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Kalmia Latifolia - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Mountain Laurel, Kalmia, Kalm.

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HPUS indication of Kalmia Latifolia: Lumbar pain

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kalmia Latifolia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the head in the evening,

General Head.

Dulness in the head (after second dose, eleventh day),

Dulness in the head (first day), ; (thirteenth day), ; in evening,

Dulness in the head until evening, which continues slightly early the next morning,

Dulness and aching in the head, preceded by nausea, in the evening,

Heaviness in the head for a short time on the right side, but towards evening the same sensation very severe on the left side,

A full, dull feeling in the head (first day); increased (second and third days),

Awoke with full, dull feeling in the head; for an hour after getting up did not feel like doing anything (sixth day),

Surging of blood to the head, and as it were against the left cheek, left cheek, left cheek uncomfortably hot (first day),

Tearing in the head,

Tearing in the head and neck,


Confusion and pain in the head, with backache,

Dulness of the head and difficult hearing, with pains in the limbs,

A dull, drowsy feeling in the head, after this, a raging headache in the temporal and occipital region (second day),

Pain in the head when awaking in the morning, and in the evening,

Pain in the head, neck, and back (thirteenth day),

Headache, with flushed face (fifth day),

Headache, with nausea,

Headache internally, with the sensation, when turning, of something loose in the head diagonally across the top of it,

Severe headache at noon of the second day; it is most severe in the right side,

Intermittent headache (tenth day),

A dull headache, which cannot be located; it has continued all the afternoon and evening; at first it seems to be in one place, then in another, but most prominently in the back part of the head, especially in those parts back of the forehead (third day),

Pain in the top of the head, as if bound closely with a cord,

Violent pain in the crown of the head, which extends down in the direction of the cervical vertebrae (after half an hour),

Headache on vertex (fifth day),

Pain only on right side of head (ninth day,)

Pain and throbbing in the whole left side of the head, with stitches in the left ear and behind the right,

Pain in the forehead every day, which extends to the roots of one of the upper molar teeth of the right side,

Pain in the forehead every morning on awaking,

Pain in the forehead on rising, which increases afterwards,

Pain in the forehead and over the eyes in the evening; it seems to move backwards and down the neck outwardly on both sides, then disappears, and is followed by pain in the left shoulder,

Slight pain in the forehead,

Slight pain above the forehead,

Pain across the forehead over the eyes,

Headache in all parts of the head behind the forehead, (third day),

Severe frontal headache (second day),

Severe frontal headache, lasting two days; could not concentrate my mind on my book (after three days),

Dull, heavy headache, confined to the forehead and temple, especially marked in the forehead, aggravated by mental effort (first day),

Pressing pain in the forehead, especially in the right side (first day),

Tearing pain across the forehead,

Pulsating pain in the forehead,

Violent pain in the temples and forehead (second day),

Headache in the temporal region (fifth day); (six hours and a half after second dose, fourth day),

Acute pain in the left temple, with is very much increased by going upstairs,

Pain shooting from the temples to the occiput (twelfth day),

Pain at the temples, shooting into the eyes (seventh day),

Pain shooting from the vertex into the temples; the head feels as if it would burst (sixth day),

Pain in the back of the head and in the neck (tenth and eleventh days),

Dull pain around the back part of the head, with frequent sharp, darting pain in the right side of the head,

Headache in the occiput, with pain in the neck (second day),

Dull occipital headache (second day),

Dull headache in the occiput and temples (third day),



Violent pressure at times on a small spot on the right side of the head above the forehead in the evening in bed (second day),


Slight aching in the forehead, which sometimes shoots downwards to the eye-teeth, and at one time is easier in the forehead, at another in the teeth,

Pressing in the forehead late in the evening,

Pressure in the upper part of the glabella (fourteenth day),

Tearing in the forehead and in the head, on rising from bed, succeeded by tearing in the bones of the hips and lower extremities down to the feet,

Tearing in the left side of the forehead, which extends into the temple,


Severe pressing in the temples and on both sides of the neck,

Violent pressure in the right temple (third day),

Tearing in the right temple, passing downwards,


Shooting from the nape of the neck up into the head,

A shock towards the occiput from the back of the neck, with heat,

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