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Kali Nitricum - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitrate Of Potassium - Saltpeter, Kal. Nit, Kalium nitricum, Kali-n.

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HPUS indication of Kali Nitricum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Nitricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Increased secretion of urine, ; (first day),

Increased secretion of urine, with drawing and rather acute pain in the lumbar region, aggravated on moving the body; this pain began in the morning and continued till evening (after 11 grains),

Urine increased for several days (sixteenth day),

Urine more copious and passed more frequently than usual; the color was brownish-yellow (after 9 grains),

Secretion of urine more copious than usual (after 5 grains); next day, a reddish cloud formed on standing (after 6 grains),

Urine diminished (first day), ; (after ten days),

Urine dark-yellow (sixth day),

Urine reddish (third day),

Urine dark-colored and depositing a brickdust sediment (first day),

Reddish cloud in the urine, which was increased in quantity (second day),

Urine very turbid, soon depositing a yellow sediment (fourth day),

Slight mucous sediment in the urine (after 7 grains),


Burning while urinating (seventh day), ; (eighth day),

Burning in the urethra while urinating, and greatly diminished urine (after fifty days),

Burning in the forepart of the urethra during micturition (first day),

Burning in the orifice of the urethra while urinating (seventh day),

Burning pain at the close of micturition (third day),

Fine stitches in the orifice of the urethra,

Acute stitches in the region of the prostate gland while urinating,

Biting in the urethra, during micturition (third day),

Shivering and tickling in the orifice of the urethra (fourteenth day),


Some desire to urinate (after forty minutes),

Increased desire to urinate; he was obliged to urinate every ten minutes, but passed only a little at a time, nevertheless it was more copious than usual (after one hour),

Frequent desire to urinate, with emission of much offensive flatus (after 8 grains),

Frequent desire to urinate, with a dull painful feeling in the region of the kidneys, and increased thirst (after 13 grains),

Frequently recurring desire to urinate, with discharge of only a little urine (after 10 grains),

Urging to urinate, at first only a few drops, then the usual stream, frequently (twenty-third day),

Increased micturition, even at night, with a hard stool (first day),

Frequent emission of yellow, transparent urine,

Frequent and profuse emission of urine (after 8 grains),

Frequent and profuse micturition, the urine is as clear as water,

When this prover had several thin evacuations from the bowels there was no marked action upon the urine (after 7 grains); but while there was no action upon the bowels and the stool was regular, he was obliged to urinate frequently (after 10 and 12 grains),

Copious emission of urine, which was dark and red; after several hours there was deposited a sediment, which when disturbed rose in a cloud; after other doses there was increased secretion of urine, with frequent urging to stool, and also pressing and dragging towards the anus; this was repeated after different doses,

Copious emission of urine, which was watery, passed every two hours during the day, and almost every hour in the afternoon and evening (after 12, 13, and 15 grains),

Profuse evacuation of urine (after 73 grains),

Urine passed three times, about 2 ounces each time, during five hours,

Urination to the extent of 7 or 8 pints, during the night,

After the symptoms of irritant had abated, the patient passed upwards of a gallon of urine every night, which was found to contain sugar,

Strangury with discharge of bloody urine,

Urine diminished,


Prickling sticking in the glans penis (fourth day),

An itching stitch in the penis in the afternoon, while sitting (thirty-second day),

Smarting of the orifice of the prepuce, also some smarting when urinating (sixth day),

Frequent itching sensation in the glans penis (seventh day),

Painful swelling of the left epididymis, as large as a hazelnut, behind and below the testicle (third day),

After unsatisfied sexual desire in the morning, violent drawing tension and pressure in both testicles and along the spermatic cords into the abdomen, lasting several hours; therewith the testicles were very painful; even in the evening there was still tension in them, extending into the spermatic cords,

Sensitiveness of both testicles, which are drawn up with a pressive sensation in them (third day),


Abortion at the second month,

Leucorrhoea, thin, white, stiffening the linen, with bruised pain in the small of the back; for a week (after thirty days),

Menstruation somewhat longer and more profuse than usual,

Menstruation, which was just at its close, was immediately very much increased after a new dose, with pains in the abdomen, small of the back, and thighs, but after a few hours returned to its ordinary state,

Menstruation, which was only slight on the fourth day, immediately after a new dose became more profuse, thicker, with clots of blood; next day it was again scanty,

Menses much thinner than usual,

Menses some days too early and more profuse than usual, lasting three days, though flowing scarcely any after the second day, with blood black like ink,

Menses one day too early, with pains in the small of the back and lower limbs,

Menses five days later,

Menses suppressed,



Erections in the morning in bed (twenty-seventh day),

Erections on waking in the morning, with great desire for coition, which at a very unusual time (for it had been indulged in the day previous), was effected "maxima cum voluptuate" (eleventh day),

Erections at noon without voluptuous thoughts (seventeenth day),

Increased sexual desire,

Great inclination to coition, with great sexual enjoyment (second day),

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