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Kali Cyanatum - General symptoms - Clarke

Potassium Cyanide, Kali-cyanate, Kalium Cyanatum, Kali-cy.

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HPUS indication of Kali Cyanatum: Tongue ulcers

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Cyanatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Kali Cyanidum., Kali Cyanuretum. Cyanide of Potash. Potassic Cyanide. KCN. Solution. Trituration.

The Cyanide of Potash is much used in photography, and being for this reason an accessible poison, numbers of cases of suicide and attempted suicide by its means have occurred. It is from the symptoms observed in such cases that a great part of the pathogenesis is built up.

but it has also been proved by Lembke and others. The apoplectic and epileptic symptoms of Hydrocy. ac. were reproduced in the salt, and one very pronounced symptom was slow breathing. Loss of consciousness and vision occurred, and as consciousness and vision returned, vision was double. Strong tetanic convulsions. In one poisoning case the fingers were stretched out and spasmodically contracted. In another case, after the failure of all efforts to restore the patient (a photographer) with ether injections and repeated washings out of the stomach, he was placed in a hot bath and ice-cold water was poured over head and nape. Each time water was poured on his head, the patient drew deep inspirations, which gradually grew deeper and more regular till consciousness was restored. He complained of sharp occipital and gastric pains. Convalescence was rapid, but a general muscular weakness and impairment of speech lasted a long time (C. D. P.). The chief clinical uses recorded of K. cy. have been in epithelioma of the tongue, apoplectic and epileptic conditions, respiratory disorders, rheumatism of the joints, and neuralgias. Cattell recorded in the early volumes of the Brit. Jour. of Homoeopathy (xi. 348) several remarkable cases of neuralgia cured by K. cy. I quote them from Hering's Guiding Symptoms "Agonising attacks of neuralgic pains between temporal regions and ciliary arch and maxilla, with screaming and apparent loss of sensibility, as if struck with apoplexy.

pulse 84. face flushed." In this case the concomitants pointed to the drug. "Severe neuralgia in temporal region and left upper jaw, daily at 4 a.m., increasing till 10 and ceasing at 4 p.m.

in the interval, anorexia, fever, headache." The symptoms were agg. in a room.

agg. immediately after meals (fulness).