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Kissingen - General symptoms

, Kiss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kissingen in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The mineral springs at Kissingen in Bavaria.

The "Rakoczy" and the "Pandur" are the two chief springs, the latter mostly used for bathing purposes.













0.00091 0.24140














Sum of solid constituents,



Carbonic acid, free and partly combined,

Specific gravity at 15° C.,

Temperature, 1305.5 c.c.


10.7° C. 1505.5 c.c.


Discharge of an incredible, amount of blackish-green, burnt, lumpy faeces, similar to large pieces of slate, preceded by blackish-green substances similar to gastric mucus, preceded by colicky pains, and rumbling in the abdomen (after twelve days).

the former stool caused so much exertion in its passage, and was attended with so much pain, that faintness followed immediately on the stool and lasted a long time,.



Trembling of the whole body,

Weary and sleepy during the day,

Unusually weary after taking a walk,

Weak and weary,

Uneasiness, so that he is unable to lie still in any place,


Stitches, here and here,

Pulsation of the body, even when he remains perfectly quiet,

Cold, chlorinated, gaseous, saline Springs of Kissingen in Bavaria (Source Rakoczy). Dilution.

The water of Kissingen has been proved by Carl Preu, and observations have been made on its general effects. The composition of the solid constituents is very complicated, but Nat Mur Nat. mur. is the leading ingredient, existing in the proportion of 5.82 out of a total of 8.55 in the 1,000. It compares with Nauheim, Kreutznach, and, to some extent, with Vichy. Constantin James gives an excellent account of its action, and one of especial interest to homoeopaths, as it bears strongly on the doctrine of chronic diseases and the homoeopathic aggravation. The dose is from three to six glasses of the water in the morning and two at 4 p.m.

but the general rule is that no more is to be drunk than the stomach can digest without difficulty. In the first days there is increase of appetite and force.

but in proportion as the water is absorbed the effects become general. Then an eliminatory "crisis" comes on. The stools become brownish, loose, bilious. The urine is turbid, depositing a sediment which rapidly putrifies. The secretion of the bronchial, genital, and ocular mucous membranes, and also of the skin, is increased and changed in character. At the same time patients experience a sort of moral and physical prostration, and are alarmed to see old and long-forgotten troubles reappear. This crisis, which appears in the first or second week, soon disappears of itself, and the cure proceeds. The conditions against which Kis. is especially useful are abdominal affections.

especially a catarrhal ("saburral") condition of the primae viae.

affections of the liver and spleen and intestinal glands. Also in cases of gout "where the asthmatic principle appears to be repercussed upon the abdominal viscera".

for then the waters draw it out to the articulations. "Only these waters require to be managed with extreme prudence.

if you overdo the doses by ever so little you will bring on a true attack of gout." Thus far Constantin James on the effects on the sick, and observations recorded in Allen confirm them. Some of these effects were also observed in patients, and one of these is noteworthy. The patient suffered from vomiting of blood consequent on the disappearance of a haemorrhoidal flux. Under the action of the waters the latter was restored and the blood-vomiting ceased. Among the general effects, trembling of the whole body, weariness, pulsation of the Whole body, stitches here and there, were noted.

and especially a very tearful disposition "If he only looks at any one he must weep" (especially at 10 a.m.).

muscae volitantes, and noises in the ears.

chills, heat, and perspiration. The symptoms were agg. in the forenoon and at night, on waking.

while eating (vertigo).

during menstruation (toothache).

while reading and writing.

Incredible amount of blackish-green, burnt, lumpy faeces, like large pieces of slate, preceded by blackish-green substances like gastric mucus, preceded by colicky pains and rumbling in abdomen.

the former stool required so much exertion and caused so much pain that long-lasting faintness ensued (in a patient with intestinal inactivity).

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