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Kali Nitricum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitrate Of Potassium - Saltpeter, Kal. Nit, Kalium nitricum, Kali-n.

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HPUS indication of Kali Nitricum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Nitricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs



Crawling in the hands and feet, as if asleep,


Trembling of the limbs,

Trembling of the hands and feet,

Painless jerkings in the arms and legs in the evening in bed (fifth day),

Great weakness of the limbs (ninth day),

Lameness of the limbs, with weariness (third day),

Paralysis of the limbs,


Pains in the right hip and left shoulder and ankle-joints, especially on walking, also tensive pains in the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle,

Drawing in the upper and lower extremities,

(Drawing in the limbs was worse), (four hours after the dose),

Cramplike drawing pain, now in the right, now in the left arm, now in the legs, especially about the knees, mostly during rest,

Sticking pain in the right shoulder, and afterwards in the knee-joint, repeated several times (seventh day),

Sticking pains lasting a few minutes in the knee, elbow, and shoulder-joints; in the left elbow it lasts longer, and is increased by motion; the pains are worse in the afternoon than in the forenoon (first day),

Tearing and drawing in the limbs (seventh day),

Bruised feeling in the limbs (fifth day),

Upper extremities

Weakness of the arms,

Temporary paralysis of the arms (from a drachm daily), (The medicine was taken for an inveterate headache, which improved when the arms lost power. They recovered a few hours after discontinuing the drug, and the headache returned. -Hughes.)

The left arm falls asleep at night while lying on the back it wakes her about 3 A.M. (after eleven days),

The feeling of numbness and crawling in the arm, with pain in the shoulder that had existed previously, disappeared; instead of it there was a pain in the right thumb-joint on moving it for several weeks (after thirteen days),

Drawing pain in the arms if she lets them hang down for a long time,

Tearing in the right arm, especially in the shoulder, worse in the afternoon and evening,

Tearing in the arm intermitting, and returning at night when lying upon the right side (during menstruation),

Tearing extending from the right shoulder to the fingers, waking from sleep at 11 P.M., lasting to 4 A.M., with a sensation as though the shoulder were standing farther out than natural; she was unable to lie upon either side,

Extremely painful tearing in the right arm, extending to the wrist on motion, with stiffness of the arm, which was not relieved by rubbing, but by violent motion (twenty-seventh day),

Drawing-tearing in the arm, extending from the shoulder to the fingers, towards evening (fourth day),


Pain in the right shoulder on almost every motion of the arm, except upward and backward, which afford relief,

Pain in the left shoulder on raising the arm, especially on moving it backward,

Pain as from weariness in the left shoulder (after four hours),

Rheumatic pain in the shoulders,

Pressure on the left shoulder (after twenty-two days),

Tearing in the shoulders, at one time on uncovering them, at another under the cover; wakes at midnight (twelfth and thirteenth days),

Tearing and heaviness in the right shoulder, with a feeling of numbness in the arm, pain afterwards also extending to the wrist, and waking from sleep about 2 A.M. (after four days),

Tearing in the right shoulder, with falling asleep of the fingers, wakes her at 3 A.M. (after twenty-three days),

Frequent tearing in the left shoulder,

Painful tearing in the left shoulder, frequently renewed (after thirteen days),

Violent tearing in the right shoulder from 2 to 5 A.M., disappearing after rising,

Bruised pain on the shoulder in the morning (after nineteen days),


Jerking in the muscles of the right upper and forearm (third day),

Paralytic weakness of the right upper arm,

Drawing-pinching pain in the upper arm (after thirty-eight hours),

Sticking and throbbing frequently in the upper arm (seventeenth day),

Violent tearing in the bone of the upper arm (twenty-sixth day),

Drawing-tearing in the deltoid muscle of the left upper arm during rest and motion (fifth day),

Drawing in the right upper arm (sixth day),


Drawing in the elbow-joint, extending up the posterior surface of the right upper arm (second day),

