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Kali Carbonicum - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Much mucus in the back of the throat, which is only loosened after much hawking,

Much mucus in the throat, especially in the morning,

Frequently much mucus in the throat (first three days),

Tenacious mucus in the back of the throat, in the morning, which can be neither completely swallowed nor hawked up, with a constant sensation as though a lump of mucus were sticking in the throat (sixteenth day),

Hawking, with expectoration, in the morning,

Increased hawking of mucus (nineteenth day),


Dryness far back in the throat,

Feeling of a lump in the throat,

On waking in the morning, feeling of a little lump in front of the throat about the root of the tongue, worse on swallowing saliva, which makes it smart; better on swallowing food, which makes it seem to go lower; worse after singing in evening,

Something like a plug sticking in the throat, which is loosened by the cough, and the larynx becomes free,

Anxious pressure in the throat,

Soreness of throat, worse on swallowing saliva, better by swallowing food, came on in the evening and lasted all night; soreness next evening, worse after singing,

Soreness of throat seems to go into ears when swallowing food or saliva,

Sore throat, with difficult swallowing and difficult opening of the mouth,

Sore throat on the left side; he feels a lump there, with sticking on empty swallowing,

Sore pain in the throat,

Sore pain in the throat, above in the palate, on empty swallowing, also worse on swallowing food, is only noticed when swallowing,

Scraping sensation in the throat, it feels dry, parched, and rough (after five or six days),

Scraping and scratching in the throat (after eight days),

Smarting sore throat on swallowing,

Roughness in the throat, on uncovering the body,

Great roughness in the throat, with much sneezing,

Throat rough, with a cough,

Throat very rough and hoarse for several days,

Crawling in the throat, which provokes hawking and coughing, with a feeling of firmly adherent mucus, in the morning and evening (twelfth, twenty-second and twenty-ninth days),

Uvula and Tonsils.

Elongation of the uvula, with stiffness of the nape of the neck,

Tonsils feel swollen as if touching, causing feeling of suffocation, worse on lying down; the swollen feeling always comes on at the same time as the stiffness in neck and back,

Pharynx and Oesophagus.

Sticking pain in the pharynx, as if there were a fishbone in it, if he becomes cold,

Pressure and tearing in the oesophagus (ninth day),

Sensitiveness of the oesophagus; warm food burns it; she is able to take only lukewarm nourishment,


Difficult swallowing, the food descends the oesophagus very slowly,

Swallowing is hindered in the throat,

The food will not go down; she is quite unable to swallow dry or cold things,

Throat Externally.

Swelling of the cervical glands (after five and fourteen days),

Swelling of the cervical glands of both sides, with pain on turning the head,

Swelling of the cervical glands; tickling so that she is obliged to press upon them with the cold hand in order to relieve it,

Right cervical gland became swollen in the evening,

Hard swelling of the cervical glands, at the angle of the lower jaw,

Hard swelling of the parotid gland near the articulation of the jaw, with pain when touched,

Swelling of a gland beneath the chin; it is painful after taking cold,

Rush of blood to the neck,

The neck seems thicker than usual, and the neckcloth too tight,

Sticking in the cervical glands,

The cervical glands are painful as after taking cold (third day),

Both sides of neck tender to touch, or on moving head,

Submaxillary glands painful to touch,

Every attempt to swallow gave great pain (after one hour),

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