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Lachesis - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Lachesis: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lachesis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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He lies upon the chest at night,

Great commotion and anxiety in the chest, with constant efforts to vomit (bite),

It seems as though the wind rose up into the chest, and became fixed there; relieved by eructations,

While riding in a wagon, pain in the chest, and tickling in the larynx provoking hacking cough,

Pain extending inward in the lower portion of the ribs,

Pain in the short ribs, first in the right, then in the left, then in the left elbow, then extending to the hand,

Violent pains in the chest, so that he could not touch the chest, at night,

Burning in the chest at night, with pains in the sternum,

The chest feels swollen, with violent pains in it; dares not touch it at night,

Tightness of the chest (tenth day), following pressing pains in the chest the day previous,

Such great tightness of the chest, in the evening after lying down, that she almost suffocated,

Pressure upon the chest, as if it were full of wind,

Pressure in the chest, with sighing, during fever,

Heavy dull pressure in the whole chest,

Pressing pain extending from the chest to the stomach,

Pressing pains in the chest, lasting the whole afternoon, together with pressing pains towards the stomach; in the evening frequent pulse, and at night pains in the chest (sixth day), still more on the next morning; again, afterwards, violent pressing pains,

Oppression of the chest, suddenly disappearing,

Oppression of the chest in the evening,

Oppression of the chest during sleep, ,

Oppression of the chest on becoming heated,

Oppression of the chest, with nightly attacks of vomiting,

Oppression of the chest, alternating with clawing in the anus,

Oppression of the chest, with cold feet,

Stitches in the chest,

Stitches through the chest from the abdomen to the shoulder,

Stitches through the chest, when coughing,

Stitches in the left chest, not much worse on inspiration and coughing; afterwards some drawing pains in the right metacarpus, soon disappearing,

Soreness of the chest,

The whole chest seems sore, as in violent catarrh; extending to between the shoulders, especially after eating,

Throbbing in the chest,

Throbbing in the chest and abdomen,

Bubbling sensation in the chest,

Some jerks in the chest,

Tickling in the chest provoking cough,


Stiffness and pain on pressure at the insertion of the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle,

Pains in the sternum,

Stitches in the lower portion of the forepart of the chest, extending inward (first day),


Pains in the left side, beneath the breast, etc.,

Decided pain in the left side,

Burrowing like a worm in the forepart of the right side of the chest, extending towards the left side, and seeming to be in the stomach; afterwards a stitch as if extending from the stomach internally upward between the flesh and bones in the middle of the chest to the vicinity of the breasts,

Drawing in the chest, in the right side, coming from the anus; during fever,

(Stitches in the side followed the administration of Lachesis for a dry cough),

Stitches in the left side of the chest,

Needlelike stitches in the left side and left hand,


Feeling as though labor-pains extended up into the breasts, almost every day,

Pains in the left side beneath the breast,

Pressure beneath the breast, and drawing extending upward (fourth day),

Stitches in the vicinity of the breasts, coming from the stomach,

Stitches in the left nipple,


Pains beneath the short ribs on breathing,

Stitches in the left side of the chest, worse when coughing and breathing, together with sticking pains in the left knee, drawing in the fibula and down into the foot; stitches in the right ankle,

Loud rattling by single paroxysms, at night in sleep,

A kind of rattling seemed to be low down in the larynx at night during sleep, in only a few paroxysms, followed again by ordinary breathing, in turn followed by similar paroxysms; it was so loud that it woke his wife, who aroused him whenever it was repeated,

Sighing with pressure in the chest, during fever,

Constantly obliged to take a deep breath, from time to time, for several days, especially while sitting (third and following days),

Shortness of breath and great prostration,

Respiration impeded, in the evening after eating a very little,

Difficult respiration almost all day,

Respiration difficult on account of stitches in the chest,

Respiration constricted, after eating a little,

Sensation of suffocation with the throat troubles,

Suffocation while coughing,

During the heat as of orgasm of blood, he is obliged to loosen the clothes about the neck; there is a sensation as though they hindered the circulation of the blood, with a kind of suffocation feeling,

Lachesis acts somewhat upon the larynx, so that it is not only very sensitive but it seems as though it would suffocate him; it also increased the pain in the back of the throat in the evening (first day),

Desperate fits of suffocation; she must sit up in bed,

Larynx and Trachea.

