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Kali Carbonicum - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Eruptions, Dry.

Papulous eruption here and there, even on the face,

Nettlerash for fourteen days,

Nettlerash, with such violent itching that she did not know how to bear it, lasting fifteen days,

A large yellow scaly spot on the upper part of the forehead,

Yellow, scaly, violently itching spots over the whole abdomen, also about the nipples, becoming moist after scratching,

Red elevated lentil-shaped spot above the wrist,

Freckles in the face,

Scurf upon the upper lip,

Skin of the whole face dry and rough,

Skin of the hands rough and cracked,

Lips cracked, scaly,

A crack in the cicatrix of an issue,

Scaling of the lower lip (thirty-fourth day),

The lower lip becomes scaly, cracked,

Eruption in the hollow of the knee,

Itching in the flesh of the right breast, with a fine eruption, which however only shows itself on rubbing,

Eruption of pimples in the left eyebrow,

Eruption of pimples on the ears,

Pimples on the face constantly,

Pimples appear and disappear on the face,

Pimples on the zygomata, with burning pain,

Pimples on the lips, with biting itching,

Pimples on the shoulders, with itching and burning after scratching,

Pimples painful to touch above the upper lip, near the left nostril (thirty-sixth day),

A pimple in the skin of the forepart of the cheek below the ear, without pain,

A pimple above the knee, with pressive tearing pain,

Two pimples on the left thigh,

Burning biting pimples on the pudenda,

Itching of the arms, with white pimples like millet seeds after scratching,

Itching pimples in the nape of the neck, in the evening, disappearing after twenty-four hours,

Itching pimples on the posterior portion of the left thumb, which after scratching still continue to itch,

Papulous eruption upon the nose,

Papulous eruption on the face,

Papulous eruption high up on the upper arm, which itches and pains,

Great itching on the mons veneris, and about the genitals and on the thighs, with fine red papulous eruption,

Eruptions, Moist.

Vesicles on the lips,

Vesicles on the red of the lower lip; they are painful to touch and itch,

Vesicle upon the little finger,

Vesicle on the left index-finger, which for several days after opening discharges a watery not purulent substance,

Itching pimple and three vesicles with inflamed areola on the tibia,

Itching vesicles in the palm of the hand,

Small pointed, itching, and moist pimples on both lips and all around the mouth,

Eruptions, Pustular.

Pimples tipped with pus on the face,

Large red pimples on the left frontal eminence, painful to touch, they afterwards suppurate (thirty-second day),

A small red pustule in the middle of the forehead, disappearing the next morning,

Tetter on the legs,

A small superficial ulcer above the left wing of the nose, painful when touched,

Ulcerative pimple by the anus, with stitches,

An itching place on the thigh, near the hip, which after scratching ulcerates,

The ulcer bleeds very much almost without cause,

Profuse bleeding of an ulcer, at night,


Burning in various places on the skin, even under the axillae, as from a mustard plaster,

Sticking and gnawing in the skin over the whole body,

After going to bed at 11 o'clock she was unable to sleep on account of violent itching sticking over the whole body, she slept only from 11 to 1 o'clock,

Itching over the whole body, in the evening before going to sleep, disappearing in bed,

Itching here and there over the body, especially the lower legs; on scratching it easily becomes bloody,

Itching over the whole body, now here, now there, with small pimples after scratching,

Violent itching over the whole body, in the morning and evening, especially on the back, where small pimples appeared (after three days),

Violent, almost sticking itching over the whole body at night in bed,

During the menses violent itching over the whole body,

Burning itching over the whole body, on the face, hands, tibiae, etc., now here, now there,

Burning itching in the face,

Pressure and tension in the location of a former ulcer (on the lower leg),

Tickling crawling in the toes and soles,

Itching in the lobules of the ears,

Itching in the skin of the face, preceded by twitching; he is obliged to rub it, after which it burns like fire,

An old wart on the face begins to itch,

Itching about the margins of the lips,

Itching on the chin,

Itching externally on the pit of the stomach, not relieved by scratching,

Itching about the umbilicus,

Itching of the lower abdomen, for several days (after ten days),

Itching on the scrotum,

Itching on the back, which amounts to a pain after scratching,

Itching on the lower part of the small of the back,

Itching in the axillae,

Itching on the wrist,

Itching above the right wrist, disappearing on scratching,

Itching between the nates,

Itching on the knee,

Itching on the tibia,

Itching on the under surfaces of the toes,

Inability to fall asleep on account of itching on the scrotum,

Severe itching on the abdomen and thighs,

Violent itching in the palms, near the fingers, in the evening (first day),

Violent itching on the lower legs, in the evening,

Violent itching about the ankle, in the morning in bed,

Violent itching and heat in the feet, in the evening, as if they had been frozen,

Violent itching on the great toe, beneath the nail, with pain when touched,

Burning itching in the face, on the back and head,

Burning itching on the perineum, at night,

Burning itching of the pudenda,

Burning itching on the sacrum and under the right patella,

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