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Lac Felinum - General symptoms - Clarke

Cat's Milk Lac-f.

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HPUS indication of Lac Felinum: Styes

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lac Felinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Cat's Milk. Dilution.

Lac Felinum is another of the remedies introduced by Swan. The full pathogenesis appears in Med. Visitor, Aug., 1893, part having already appeared in H. W., xviii. 15l. The greatest number of the symptoms were experienced in the head and eyes, and many of these have been confirmed. Here is one from Swan "Terrible headache penetrating the left eyeball to centre of brain, with pain in left supra-orbital region extending through brain to right vertex" (H. W., xviii. 429). Many eye cases are on record. Swan benefited this case "Pain in eyes back into head, extremely sharp, with a sensation as if the eyes extended back. Great photophobia any continued glare causes the pain" (H. W., xvii. 54). Berridge reports this case "Mr. H., 37. Left eye inflamed three weeks.

deep red. photophobia.

on left segment of cornea an ulcer. For three nights pain like a knife running from left eye to left occiput, on lying down, especially on left side. Burning in left temple, near eye, agg. at night. Lac.Lachesis fel. 40m. (Fincke) every four hours. Eye was better next day, and steadily got well. The pain ceased first." Berridge remarks that "agg. lying on left side" has been verified by him in another case (Lachesis Lach. has agg. lying on painful side; Zincum Metallicum Zinc. agg. lying on unpainful side).

H. P., vi. 376). One of the provers took 17th, and afterwards 1m. (Fincke) potency. Another prover took the 200th. Among the verified symptoms are Morbid conscientiousness.

heaviness in forehead.

scalded sensation on tongue.

absence of appetite. The eye affections are mostly accompanied by shooting pains from eye backwards. Styes were present in some cases. (In the Schema cured symptoms are bracketed or have the name of the disease in which they occurred appended in brackets.).

Intense pain early in morning on vertex, and l. side of head it commences just in front of vertex, with a flush of heat which extends front about an inch, and is followed by the intense pain.

the heat and pain then spread, never crossing median line, down l. side as a veil, taking half the nose and jaws, and entering ear, causing her to close the eyes from its intensity.

during the pain, head drawn down so that chin pressed heavily on chest, and her agony was so great that she had to hold the head firmly in her hands, and rush through the house from room to room screaming (from the 17th potency).

Sharp lancinating pain in centre of r. eyeball extending externally to temple and frontal region over eye, with intense photophobia, redness of conjunctiva and lachrymation.

agg. by reading or writing.

the pain appears to be in interior of eyeball, and extends thence to posterior wall of orbit, and then to the temples, with throbbing.

dim sight when reading also constipation, loss of appetite, lassitude in legs (choroiditis).


Ciliary neuralgia. Dysmenorrhoea. Headache, Keratitis. Mouth, inflammation of. Stye. Throat, catarrh of.