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Kali Iodatum - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Iodide Of Potassium, Kali Iod, Potass Iod, kal. Iod, Potass. Iod, Kal. Iod, Kali Iodide, Kalium Iodatum, KALI HYDROIODICUM, Kali-i.

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HPUS indication of Kali Iodatum: Nasal catarrh

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Pressure and dragging pain in the lower abdomen, as if in the uterus, while walking, disappearing while sitting,


Appetite usually increased; it is remarkable how soon after taking Iodium Iodine the desire for food arises (first day); diminishing or disappearing (second day),

Aversion to all food, ; (after seventeen days),

Eructations with taste of food long after eating,

Raising of phlegm morning and evening, and often after meals,


Cutting and burning about the umbilicus, with qualmishness in the stomach and inclination to eructate, which afterwards even occurs; violent itching externally about the umbilicus, and inclination to emission of flatulence; in frequent attacks, lasting a quarter of an hour, in the afternoon (after seventeen days),

Sudden distension of the abdomen as if it would burst, disappearing after emission of flatus, afterwards diarrhoea twice, in the morning after waking (seventh day),

Much incarcerated flatulence,

Moving as of flatus in the abdomen, followed by tension in both groins (after four days),

Great emission of flatus,


Great hunger, but he can scarcely eat on account of bad digestion, nausea, and vomiting,

Frequent regurgitations of bitter matter, with desire to vomit,


Pains extending from the liver into the stomach and chest, and giving rise to frequent suffocative paroxysms,

Violent burning externally in the left hypochondrium and afterwards in both groins (after six days),

Sensation of swelling and distension in the hepatic region, with throbbing and cramplike pains,

Sensation of fulness and heaviness of the spleen,

Painful constriction in left hypochondrium, on a line with the cardiac orifice of the stomach (soon after); this sensation was felt after each daily dose of a spoonful, for five days,

Stitches in the left hypochondriac region,

Sharp stitch in the right hypochondrium, and at the same time in the left side of the chest, on talking (twelfth day),

Umbilical and Sides.

Distension about the umbilicus and movings in the abdomen, followed by two soft stools (sixteenth day),

Great painful distension beneath the umbilicus, disappearing after a stool,

Gripings and movings about the umbilicus,

Griping and burning about the umbilicus (after eighteen days),

Cutting pain in the left side near the umbilicus (second day),

Stitches in the left side of the abdomen at the side of the umbilicus (fourteenth day),

Violent tearing, extending from both sides of the abdomen towards the umbilicus, as if the flesh would be torn off, in the afternoon (fourth day),

General Abdomen.

Swelling of the abdomen as in ascites, with emaciation, constipation, constant thirst, and scanty, turbid, red, and brown urine,

Inflammatory inflation of the abdomen, with inactivity of the bowels and great constipation,

Inflammation of the bowels, with burning, crampy, and tearing pains extending to the loins,

Moving about and rumbling in the abdomen from time to time,

Rumbling in the abdomen as though something alive were moving in it, so that she started up (sixth day),

Loud gurgling in the abdomen, especially in the stomach, audible at a distance (after sixteen days),

Respiration is strongly felt in the bowels,

Indescribable uneasiness in bowels, especially at night, without anorexia or dyspepsia,

Griping in the abdomen and groins, with a feeling as if something would come out through the pudenda (second day),

Pain as if the bowels were perforated,

Great pressure in the abdomen and loins,

Cutting and tearing from above downwards in the abdomen,

Lancinations in the abdomen, with sensation as if it were distended and torn,

Colic (second day),

Colic and lancinating pains in the abdomen, extending down to the legs,

Burning colic, passing from the abdomen to the loins,

Flatulent colic, with spasms and contractions of the abdomen; he is obliged to twist about in every direction, so severe is the pain,

Irritation of the bowels,

The pains in the abdomen and stomach disappear in the evening after lying down, but return in the morning after waking,

In the open air there is no trace of the pain in the abdomen, but immediately on going into the house the cutting-burning pains return, for several days (after sixteen days),

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Feeling of heat in the lower abdominal region; she could deep nothing warm upon it, during menstruation,

Pinching on the right side of the lower abdomen, extending up above both groins,

Sudden burning as from a glowing coal in the left groin (sixth day),

Drawing in the left inguinal region, with a feeling as though something living were in it,

A cutting and extremely painful stitch, in a small spot in the right groin,

Pressive bruised pain in both groins and in the small of the back, during menstruation,



Digestion constantly deranged,

The stomach feels empty and hungry, being unable either to retain or digest anything,

Pain in the stomach like an emptiness and coldness, not relieved by warm soup, in the evening (sixteenth day),

Feeling of great emptiness and qualmishness in the stomach, not relieved after eating (after twenty-one days),

Sensation as if the stomach were full of bile,

Constant "cracking and crying" in the stomach (seventeenth and eighteenth days),

Discomfort in the stomach,

After the pains in the abdomen have lasted for some time, the stomach also begins to pain, and both then together disappear,

Pain in the cardiac portion of the stomach (after large doses),

Slight pain and heaviness in the stomach (first day); the pain, however, is not always present; diminishing or disappearing (second day),

Sudden attack of severe gastralgia, lasting several months,

Burning at the epigastrium,

Burning sensation and very acute pain at the epigastrium (immediately),

Burning in stomach during digestion,

Burning in the stomach, as if there was a Carbo Veg charcoal furnace in it,

Burning and pressure in the stomach, relieved by eructations, but immediately returning,

Burning pains in the stomach, with throbbing and contraction,

Terrible burning externally in the pit of the stomach, as if the place were inflamed,

Pains, as if the stomach was perforated,

Sensation as if from corrosive ulcers in the stomach,

Painful beating in the left side of the epigastric region, in the evening,

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea (immediately),

Nausea in the stomach, even vomiting,

Nausea, with pressure in the stomach,

Nausea, with great straining, and tearing sensation in the chest,

Frequent nausea,

Constant nausea, accompanied with frequent vomiting and smart fever (fourth day),

Slight nausea,

Retching (three hours after third dose),

Inclination to vomit after an embrace,


Vomiting and purging at the same time (after fourth dose),

Copious and painful vomiting, frequently after meals, with drawing in the stomach extending to the back, and colic,

Violent vomiting, with accumulation of saliva (after one hour),

Spontaneous vomiting of a yellow fluid, tasting strongly of Iodium Iodine (after one hour),

Vomiting of food and bile mixed with blood,

Frequent and painful vomiting of food, bile, and blood,

Vomiting of blood, preceded by heat and burning in the stomach,

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