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Kali Phosphoricum - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Phosphate Of Potassium, Kali Phos, Kali-phos, kalium phosphoricum, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 6 / six Kali-p.

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HPUS indication of Kali Phosphoricum: Irritability

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Phosphoricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Region of liver sensitive to pressure.

Stinging and catching in spleen, agg. from motion.

Awoke with extreme soreness of back and sides; sneezing occasionally, constant desire to; seems as though sides would break when sneezing.

Abdomen distended with pain.

Colic in hypogastrium, with ineffectual urging to stool; after breakfast; amel. bending double.

Borborygmus (afternoon); fermentation; soreness.

Sharp cutting pains r. side.

Bearing down, amel. sitting up; agg. l. side; agg. after drinking water.


No appetite; except for sweets.

Appetite first increased; later, lost till end of proving.

Desire for vinegar.

Great thirst; for ice-cold water, a quantity at a time.


Belching, smelling of sour and bitter food and of blood.

Hungry; but sight of food took away all appetite.

Sweat during meals with drinking.


Flatulence, griping, agg. when eating.


Nausea after eating, afterwards drowsiness.

Nausea amel. by belching.


Vomiting of blood and palpitation of the heart.


Eructations of bile, agg. after eating.

Stomach growls during menses; sore as if pounded; gnawing in, 5 a.m. on waking; fulness and burning in.

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