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Lachesis - Chest symptoms - Clarke

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HPUS indication of Lachesis: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lachesis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Fits of suffocation, esp. on lying down in evening or in bed at night, and principally when anything is placed before nose or mouth.

Paralytic orthopnoea.

Pressure on chest, as from a weight, or as if it were filled with wind, and principally at night.

Violent pains with great anguish and constant movements in the chest.

Burning and pain of excoriation in chest, as if it were raw, principally after a meal.

Oppressive pain in the chest as if full of wind, amel. by eructations.

Extravasation of blood in lungs.

Pneumonia (hepatisation of the inflamed lungs).

Gangrene of lungs.

Swelling and bloatedness of integuments of chest.

Itching, red places, and miliary eruption on chest.


Palpitation of heart, with (fainting and) anxiety, sometimes excited by cramp-like pains, with cough, and fit of suffocation.

Palpitation of heart and choking from slightest anxiety.

Irregularity of beats.

Constrictive sensation in region of heart.

Spasms in heart (with aneurism of r. carotid) and disagreeable pulsation in ears.

As if heart too large for containing cavity.

Faint feeling about heart, with heats up spine and flushings of face.

Faintings, giddiness, and palpitation constantly recurring.


Feels as if heart hanging by a thread and every beat would tear it off.

Icy coldness of the skin or of the limbs, or only of the feet, with great desire to be near a fire, and sometimes with loss of sensation, clammy sweat, weakness and great quickness of the pulse.

Pulse intermittent, or feeble and quick (but accelerated), or irregular, or scarcely perceptible, or tremulous, or alternately full and small.


Respiration short, frequent, or convulsive or rattling, stertorous, and croaking, or wheezing, moaning, and deep.

Frequent want to draw a long breath.

Dyspnoea and oppression of the chest, with effort to breathe.

Shortness of breath, principally after a meal, on walking, after making an effort with the arms, and sometimes with sadness, or with an asthmatic cough.

Attacks of asthma, and difficulty of respiration, principally after eating, or in the evening on lying down, or at night, during sleep, and sometimes with anguish, thirst, nausea, vomiting, fainting, and cold sweat.

Offensive breath.

Contraction of the chest wakens him after midnight, with slow, heavy, wheezing breathing, compelling him to sit up with his chest bent forward.

Stitches in side and in chest, agg. by breathing, and sometimes with cough and sanguineous-expectoration.

Stitches in (l. side of) chest, with difficult breathing.

Stitches in region of heart, with shortness of breath, fainting fits and cold sweat.

Catarrh, with cough, coryza, shooting pains in head, stiffness of nape of neck, and affection of chest.

Continual hoarseness, with a sensation as if there were something in the throat which impeded speech, and which cannot be detached.

Oppressed breathing, agg. when talking and eating.

Contraction and constriction of the larynx, with a sensation of swelling and of tension.

Painful sensitiveness of larynx and neck to touch, and on slightest pressure, with danger of suffocation on feeling the gullet, and on holding back the head.

Sensation of pulsation and of choking between larynx and chest.

Dryness, burning, and pain as of excoriation in larynx.

Sensation as if there were a ball in the larynx.

Voice weak, hollow, nasal.

Cough, often fatiguing, and by which nothing is detached, excited mostly by a tickling in larynx, chest, and pit of stomach, or by pressure on the gullet, as well as by conversation, walking, and everything which increases the dryness of the throat.

Cough caused by pressure on the larynx, or by any covering of the throat; by a tickling in pit of throat and sternum; when falling asleep; from ulcers in the throat.

Constant irritating cough, with or without expectoration.

Very chronic coughs.

Cough with rawness of chest, difficult expectoration and pains in throat, head, and eyes.

Frequent attacks of short cough from tickling in pit of stomach, dry during the night; difficult, sometimes watery, salty mucus, which has to be swallowed again, is raised.

The cough is agg. during the day; after sleeping; from changes in the temperature; from alcoholic drinks; from acids and sour drinks.

Cough with hoarseness.


Cough always after sleeping, or at night, when sleeping, or in evening after lying down, as well as on rising from a recumbent posture.

Dry, short, suffocating and croaking cough, sometimes with vomiting.

Spittle mucous, tenacious, or acid, and of a disagreeable taste, or sanguineous.


On coughing, accumulation of water in the mouth, sharp pains in pit of stomach, shocks in head, and tension of eyes.

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