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Lac Caninum - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Dog's Milk, Lac Can, Lac. Can, Lac-c.

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HPUS indication of Lac Caninum: Alternating sides

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lac Caninum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Urination causes intense pain in urethra, soon passing off.

Sensation after urinating, as if bladder still full; continued desire to urinate.

Frequent desire to urinate, which if not immediately attended to causes pain in bladder; a numb, dull sensation; if not amel. by urination it spreads over abdomen and l. side to ends of fingers; never in head; would frequently wake at night dreaming of the pain, and would have to urinate to amel. it.

Constant desire to urinate, passing large quantities frequently; at night she dreams of urinating, and wakes to find an immediate necessity; a less strong and healthy person would probably have wet the bed.

(Nocturnal enuresis, a specific.)


(Small sore at entrance of urethra; parts of glans around urethra an open ulcer, exhaling most fetid smell, and with most excruciating pain; red, glistening appearance.).

Gonorrhoeal pains, intermittent, in front, middle, or posterior part of urethra; when the gonorrhoea is amel., catarrh sets in.

Pressure on anterior part of vulva, entire amel. by sitting; sensation as if everything were coming out at vulva; with frequent desire to urinate and smarting in urethra.


Chancre on prepuce, l. side of frenum; penis greatly swollen; chancre like a cauliflower excrescence, red, smooth, and glistening.


Escape of flatus from vagina.

Itching in l. side of labia, with rough eruptive condition on l. side of vagina, with acrid leucorrhoea; excoriating severely.

Itching of vulva.

Intense painful soreness of vulva, extending to anus, coming on very suddenly about noon, and lasting for about two hours; came on again during evening; could not walk, stand, or sit; amel. by lying on., back and separating the knees as far as possible.

Sexual organs extremely excited; very much agg. from the slightest touch, as putting the hand on the breast, or from the pressure on vulva when sitting, or the slight friction caused by walking.

Urination caused intense pain in vulva, when even the least drop of urine came in contact with it.


Sharp, lancinating pains like knives cutting upward from os uteri, and as these were being relieved, sensation as of needles darting upwards in uterus.


Sexual desire quite marked.

R. spermatic cord, low down, sore to touch.

(Several cases of membranous dysmenorrhoea.).

Dysmenorrhoea, pain in l. groin, with bearing down and nervousness.

Leucorrhoea all day, but none at night, even after taking a long walk.

Slight leucorrhoea during the day, agg. when standing or walking.

Severe pain in r. ovarian region, completely amel. by a flow of bright-red blood, which lasted an hour, and did not return.

In afternoon, intermittent, sharp pains in r. ovarian region.

Constant pain in r. ovary.

Pain in l. ovarian region, and all across lower part of abdomen.

Great swelling of l. labia, and terrible, pain while urinating; (from gonorrhoea).

Raw and bad-smelling sores between labia and thighs, in folds of skin; agg. when walking, would rather keep still all the time; these sores are covered with a disgusting white exudation.

(After-pains very distressing, extending to thighs, rather agg. on r. side.).

Breasts very sore and painful, with sharp, darting pain in r. ovarian region extending to knee, very painful and must keep leg flexed (1st d. after miscarriage at 6th month).

Constant pain in breasts, they feel very sore when going up or down stairs.

Breasts seem very full.

Constant pain in nipples.

Breasts sensitive to deep pressure.

Breasts painful; feel as if full of very hard lumps, agg. going up or down stairs.

Loss of milk while nursing, without known cause.

Galactorrhoea (many cases).

Dries up the milk when nursing.

Given for an ulcerated throat to a nursing woman, it cured the throat and nearly dried up the milk.

After two doses of c.m. rapid decrease in size of breasts and quantity of milk in a lady who wanted to wean her child.


Menses scanty at first; with pain in l. ovary.

Menses very profuse; abdomen very sensitive to pressure and weight of clothes, entire amel. by removing them.

Menses very stringy and sticky, cannot get rid of them.

Breasts very sore and sensitive to pressure for a day or two during menses.

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