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Kali Iodatum - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Iodide Of Potassium, Kali Iod, Potass Iod, kal. Iod, Potass. Iod, Kal. Iod, Kali Iodide, Kalium Iodatum, KALI HYDROIODICUM, Kali-i.

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HPUS indication of Kali Iodatum: Nasal catarrh

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Look characteristically quick and anxious,

Remarkably earnest, wild, uncertain look,

Remarkably sad and dejected expression of countenance,

Looks sometimes excited, sometimes depressed,

Paleness of face (after one hour),

(Great paleness of the face, with the spasmodic attacks),

Face colorless and transparent-looking, like a porcelain mask,

Discolored complexion,

Earthy-looking complexion,

Bistre-colored complexion,

Complexion rather yellow,

Yellow, bilious complexion, with black circles around the eyes,

Complexion more yellowish-green than dead white,

Face yellow, greenish, dark, and much emaciated,

Red, puffy, inflamed face; with a phlyctenoid eruption,

Face very red (after three hours),

Swelling of face,

Swelling of the face, particularly of the eyelids, and of the submaxillary region (three hours after third dose),

Inflammation and swelling of the facial bones,

Emaciation of face and neck,

Lengthened visage,


Face very sensitive to air, which also aggravates all the symptoms of that part,

An indescribable pain extending out from the left ear, and if she only moves the hand towards the ear without even touching it, it creeps over the whole side of the face, as though it were mesmerized; in the evening,


Wrinkled, flabby cheeks,

Swelling of the left cheek for three days (after fourteen days),

Such an uncomfortable sense of distension and stiffness about the cheeks and submaxillary spaces that it had to be discontinued,

Fine, but painful sticking and like a jerking in the left cheek, lasting a long time; afterwards the spot remained sensitive to touch for a long time,

Tearing and sticking in the left zygoma, in the morning in bed, when lying upon it (after four days),


The lips are full of glutinous mucus in the morning after waking (sixteenth day),

The upper lip and nostrils are very sensitive, even when not touched (fourth day),

The lips are dry and cracked (after fifteen days),

Painful drawing in the right side of the upper lip and in the gum (second day),


Some uneasiness and stiffness in the jaws (second day); difficulty increased (second day); jaws immovable (third day),

Sticking in the left lower jaw, in the tibia, in the left thigh and left forearm, in the bones, in the forenoon (after twelve days),

Tearing in the left lower jaw and corresponding teeth (twelfth day),

Violent tearing in both sides of the lower jaw, as if it would be torn out (after fifteen days),

Gnawing in both sides of the lower jaw,

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