The larynx affected (after fourth dose),

Larynx swollen, sore, raw, scraping, somewhat also on pressing upon it; at the same time is obliged to swallow (after ninth dose); the same on the following day, rather increased,

Diminished secretion of mucus in the larynx,

Secretion of mucus in the larynx is diminished, while in the nose and fauces it is increased (second and following days),

It seems as though something should be hawked up which cannot be loosened,

The larynx feels obstructed by a foreign substance,

A feeling as though a plug were fixed in the larynx, which moved up and down, with a short cough; is unable to lie down; blows bloody and purulent matter from the nose,

Pain extending from the pit of the throat to the root of the tongue and hyoid bone,

The larynx seems tensively swollen, and swallowing is difficult (four hours after sixth dose),

(A peculiar spasmodic sensation extended once from the larynx downward),

Pressure in the larynx,

Larynx painful to touch (first day),

Larynx and the whole throat painful to touch,

The larynx and throat were painful on bending the head backward,

A disagreeable, dry, scraping, feeling at the epiglottis and vicinity (first to fourth days),

After the midday nap, the trachea seems narrowed; no mucus can be loosened as usual (first day),

Stitch through the trachea, irritation to cough and dry cough,

Pain in the pit of the throat extending to the root of the tongue and into the hyoid bone, and to the left tragus, behind which it shoots out; painful to touch,

A feeling as if something were swollen in the pit of the throat and would suffocate him; it cannot be swallowed; with soreness in the throat,

Twisting or turning about in the pit of the throat (fourth, fifth, and sixth days),

A turning about in the pit of the throat, all day,


Hoarseness, with burning in the throat,

Hoarseness and a rough throat, preceded by burning on the tongue,

Hoarseness with cough,

Some hoarseness for several days,

Increased hoarseness while speaking; the voice will not come because something in the larynx prevents it, which cannot be hawked loose, though mucus is brought up; lasting a long time, from the fifth day on,

Something hinders speech; he is hoarse; must hawk constantly,

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough in the evening,

(Cough while drinking, or after drinking),

Cough during sleep,

Cough during sleep, of which the patient knows nothing,

Cough worse after every sleep,

Cough seems to be excited by increased secretion of fluid in the larynx,

Cough caused by pressure on the larynx,

If the lungs are irritated in any manner (as for example, by tobacco smoke), a violent irritation frequently causes uninterrupted cough for a minute, so that the chest is most violently racked, and all the blood driven to the head and face,

Alternations of headache, hoarseness, and tickling in the throat, in the evening on lying down, and violent cough; together with frequent pains in the limbs and other parts,

Short, hacking cough,

Incessant short, hacking cough, at night, caused by crawling in the throat,

Violent, short, hacking cough constantly caused by crawling in the ulcer in the throat,

(An old suspicious cough was very much lessened during the day, but in the morning, at the moment of rising, and for half an hour afterwards it was so violent that the shock frequently caused pain in the intestines and vomiting),

Dry cough,

Dry cough in the evening, and always with the first cough a stitch through the air-passages,

Violent, dry cough in the evening, with pain in trachea and horrible taste to the expectoration, as after eating salt fish,

Dry, hacking cough caused by touching the throat; also occurring in the morning after sleep at night, and from smoking, with a stopped catarrh, with blowing of the nose and sneezing, without relief,

(The child coughs in the evening on lying down, afterwards during sleep, sometimes awakened thereby; cough without expectoration sometimes causing vomiting),

Every contact with the open air causes a violent tickling cough accompanied by expectoration of mucus; it lasts from five minutes to an hour (later action),

Difficult expectoration became loose,

(Habitual expectoration of tenacious gray mucus disappears during the fever),

(Some lumps of gray mucus are raised from the throat on coughing and also on sneezing),

Spitting of blood,

Heart and pulse


Feeling of constriction about the heart,

Cramplike pain in the praecordial region, causing palpitation, with anxiety,

Pressure towards the heart from the stomach,

Pressure about the heart during fever,

She feels the beating of the heart, with weakness, even to sinking down,

Heart's Action.


Palpitation causing anxiety (soon after a dose),


Pulse increased, full and hard, after moderate exertion, with profuse sweat, in the evening,

Pulse small and rapid, with hot skin (bite).

Pulse full and hard, with headache catarrh, and drawings in the lower legs,

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