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Kali Nitricum - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitrate Of Potassium - Saltpeter, Kal. Nit, Kalium nitricum, Kali-n.

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HPUS indication of Kali Nitricum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Nitricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Hawking of mucus in the afternoon, with expectoration of a piece having the form and consistence of liver, of a sweetish taste,

Pain in the throat (fourth day),

Burning in the throat for three days, relieved for only a short time by cold drinks,

Frightful burning in the throat, stomach, and intestines,

Pressive pain in the throat like commencing inflammation, lasting twenty-four hours (after nine hours),

Cutting pain in the throat, as if in the larynx, with impeded swallowing (after eight days),

Sticking pain in the throat, in the morning on rising, also externally on pressing on the larynx and on eating,

Sticking pain in the throat, aggravated by swallowing,

Sticking in the middle of the throat and fauces, when swallowing,

Sticking pain in the left side of the throat when swallowing and speaking, relieved by taking food (sixteenth and seventeenth days),

Sore throat day and night, with inflammation of the arch of the palate and uvula for four days (after ten days),

Sore throat at night, very violent, as if the throat would grow together, and as if she could not get air through it,

Sore pain in the throat (third day),

Rawness in the throat immediately,

Rawness in the throat, with hoarseness and burning in the pharynx like heartburn,

Rawness and scraping in the throat; she was frequently obliged to hawk, which caused pain in the chest; in the evening and morning (after eight days),

Rawness in the choanae, as if coryza would occur (first day),

After the most violent paroxysms of cough there was frequently experienced scraping in the throat, as from acidity of the stomach (from which I had never before suffered),

Tickling in the throat; he was obliged to hawk, but raised nothing,

Uvula and Tonsils.

Uvula and tonsils red, with painful swallowing of saliva aversion to smoking, and general prostration, towards evening (second day),


Glutinous sensation in the oesophagus, as though the mucous membrane were covered with a thick glutinous jelly (fifth day),

Soreness of the oesophagus so great, that for five days she was unable to swallow irritating food or drink,

She swallowed very easily whenever she ate,


Tensive pain in the larynx while breathing (after thirty-five days),

Irritation to cough, caused by tickling in the larynx (fourth day),


Voice as in catarrh (after fifty days),


Hoarseness and rawness of the throat (eighth day),

Hoarseness and cough; she raised pieces of mucus, with stopped catarrh (during menstruation),

Suppressed hoarse voice, with some tickling provoking cough,

Loss of voice,

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough day and night, with sore pain in the chest, followed by catarrh, with stoppage and itching of the nose (thirteenth day),

Cough, with stupefying headache, wakes her at night, about 3 o'clock; if she raises herself or moves, the cough becomes worse (twenty-second day),

Cough caused by tickling in the middle of the chest, after coming into the house, persistent,

Cough, with soreness in the chest, pain in the head and throat (seventeenth day),

Cough, which was persistent and annoying, called for three doses of Ipecacuanha Ipecac 3d, after which it entirely disappeared (third day),

Cough almost takes away her breath,

Cough paroxysmal, especially caused by eating bread or cakes,

Dry cough (fourth and fifth days),

Dry cough with rawness in the throat and heaviness on the chest (sixth day),

Dry cough for fourteen days, with dull tension, contraction, and pressure in the chest; a rawness beneath the sternum, which provokes cough, but which afterwards disappears for a few minutes,

Dry, hacking cough the whole day, with almost audible beating of the heart (twentieth day),

Short, dry, hacking cough (thirteenth day),

Cough, with expectoration, in the morning (fourth day),

Cough, with expectoration and pressive pain in the sternum, in the morning (sixth day),

Cough and expectoration, mostly in the evening, after lying down,

Sleep disturbed at night by cough, with expectoration; towards morning moderate perspiration (second night),

Cough (after one hour), with which the face became red, and by which there was at last a little mucous expectoration; lasting nearly a quarter of an hour, frequently returning during the day (seventh day),

Cough frequently recurring, mostly followed by expectoration of hard masses of bronchial mucus, that sank in water, and was not dissolved by shaking; during the cough there was a pressive pain beneath the sternum, and afterwards a feeling of soreness in the same place (second day),

Bloody cough, at the full noon,

More cough in the morning than during the day,

When coughing, expectoration affords relief (twenty-third day),

Mucous expectoration, with blood, while coughing,

Bloody expectoration, with slight cough,

Bloody expectoration, twice, in the afternoon, with dry cough (fourteenth day),

Expectoration of clotted blood after hawking mucus (during menstruation), (twenty-fifth day),

Sour-smelling expectoration from the chest,

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