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Lac Vaccinum - General symptoms - Clarke

Cow's Milk, Lac-v.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lac Vaccinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Cow's milk. Dilution.

Lac vac. was proved by J, C. Boardman, of Trenton, New jersey (H. W., xix. 402). Swan's 200th potency was used. I have given the symptoms in the Schema. To these might be added the effects of milk on persons intolerant of it. The headaches, biliousness, and constipation frequently induced by milk are well known. The headaches were well brought out in the proving. Milk frequently aggravates rheumatism.

and Burnett has observed that children who drink much milk after their teeth are grown become very liable to colds. The keynote of Lac Caninum Lac can. is alternation of sides.

passing fetid flatus. (2) Fever at night followed by profuse sweat all over.

the fever was preceded by chilly feeling, beginning at shoulders, then running up from feet to head.

headache. (3) Flat white ulcers on tongue, sensitive, covered with white slimy mucus, extending to sides of cheeks. (4) Brown crusts, having greasy appearance, especially in corners of mouth, like "butter-sores." (5) Fulness of head, as if too large and heavy. (6) Vertigo. (7) Eructations and passing of much flatus.

She was so suddenly prostrated mentally and bodily that she was unable to collect her thoughts or use a pencil to write her symptoms I was therefore compelled to witness and ask questions and record them after the proving was nearly over she said she had so much mental confusion that she could not get mentally clear enough to feel her thoughts or express them.

she could only give direct short answers to questions.

as for writing her symptoms, she had no physical power to do it. In 2 h. all symptoms subsided gradually, but still there was a general trembling or quivering of whole body as well as the fingers. In 6 1/2 h. nearly relieved, except great physical prostration.

mind is again normal.


The symptoms of Swan's proving (by Miss H. from the 1m. of Fincke) are included in the pathogenesis.