On strongly flexing the forearm, pains, a kind of drawing, in the right elbow-joint in the inner side, as if starting from the ulnar nerve (recurring soon after a new dose, and lasting the whole afternoon), (twelfth day),

Drawing, tension, and burning in the bend of the left elbow (after two hours),

Tearing in the joints of the elbows, wrists, and finger-joints, and beneath the nails (after seven days),


Paralytic weakness in the right forearm at night,

Drawing, throbbing, and violent pain from the right wrist to the elbow during dinner, afterwards in both arms (after twenty days),

Tearing extending upward on the dorsal surface of the left forearm (ninth day),

Tearing in the right forearm, index finger, and thumb, waking from sleep at night,

Tearing in the right forearm, from the elbow to the ring and middle fingers, with heaviness and numbness of the parts,

Tearing in a tendon on the outer side of the left forearm, followed by paralytic weakness of it (seventeenth day),

Paralytic tearing in the left forearm, extending to the wrist (twenty-second day),

Extremely painful gnawing in the left ulna, a hand's breadth above the wrist, at short intervals, followed by a paralytic feeling, so that the arm must be allowed to hang down; in the afternoon while sitting; it disappears on rubbing, whereupon there is a pressure, which always reappears, often by itself (seventeenth day),


Pain on the inner surface of the right wrist, as if the parts would be forcibly drawn inward; even externally a depression forms,

The right wrist feels sprained (while drawing a tooth); this sensation lasted ten minutes (third day),

Tearing in the wrist (fifth day),

Tearing in the right wrist,

Acute tearing in the evening in the external condyle of the right wrist, even continuing during motion,


Weakness of the hands and fingers; she could hold nothing tightly and properly; on making an exertion, there is pain in the wrist,

Heaviness of the hands, like lead (after twenty-seven days),

Painful grabbing and gnawing in the ball of the right hand, just behind the little finger (seventeenth day),

Breaking and tearing pain in the right hand in the evening,

Tearing stitches in the bones of the ball of the left hand, just back of the little finger (second day),

Tearing in the hands, with shivering and thirst (eighth, ninth, and tenth days),

Tearing in the back of the left hand, better after rubbing,

Tearing in the metacarpal bone of the right index finger in the morning (fifth day),


Stiffness of the fingers at times (after eighteen days),

Drawing in the right little finger (twenty-third day),

Transient tearing-drawing in the middle finger of the left hand (second day),

Pain, as from a sprain, in the fingers on holding a large object; on stretching them out, which at first he was unable to do, they seem too long, and if he wishes to hold anything, he is first obliged to bend them backwards,

Pain, as from a sprain, in the right thumb-joint on moving it backwards and a pain in a small spot in the joints on pressing upon it,

Pain in the right thumb-joint on bending the thumb backwards, as if it had been sprained and swollen, with cracking in it,

Pain, as from a sprain, in the right index finger, and cracking in the joints on every motion of the hand,

Sticking beneath the left thumb-nail, as with needles (twentieth day),

Jerking-sticking in the right ring and middle fingers,

Violent tearing in the last phalanx of the left thumb (nineteenth day),

Pinching-tearing in the left thumb,

Cramplike tearing in the knuckles, alternating with the pains in the head,

Lower extremities


Staggering while walking, without vertigo,

Weariness of the limbs, especially of the calves, as after a long walk, in the evening (second day),

Limbs very weary (fourteenth day),

Weakness of the limbs, with drawing pain from time to time,

Weakness and painfulness of the legs, in the evening (during menstruation),

Extreme weakness of the lower extremities, with yawning (twenty-third day),


Dull pressive pain in the bones of the right leg, from the hip to the toes, from 1 to 4 A.M., better on rising and walking about, when the pain remained only about the malleoli,

Acute bruised pain in the left leg, on waking in the morning; on turning over, it extended into the small of the back and ceased with sticking in the heel (seventh day),


Pain in the hip, immediately on waking in the morning, which after rising increased till noon,

