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Kali Nitricum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitrate Of Potassium - Saltpeter, Kal. Nit, Kalium nitricum, Kali-n.

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HPUS indication of Kali Nitricum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Nitricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(1 to 11, from Jorg's "Materielen"). 1, Engler, took repeated doses of 1 to 15 grains (the first dose without any effect); 2, Hecker, took doses of 1 grain to 1/2 drachm (the last dose without any effect); 3, Heisterbergkh, doses of 1 grain to 2 scruples; 4, Kneschke, doses of 1 to 15 grains; 5, Kummer, doses of 1 to 10 grains; 6, Richter, doses of 1 grain to 1 scruple; 7, Siebenhaar, doses of 3 to 14 grains; 8, Jorg, doses of 4 to 14 grains; 9, Assmann, doses of 1 and 2 drachms; 10, Alexander (quoted by Jorg from "Experimental Essays," London, 1768) took 6 drachms within twenty-four hours, afterwards 1 ounce, and then 1 1/2 ounces; 11, case quoted by Alexander, a woman swallowed a handful of saltpetre mixed with warm water; (12 to 21, from Hahnemann, article Nitrum Chron. Krank., Bd. IV); 12, Hahnemann; 13, Neuning; 14, Schreter; 15, Tietze; 16, Geiseler, Hufel. Journ., lvii, 1, 124, "effects of 1 ounce dose;" 17, Richter, Arzneimittellehre, iv; 18, Falconer, Mem. of Med. Soc. of Lond., iii, 527, "effects of 2 ounce dose;" 19, omitted; 20, Alston, Lectures on Mat. Med., Lond., 1770, 1, 180 ("from a drachm daily," Hahnemann); 21, Soville, Journ. de Méd., lxxiii, 1, 19-21, from 1 ounce, in a woman of 36; (22 to 31, from provings of the "Verein zu Schoeningen," Archiv. f. Hom., 17, 2, 123); 22, Rummel, took 6 grains 1st cent. trit. first day, 10 grains second day; 23, Dr. Schroeder, repeated doses of 1st trit.; 24, C. Lier, doses of 5 to 15 grains; 25, Dr. Finzelberger, took first day 6 grains (on third day took Ipecacuanha Ipecac at intervals of four hours to stop the cough, also a dose of Ipecacuanha Ipecac on the fifth and seventh days), seventh day 4 grains of 1st trit. of Kali Nitricum Kali nit.; 26, Dr. Nicol, took daily 1 grain for a week; symptoms began to appear on night of eighth day; 26a, same, took 4 grains daily for four days; 26b, same, took 10 grains of 1st dec. trit. every evening for a week; 26c, same, daily doses of 30 grains of 1st dil.; 26d, same, daily doses of 3 grains of crude drug for twelve days; 26e, same daily doses of 6 grains of crude drug; 27, Traub, took daily doses of 8 grains of 1st trit.; 28, Muhlenbein (Note Suffering frequently for the last three months from soreness and scurfiness of the margins of the nostrils, scratching of which was followed by bleeding. When he began the proving he was not well, had drawing in the limbs, was ill-humored and easily inclined to weep), took 6 grains 1st trit. (first day), repeated after four days, also the next year another proving with repeated doses of 1st trit., 5 to 15 grains; 29, Dr. Franke, took 5 grains of crude drug for seven successive days, 9 grains tenth and twelfth days; 29a, same took 10 grains pure drug (first and third days), 12 grains twice (fourth and fifth days); 30, Muhlenbein, took 6 grains of 1st trit.; 31, Dr. Kratzenstein, took 10 grains of pure nitre three times in twenty-four hours; 32, Comparetti, from Wibmer, effects of about 1 1/2 ounce; 33, Laflize, Journ. de Méd., 1788, from Wibmer, a woman took about an ounce; 34, All. Zeit., 1788, from Wibmer, effects of 1 1/2 ounce; 35, Kiebel, from Wibmer, effects of 3 drachms in a woman; 36, Oberstadt, Caspar's Woch., 1841 (Frank's Mag., 1, 258), a man, 50 years old, took 2 ounces at one dose; 37, Butter, a pregnant woman, took a solution of 2 ounces, Edin. Med. and Surg. Journ., Jan. 1818; 38, Meyer, St. Petersb. Abhandl., 1823 (Frank's Mag., 2, 814), a man took 2 drachms in a clyster; 39, Deutsch, Pr. Ver. Zeitg., 1855 (Schmidt's Jahrb., 89, 290), a man took 1 1/2 ounce; 40, Orfila, Toxicologie, a man took 2 ounces; 41, same, a woman took 32 grammes; 42, Taylor's Med. Jurisp., 1, 237, a lady took 1 ounce; 43, Geoghegan, from Taylor, a man took 1 1/2 ounce; 44, from Taylor, two men took 1 ounce each; 45, G. Wilson, Lond. Med. Gaz., 1848, a man aged 63, took 2 ounces; 46, Janikowski, from Trinks, A. H. Z., 14, 380 (no dose given); 47, Cardan, Lond. J. of Med., 1849 (from Acad. of Sc., Paris), effects of 3 ounces; 48, Dr. Davies, Med. Times and Gaz., 1857, p. 484, effects of 1 ounce for ascarides; 49, Dr. Snowden, Pharm. J., 1856, from New Jersey Med. Reporter, a German took 3 1/2 ounces at a dose; 50, Dr. Letheby, Pharm. J., 1846, p. 357, a girl, aged 28, took of a solution of 2 ounces, one-third at night and one-third next morning, for rheumatism in head and face.

51, William Alexander, M.D., Experimental Essays, London, 1770, p. 104, experiments on himself; 52, N. G., A. H. Z., 3, p. 145, a woman took a spoonful; 53, Mouton, S. J., 158, 242, a man took 4 grams in wine; 54, Richard Wood, Brit. Med. Journ., 1877 (2), p. 521, a woman took about 2 ounces; 55, J. A. Thompson, ibid. 1878 (1), p. 402, a man ate some soup to which had been added jelly made from a liquor in which a pig's face had been boiled.



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