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Lachesis - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Lachesis: Sore throat

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lachesis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Blue rings under the eyes, in the morning (in a healthy man),


The eyes feel stiff,

Feeling of dryness in the eye,

Painful dryness of the eyes and sensitiveness to the light in the evening,

Pain in both inner canthi,

Violent pain in the right eye, in a person who had been blind more than ten years, though without pain,

The eyes are painful on reading,

Burning in eyes (after eighth dose),

Painful burning in the eyes,

Some aching burning of the eyes,

The eyes seem to be thicker (swollen?) than usual, even to other people; they look as though one had been weeping, in the evening,

Aching of the eyes, especially of the left,

Aching and burning in the eyes,

A sticking-drawing pain in the right eye extending up to the vertex, in the afternoon, lasting several minutes,

Pressure in the eyes, aggravated on moving them, as though the orbits were too small,

Pressure in and above the eyes; also the skin of the forehead is painful externally to the touch,

Pressure in the left eye, afterwards in the right,

Pressure on the right eye and right side of the forehead, soon in the afterwards in the left temple; a similar pain on the right side of the face, as if in a tooth of the upper jaw, afterwards in the left leg and foot in the evening,

Pressure on the left eye and on the right shoulder; immediately in the morning,

Pressure in the inner canthi, with nasal catarrh,

Stitches in the eyes; also hot burning stitches,

Stitches as from knives in the eyes, coming from the head,

Stitches as with knives from the head to the eyes, nose, and temples, with sharp pains, especially in the forenoon, in the temples, upper and lower jaws and eyes; swelling of the eyes and face, etc.,

Sudden smarting of right eye, causing it to water, for a few minutes (after eleven hours and three-quarters),

Feeling as though dust had got into the eyes,

Itching in the eyes,

Itching in the eyes, with pains in the limbs,

Itching in and about the eyes, with heat in them, in the afternoon and evening; was obliged to rub them a great deal,

Itching in the left eye,

Violent itching in the left eye (after half an hour), ; with pressure in both eyes, and a dizziness that was almost a vertigo; disappearing after drinking coffee,


The eyes become weak; at a distance he still sees well, but near very indistinctly, especially in the evening; on reading, flickering before the eyes and the letters become indistinct,

Left eye weak and inflamed so that he is unable to read with it,

(*Dimness of vision; much black flickering before the eyes, that seems very near; it frequently makes reading difficult; after much reading),

Dimness of the right eye by candlelight, as if dust were on the ball (fifth and sixth days); worse after a new dose,

Slight dimness of both eyes, more of the right,

A fog before the eyes, with vertigo; must wipe them,

A fog before the eyes; in the evening a bluish-gray ring, about six inches in diameter, around the light,

Vanishing of sight, with faintness,

Eyes sensitive to night,

Flickering before the eyes, in fever,

Flickering in the evening when reading, with weariness of the eyes,

Flickering and jerking in the right eye, with violent congestion to the head, relieved by moving about in the open air,

Flickering before the eyes, as from threads, or rays of the sun,

Flickering in peculiar angular zigzag figures, with congestion to the head and headache,

A beautiful bright blue ring about the light, that was beautifully filled with fiery rays (second day); fiery ring with fiery rays (third and fourth days),

Brow and orbit

Pains near the eyes,

Pains near the right eye (second, fourth, and eighth days); above the right eye (fifth day); external to the left eye (seventh day); above the left eye (eleventh day); frequently with congestion of the head,

Pains above the eyes after weeping,

Pressure about the eyes,

Aching pressure about the eyes, on the right side, extending towards the occiput, or general, with heaviness, confusion, and congestion, especially on stooping (second to seventeenth day),

Pressive pain in the right orbit, on moving the lids (fifth and sixth days),

Tearing pains above the orbits,


Inflammation of the right upper lid, as if a stye would form, in the evening,

Swelling like an incipient stye (that he had only seldom had) in the left lid like small pimples, but more prominent and not so deep in the skin,

Inability to open the eyes, with heaviness in the forehead,

Acute sticking pressure in the right upper lid, lasting about half an hour,

Something shoots from the brow down into the lashes (third day),

Sticking in the right lid from above down to the lashes (first day),

Hot stitches shoot internally from the brows down to the lashes, first in the left, then in the right side (fourth day),

Itching pains in the eyelids,

Some burning-itching pains in the lids,

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Eyes watery, with nasal catarrh,

Cold water runs from the left eye, also from the left nostril, with swelling of the face,

Lachrymation of the eyes, going off with the nasal catarrh,


He frequently wipes the right eye, thinking there is something on the ball, with pressive pains in the right orbit,

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