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Kali Iodatum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Iodide Of Potassium, Kali Iod, Potass Iod, kal. Iod, Potass. Iod, Kal. Iod, Kali Iodide, Kalium Iodatum, KALI HYDROIODICUM, Kali-i.

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HPUS indication of Kali Iodatum: Nasal catarrh

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Vertigo at 5 o'clock, disappearing after rising.

headache. after rising, heaviness in side of forehead.

heaviness in sides of head, disappearing in open air.

screwing together in head.

in bed, stitches from jaw to parietal bone.

in bed, when lying on it, tearing, etc., in zygoma.

after waking, lips full of mucus.

from 4 to 5 o'clock, jerking in eyetooth.

after rising, odor from mouth.

after waking, numbness of mouth.

in bed, rawness, etc., in throat.

after waking, distension of abdomen, etc.

after waking, pains in abdomen, etc.

dry cough. restless sleep.

on waking, fever. head hot, etc.

in bed, sweat.

(Evening), Vertigo.

headache. tearing, etc., in forehead.

throbbing in temple. stitches in top of head.

discharge of mucus from eyes.

burning in eyes. burning in lids.

in bed, stitch in ear.

tearings in ear. pain over side of face.

stitches, etc., in side of throat.

thirst. hiccough. pain in stomach.

beating in epigastric region.

cough. dry cough, etc.

pains in chest. sticking in side of chest.

tearing in metacarpal joints.

tearing in fingers. swelling of legs.

tearing in tibiae. pain in instep.

pinching in whole body.

itching on instep. from 6 to 10 o'clock, disappearing after lying down, chilliness.

from 6 to 8 o'clock, chilliness, etc.

at 10 o'clock, chilliness.

creeping in back. when going to bed, fever.

(Night), The symptoms.

heaviness in forehead, etc., after lying down, till midnight, jerking in eyetooth.

uneasiness in bowels. itching at anus.

emission of urine. cough.

oppression, etc., of chest.

pain in small of back.

tearing in knees. tearing in left knee, etc.

from afternoon till morning, chilliness.

chilly. fever..

Previously an affectionate father, his children instead of diverting his mind from care, now became simply burdensome to him.

he had to force himself by a strong effort to attend to them, and his irritable temper was shown towards them especially.

this was the more remarkable, as being quite opposed to his ordinary disposition, for he had always been a fine example of the "mens sana in corpore sano,".

Woke in the morning with an uneasy feeling of the left eye.

the edge of the orbit at the external part tender on pressure.

eyelids swollen and infiltrated on that side. The following morning, right side similarly affected.

the tenderness was evidently seated in the periosteum of the orbit, and exclusively at the outer side. On the following day, a strange sensation was felt.

it appeared like a pain extending in a direct line from the external border of one orbit to that of the other at the same spot.

the sensation was very peculiar and difficult to describe.

it was pain and something more,.

The conjunctiva of one or both eyes is often seen to be affected.

the attack commences by a more or less general and more or less rapid vascular injection, to which is speedily added a tumefaction of the mucous membrane, and an infiltration, generally well marked, of the submucous cellular, tissue, which give rise to considerable chemosis of the eye and oedema of the eyelids,.

Violent jerking or shooting in the right eyetooth, scarcely to be endured, frequently lasting for an hour but worse in the evening after lying down till midnight, and from 4 to 5 A.M.

aggravated by cold, relieved by warmth.

at times the pain is so great that it seems as though the tooth would break off, or as if a worm were digging in it (after twenty-five days),.

The salivation very much resembles that of pregnant women.

the saliva has very little viscidity.

it seems to come not only from the cavity of the mouth, but to be also the product of a kind of regurgitation.

the mucous membrane of the mouth may be rather irritated and oedematous, but there are not any signs of inflammation, as in mercurial stomatitis, nor is there observed any tendency to the ulceration peculiar to the latter.

in the majority of cases it is impossible even to discover any appreciable alteration of tissue.

the salivary glands are not the seat of any tumefaction, nor is there any peculiar odor from the breath.

patient complains that the saliva has a saltish taste, resembling that of the Ioduret of Potass.,.

Cutaneous eruption, sometimes.

when these eruptions make their appearance the patient is disquieted.

they are generally of the character of urticaria.

if the medicine be continued they assume the character of eczema and prurigo.

in some cases, especially when the eruption appears on the face, a congestion of the cellular tissue, beneath the skin, is added to the other symptoms, giving rise to slight excrescences, having the appearance of tubercles.

the eruption will disappear in a few days, after discontinuance of the medicine,.

Different eruptions, and more especially eruptions of a psydracious form, somewhat resembling the pustules of acne, with this difference, that they are not confined to the parts habitually affected with acne.

thus they are found not only on the face and shoulders, but on every part of the body without exception.

in one case we may have eczema, in the other herpes, while in others it may cause simple erythema.

