only some flatulence,

Ineffectual urging to stool, with a feeling as if the rectum were too weak to evacuate it,

Tenesmus in the rectum and anus,

Tenesmus of the anus after the usual stool (first and fourth days),

Rectum and anus




Diarrhoea in the evening,

Diarrhoea, at night, with intolerable pain in the abdomen, which also lasts the following day,

Diarrhoea, every night from 3 to 4 o'clock (first week),

Diarrhoea, without pain, rumbling in the bowels,

Diarrhoea, with griping low down in the abdomen preceding and following,

Diarrhoea the first fourteen days, with great weariness, lying down, loss of appetite, and daily colic; faeces light-colored and gray,

Great diarrhoea, day and night (after twenty-two days),

Great diarrhoea, with great weariness (after twenty-seven days),

Severe diarrhoea, with much colic (after four days),

Diarrhoea-like stool, with biting pain in the anus (after eight days),

Diarrhoea-like stool, with griping in the abdomen preceding it, and followed by burning in the rectum,

Three scanty, though otherwise natural, stools (first day),

Two liquid stools, preceded by rumbling in the bowels,

Hard, scanty stool, in the morning, afterwards a soft stool, in the forenoon (second day),

Semiliquid stool (scanty), pain in the bowels, followed by tenesmus,

Thin stool, with griping and uneasiness in the abdomen,

Unnoticed thin stool, on emission of flatulence,

Stool more soft than hard, for several days (after four days),

Soft stool preceded by colic (first day),

Soft stool, followed by burning in the anus (after half an hour),

Semiliquid stool, in the morning, preceded by pain in the abdomen,

Copious brown stool,

Very offensive stool,

Blood with the stool for several days (after four days),

Stool colored with blood, followed by anxiety and dyspnoea,

White mucus is discharged from the anus, before and during the stool,

A round worm is passed with the stool,

Pieces of a tapeworm are passed with a solid stool,

Tenacious, soft, dark-colored stool,

Tenacious stool, as though he was unable to loosen it,

Insufficient stool; most of it remains behind,

Insufficient stool after much pressure,

Insufficient soft stool,

Very hard stool, with uneasiness in the abdomen,

Hard delayed stool, at times with great urging, or followed by tenesmus,

Stool like sheep-dung, which is only passed with pain and exertion,


Constipation (after three days),

During the menses, constipation,

Constipation, with painful drawings in the abdomen,

Very hard stool, and only every other day,

Stools often purulent and at times bloody, for several weeks,

Profuse evacuation from the bowels and violent colic; the evacuations contained blackish portions of membranes and streaks of blood,


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