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Kreosotum - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Beech Wood Kreosote, Kreosote, Kreos, Kreos.

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HPUS indication of Kreosotum: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Itching, Nausea.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kreosotum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Increased secretion of urine,

Urine diminished, with painful micturition,

Secretion of urine much too scanty; she passed scarcely half the usual amount,

Urine chestnut-brown,

Reddish urine depositing a red sediment,

Urine colorless, *offensive,

The urine is hot and has an offensive smell, almost like cooked cedar (after four days),

Urine hot; it steams, has a strong smell, and deposits a red sediment,

Urine very hot, causing burning between the pudenda,

Urine turbid; after awhile it looks like light beer yeast (after four hours),

The urine deposits a copious white sediment,

The urine deposits a red sediment,


Excessive urging to urinate, she cannot get out of bed quick enough; with constrictive pain in the vagina (after twelve hours),

Frequent emission of hot urine,

She was frequently obliged to urinate, but passed very little clear urine each time,

She urinates six or seven times a day; always with great haste, and always passing a great deal,

Was obliged to urinate every hour, and each time passed much clear urine (she usually urinated but twice daily),

She was obliged to urinate very half hour, from 4 A.M., till noon; each time she passed over half a pint (after five days),

Micturition at night, she was obliged to rise frequently on account of it,

Urging to urinate, towards evening, she was also frequently obliged to rise at night to urinate,

Pressure on the bladder at night, that she always had shortly before childbirth, which causes a sensation through the whole body as if in labor; she was obliged to rise three times at night to urinate, and each time she passed much hot clear urine (after three days),

Obliged to rise every hour at night to urinate, and always passed much clear urine, without having drunk anything (after twelve to eighteen hours),

Frequent micturition, but only a spoonful passed each time,

Although she drank more than usual, she passed scarcely half the usual amount of urine,

She was obliged to rise frequently at night to urinate, but passed only a little,

The urine spurts from her during each cough,

The urine passed in a weak stream,


Strangury (in a woman who had taken a drop by accident). (Kuster).

Very scanty discharge of urine,

Neither bladder nor bowels evacuated for twenty-four hours; Nux Vomica Nux 3d seemed to relieve all morbid symptoms except those of the throat (after twenty-four hours),

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