Eruption on the face (after some days).

subsequently all over the body.

maculae first of a dark-red color came out, which gradually got darker, until the spots, resembled purpura.

the cuticle next became raised over some of the spots, and was filled with a fluid of a purple color, constituting large bullae an inch in diameter.

on the cuticle giving way the true skin was found sphacelated underneath.

the ulcers continued over a month,.

He presented a most grotesque appearance, looking more like a leopard than, a man.

he was mottled all over with spots.

those on his face were purple, whilst those on the lower extremities were of a dark-red color.

the spots on the legs came out last.

there were two large bullae on the forehead, one on the lip, two under the left clavicle, two on the inside of the right thigh, one on the side of the prepuce.

after a few days the prepuce corresponding to the bullae had sphacelated, and the integuments of the penis, as far as the pubis, were involved in mischief.

mortification had also seized upon the lip and the other parts specified as having bullae.

the eruption disappeared first from the face, and afterwards from the lower extremities.

the sphacelated parts were thrown off, including the whole penis, body, and integuments, from the pubis, not leaving a vestige of it behind,.

A sudden extremely painful dragging in both groins, so that she was obliged to bend together, after taking the usual cold milk in the morning.

frequent yawning, great weariness in the thighs, violent griping in the abdomen extending to the thighs, extreme restlessness, so that she could not remain in any position, chilliness with gooseflesh.

anxiety and warmth in the head.

followed by eructations and rumbling in the abdomen. The menstruation which had just commenced, partly stopped.

afterwards nausea and pressure in the stomach, with inclination to vomit, aggravated by moving about.

shivering in the face and hands with heat and perspiration of the face (after fourteen days),.

Jerkings of the limbs, especially violent in the left arm, also in the whole of the face, especially on the left side, with great anxiety, apprehensiveness, and palpitation.

this attack was repeated six times on the first day and twice on the second day, but was more violent and lasted an eighth of an hour and ended with vomiting and violent headache.

on the second day violent rolling of the eyeball, both pupils contracted, the facial muscles contracted, the left corner of the mouth drawn downward, the mouth opened and closed numberless times while uttering unintelligible words.

violent palpitation, short rapid respiration, pulse hard and full, forehead, neck, and chest covered with perspiration, face fiery red, with loss of consciousness.

after the paroxysm, trembling, weeping, complaints of heaviness of the left arm, abdomen small, soft, tongue white rather than yellow.

efforts to vomit relieved by vomiting.

these attacks were repeated on the two following days, after which there were no spasms, only cramp in the throat with a sensation of dryness,.



Nervo-sanguine temperament,

Augmentation of the secretive action of the mucous membranes, especially of those lining the genital organs,

Excessively thin,


Considerable emaciation,

Considerable general emaciation,

Great emaciation, with accumulation of water in different internal organs,

Remarkable emaciation,

Marasmus resembling the third stage of phthisis,

Extreme marasmus,

It affects the fibrous structures, as the periosteum, and capsular ligaments of joints,

Ostitis with suppuration,


General trembling,

Some have been affected with spasms, and even a degree of subsultus tendinum,

Nervous twitchings and facial contortions,

General depression,

Languor and weakness, which did not disappear for several days after suspension of the medicine (after four days),

General debility,

Great general debility,

Marked debility,

His frame greatly debilitated,

Notable diminution of strength,

Extreme weakness,

Great prostration of strength (after four doses),

The vital powers were prostrated to the lowest degree, every moment seemed about to snap the thread of his earthly career,

Fell unconscious (fourth day),

He emitted a most abominable smell from his whole person,

Great restlessness (three hours after third dose),

Great restlessness, with inclination to keep moving, to practice gymnastics, and to squeeze forcibly anything taken into the hands,

Extreme restlessness (after one hour),

Great nervous mobility,

General uneasiness (first three days),

Great uneasiness in every position (after three hours),

Agitation and nervous uneasiness,


Nervous susceptibility exaggerated, but without any appreciable localization of disease,

Skin very sensitive to cold,

Very distressing condition of the nervous system,

Nervous irritation harassed him very much,

General feeling of weakness and depression, making him incapable of exertion; could scarcely walk or stand,

Felt poorly (after third dose),

Began to feel unwell (after third dose),

General malaise (immediately),

During the pains in the kidneys, abdomen, and stomach, vertigo, dulness, intoxicated sensation, malaise, and debility; he does not know what to do with himself, as every position is tire-some and painful,

Indescribable sensation of anguish (soon after),

Continual complaints (after one hour),

Burning, lancinating, throbbing, pungent, and rheumatic pains, and pains in the bones, especially at the beginning of the cold season, after excesses, or resulting from syphilitic affections,

Pinching here and there in the whole body, worse in the evening (after fourteen days),

Tearing here and there in the whole body, for several days in succession (after eight days),

(Never failed to see a decrease or suspension of the pains of the bones), (after one or two days),

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