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Lachesis - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bush Master, Surucucu, Laches, Lachesis Mutus, Vipera Lachesis, Fel, Lach.

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HPUS indication of Lachesis: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lachesis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Chilly, indolent, and prostrated; he was obliged to lie down flat on the ground near the fireplace, which made him feel better,

Very violent general chill, with tearing and distension of the abdomen,

Once in the evening, violent chill, with chattering of the teeth, and a feeling as in trismus,

A febrile chill, with thirst and pain in the forehead, in the evening,

General sensation of coldness, with coldness and longing for the fire,

She was obliged to lie down the whole day on account of fever; coldness without thirst, heat, or sweat; in the evening some small pustules on the elbow which had previously existed had natured (second day); repeated (third day),

Shivering during the heat,

Single paroxysms of shivering,

Chilliness in the back, commencing in the small of the back,

Coldness in one side of the head,

Sensation of coldness in the left side of the head and in the ear, which are however warm (with toothache),

The ear is cold with the toothache; the whole side of the head seems to be cold, though it is warm; external warmth relieved,

Soon after taking, a feeling of coldness in the stomach, as if an intermittent fever which he had formerly had would suddenly return,

Coldness in the pit of the stomach, alternating with heat,

Cold calves and knees, at times only, on the left side,

Cold knees,

Cold feeling on the right ankle (seventh day),

Cold feet followed by heat and by pain in the toes,

Cold feet, with roaring in the ears,

Cold feet, with unconsciousness, that disappears when they become warm,

Cold feet, with oppression of the chest,

Coldness of the feet every day, at times painful cold; after which heat sometimes follows,

Icy coldness of the feet,

Crawling in the left calf, with cold feet and icy-cold ankle,

Creeping from the left shoulder to the head,

Creeping up the back from the anus to the head, during fever,

Shivering over the back (first day),


An agreeable feeling of warmth in the evening, neither internal heat nor alone in the skin, but a feeling as after a cold bath, or as after coition (first day),

Disagreeable warmth over the whole body without perspiration, in the evening,

(Feeling as of a glowing heat from the skin in various places, especially in the afternoon),

Sensation of heat at night, with restless sleep,

It seems too hot at night; sleep very restless,

Heat as from orgasm of blood, with sensitiveness of the throat,

Fever; at first much thirst, then, after some shivering, lingering heat without thirst, during which he desires to be covered; and so several attacks in the morning and during the day, especially in the evening; at times transient perspiration,

Constant fever with dry skin, dry mouth, and constant thirst (bite).

Violent fever every evening, with loss of appetite and headache; internal chill with external heat in the evening great febrile heat, which lasted all night,

Every evening feverish, hot palms and hot nape, during which the rubbing of other people is extremely beneficial,

A feverish condition always after eating vinegar and salt things,

Orgasm of blood, restlessness, anxiety, pressure upon the chest; violent, quarrelsome, morose, for several days; he involuntarily speaks louder and more distinctly than usual; thinks clearly and expresses himself well, but has no memory; does not hear or understand what others say to him (later action),

Disagreeable news causes the most violent orgasm of blood, still he is at last master of it,

A feeling of warmth, externally in the chest, as from a stove,

Feeling of warmth in the lower portion of the chest, to the right side, as if it were near a hot stove (one hour after the dose, in the afternoon), it extended after half an hour as high up as the axilla, lasting half an hour, with pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Feeling of blowing warmth in the skin of the chest,

Heat in the ears,

Heat of the face,

Heat in the pit of the stomach alternating with coldness,

Abdomen hot,

Heat in the nape of the neck,

Heat in the hands, with catarrh,

Heat in the feet succeeding coldness,

Moderate heat in the head and hands, with nasal catarrh,

The palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and abdomen, are very hot the whole evening, with sleepiness without being able to sleep, fanciful imaginings, sensitiveness of the throat, cannot endure the bed-covers or shirt (first day),

Frequently very hot hands and feet, with frequent violent tearing in the latter, especially in the evening; she does not know where she shall put her feet in order to find a cool spot,

Burning in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet,

Slight transient orgasm in the chest,

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