The right hip-joint feels sprained, in the morning, at times when walking (second day),

Sticking and burning frequently in the right hip, during rest and motion (fifteenth and nineteenth days),

Stitches in the right hip while standing, disappearing on motion,

Tearing in the hip-joint, in the afternoon and evening,


Weakness in the middle of the right thigh and tibia as if paralyzed; somewhat relieved while sitting and standing, afterwards worse while sitting (three days before the menses), (after twenty-two days),

Drawing in the thigh, in the morning (second day),

An acute pain in the bend of the right thigh (groin), always on stooping,

Tearing in the left nates while standing, disappearing on motion,

The muscles of the thighs feel very much bruised,


Feeling of weakness in the knee-joint, extending into the thigh, especially when walking,

Painful sensation on the inside of the right knee, only when walking,

Acute pain beneath the right patella as from a sprain, while walking, disappearing during rest,

Tearing in the right knee (ninth day),

Tearing in the left knee, for a long time,

Tearing in the right knee during rest,

Tearing in the hollows of both knees, while walking,

Tearing and weakness in the right knee, frequently so that she could not step properly (after eleven days),

Painless tearing on the outer surface of the right knee (twenty-fifth day),

Pain as after a blow in the hollows of the knees (second day),

Painful throbbing in the left knee, at intervals, at night in bed,


Feeling of great weariness and paralytic weakness in the lower legs during rest and motion, after a short walk (after thirty-six hours),

A kind of paralyzed feeling extending from the middle of the left thigh down over the lower leg (ninth day),

Spasmodic contraction of the left calf, while walking,

Drawing in the legs, extending from the knees to the feet, in the evening (thirteenth day),

Drawing pain in the right lower leg, noticed when it lies across the left,

Tearing and weariness in the right lower leg and knee, during rest, frequently obliging a change of position of the leg; on farther walking the pain disappeared,

Drawing in the tibiae (second day),

Tearing on the left tibia externally, as if in the periosteum, in the afternoon (eighth day),

Tearing, extending down the right tibia, in the evening and following morning (after nineteen days),

Tearing extending down both tibiae and in the knees, in the evening,

Drawing tearing on the anterior surface of the left tibia (ninth day),

Cramp in the left calf, towards evening (seventh day),


Burning pain at the union of the os calcis with the external malleolus, during rest; on moving it feels sprained, and when touched as if suppurating,

Drawing and tearing in the right outer malleolus, while standing (seventeenth day),

Pains as from a sprain in the right ankle (third day),


Great weakness of the feet, when standing and walking (after twenty days),

Sticking and burning in the sole, now of the right, now of the left foot, disappearing on rubbing, but frequently returning,

Fine sticking in the upper part of the right os calcis, during rest,

A stitch in the sole of the right foot, with ulcerative pain, at night,

Tearing on the back of the right foot about the first toe-joint, in the evening,

Burning in both heels and balls of the feet, at night in bed,

Violent griping pain in the sole of the right foot, like an ulcer forming; frequently, from afternoon till evening,

Tearing in the ball of the left sole, in the evening (twenty-fifth day),

Violent tearing in the sole of the left foot, in the afternoon (twenty-seventh and thirtieth days),

Jerking tearing in the soles of both feet (during the menses),

Transient jerking tearing in the sole of the left foot, as from an ulcer,


Painful contraction of the toes, in the evening while sitting,

Stitches in the middle joints of the right smaller toes, always near the dorsal surface; soon afterwards the same stitches between the third and fourth last toes on the plantar surface (eighth day),

Awakened several times at night by stitches through the middle joint of the right second toe (third day); on the next and succeeding days there were frequent stitches through the same place in the left foot (in neither place were there any corns),

Stitches in a spot on the left second toe where there had formerly been a corn,

Slight stitches in the second joint of the right little toe (eleventh day),

Jerking stitches in the right great toe, at night,

Tearing in the left great toe (after ten days),

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