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Kali Iodatum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Clarke

Iodide Of Potassium, Kali Iod, Potass Iod, kal. Iod, Potass. Iod, Kal. Iod, Kali Iodide, Kalium Iodatum, KALI HYDROIODICUM, Kali-i.

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HPUS indication of Kali Iodatum: Nasal catarrh

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Pain in l. instep in evening as if beaten.

Upper extremities

Shoulders tearing in l.; in r., then in r. ear; pain in tendons of r. on motion, touch, and rest, like a tension and as if swollen; bruised pain in l.; paralytic pain only on moving them.

Arm weak.

Tearing in l. elbow, now in shoulders, now in r. elbow.

Cramp in r. forearm above wrist on moving it.

Pain like a tension and sticking in articular end of radius on moving r. index.

Tearing in r. wrist, then itching on it, not amel. scratching, then an itching vesicle.

Hands tremble.

Bruised pain in margin of r. hand above little finger.

Tearing in index from base to tip; on inner margin of r. thumb; on l. middle and ring-fingers in evening in inner surface of r. ring-finger, which is thereby flexed and cannot be extended; in r. thumb as if it would be torn out; jerking tearing in a line on outer side of bone of l. thumb, with sticking.

Pinching on metacarpal joint of l. thumb.

Contraction of fingers.

Lower extremities

Gait disturbed; tottering.

Sticking in upper part of l. thigh; now in thigh, now in tibia, in l. hip on every step, obliging her to limp.

Pain in hips, which produces lameness, with shootings at every step.

Tearing above hollow of knee, then also below it; in l. femur; posteriorly in r. thigh, with sticking; in r. thigh on and after waking at 11 p.m., extending to below knee, amel. lying on sound side, lying upon r. side or back was intolerable; in a spot in middle of l. thigh, with paralysed pain as far as knee.

Gnawing in hip-bones; in middle of r. thigh in evening when sitting with r. thigh over l.

Upper part of thigh seems compressed during menstruation.

Tearing twitching in r. knee.

Housemaid's knee.

Tearing in knees at night; in periosteum of l. knee at night, with a swollen feeling; in outside of l. knee when sitting; in r. tibia; l. calf, then weakness of whole leg; l. calf when standing, amel. walking, with tension; downward in tibić in evening.

Gnawing in periosteum of l. leg.

Painful drawing in calves when sitting.

Legs give way.

Painful weakness of legs.

Tearing in back part of l. heel when sitting; in r. heel when standing, amel. walking.

Ulcerative pain in heels and toes.

Tearing in great toes; in r. second toe.

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