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Lachesis - General symptoms - Clarke

Bush Master, Surucucu, Laches, Lachesis Mutus, Vipera Lachesis, Fel, Lach.

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HPUS indication of Lachesis: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lachesis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Trigonocephalus lachesis. The Surukuku Bothrops Lanceolatus Snake of South America. N. O. Ophidia. Trituration. Dilution.

Albuminuria. Alcoholism. Amblyopia. Aneurism. Apoplexy. Appendicitis. Asthenopia. Asthma. Atheroma. Bedsores. Boils. Bubo. Cćcum, inflammation of. Carbuncle. Catalepsy. Chancre. Change of life. Chilblains. Ciliary neuralgia. Cough. Cyanosis. Delirium tremens. Diphtheria. Dog-bite. Dropsy. Dyspepsia. Ears, polypus of.

wax in. noises in. Enteric fever. Epilepsy. Erysipelas. Eyes, affections of.

hćmorrhage into. Fainting. Fistula lachrymalis. Flatulence. Fungus hćmatodes. Gall-stones. Gangrene. Glanders. Gums, bleeding of. Hćmorrhages. Hćmorrhoids. Hay fever. Headache. Heart, affections of. Heartburn. Hemiplegia. Hernia. Herpes facialis. Hoarseness. Hydrophobia. Hysteria. Injuries. Intermittent fever. Jaundice. Labour, pains after. Laryngismus. Laryngitis. Leprosy. Liver, affections of. Locomotor ataxy. Malignant pustule. Measles. Méničre's disease. Merc Viv Mercury, effects of. Mind, affections of. Morvan's disease. Mouth, sore. Mumps. Neuralgia. Neurasthenia. Noises in ears. Nymphomania. Oedema of lungs. Otorrhoea. Ovaries, affections of. Paralysis. Paraphimosis. Perityphilitis. Perspiration, bloody.

The four grand characteristics of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. are ($51$) agg. By sleep. (2) Excessive sensitiveness of the surface with intolerance of touch or constriction. (3) Left-sidedness, and the direction left to right symptoms begin on the left side and either remain there or proceed to the right. (4) amel. From the onset of a discharge. There is headache amel. as soon as nasal catarrh comes on. Uterine pains amel. as soon as menses appear. The other side of this is agg. from non-appearance of an expected discharge, and it is this which is the foundation of the appropriateness of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. to the climacteric state. Wherever one or more of these features is prominent in any case Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. will most likely prove the remedy. Homoeopathic literature abounds with illustrations of the first named

there are endless varieties of forms in which this peculiarity may be met with. agg. By closing the eyes (vertigo) is allied to this. But the presence of the opposite condition amel. after sleep) does not necessarily contraindicate Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. Rushmore (H. P., xii. 64) cured with Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. c.m. a married woman who had been a great sufferer from headache, which always began with dim and aching eyes. The pain was of sharp, neuralgic character, in temples and eyes, agg. right side. If she could not be still with it she had nausea and very bitter vomiting. Sometimes unable to be still a minute, at others could not stir. Brought on by least fatigue. Keeps her in bed all day, and one attack is scarcely over before another comes on. Mental excitement, as receiving a call.

induces it. With the headaches she is very cold.

and with and after them has a very bitter mouth. Wants to close the eyes with the headache, which is amel. by sleep. Smarting in eyeballs and dim vision for several days after headache. During the headache much heart trouble.

after the headache "skipping beats," soreness about head, pain in side. Loss of appetite after headache. Menses regular, painless, too free. Leucorrhoea many ears. A single dose of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. was given at the time, and the severe headache left on the way home. A constant light headache, with heaviness of head in morning, remained some days.

but, without repetition, the remedy completely cured the headaches and the heart trouble as well. The hćmorrhages of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. have this peculiarity.

they contain flakes of decomposed blood looking like charred wheat straw.

The sensitiveness to contact of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is not so much on account of pain or aggravation of pain as on account of the uneasiness it causes.

In uterine affections the patient wants to lift the clothes up to prevent contact with lower abdomen.

Touching the throat in laryngeal affections causes suffocative spasms.

A minor characteristic of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is pain in the shin bones. "Much pain in shin bones of an aching kind only." This has been frequently verified, but W. J. Guernsey (H. P., x. 476) has pointed out Rat when such pains occur concomitantly with throat affections, Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is specific.

Lachesis I have confirmed.

Guernsey remarks that in such cases it will always be found that the throat affection is agg. on left side or commenced on left side.

According to Hering, Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is particularly suitable to those of melancholic disposition (Such provers showed most symptoms); next, to choleric individuals.

Phlegmatic and lymphatic persons are also suitable, but principally when their dispositions border on the melancholic, with dark eyes and tendency to laziness and sadness. Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. does not suit sanguine persons with high colour, fine, delicate skins, and impressible natures, unless the disease should have imparted to their disposition a choleric or melancholy tinge. Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. especially suits choleric women with freckles and red hair.

To this list must be added Persons who have peculiar sensitiveness of the surface of the body.

Women who "have never been well since the change of life." Debilitated, weakened persons.

Thin rather than fat persons; persons who have been changed both mentally and physically by their illness.

Drunkards. Sufferers from effect of masturbation.

Persons who have been overdosed with Merc Viv Mercury; and to syphilitic, mercurial affections.

Children and old people.

Persons who cannot stand the sun and who are agg. in summer weather.

A patient of mine, a tall, broad-shouldered, very nervous man of forty-seven, who had fled from the Cape as he could not bear the summer there, sent for me to see him at his hotel because he did not dare venture out in the middle of the day for fear of being caught in the sun. Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. 200 soon enabled him to attend garden parties.

The delirium of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is of the low, muttering type; at times the patient sinks into a torpid state, with cold extremities, tremor of body and hands, tremor of tongue.

Tremor of tongue is a leading feature of many Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. states.

It not only trembles, but it catches in the teeth or lower lip when the patient attempts to put it out.

The mind is profoundly disturbed.

There are rapidly alternating states exalted powers, rapid succession of ideas.

and again there is weak memory.

frequent mistakes in writing.

confusion. "Frantic loquacity, jumps from one subject to another," is a strong characteristic.

"talks, sings, or whistles constantly.

makes odd motions with arms".

"insane jealousy". "intense sadness and anxiety".

"irritable, irascible, peevish, malicious." A curious symptom in the mental sphere is a derangement of the time sense.

It occurs also in Merc Viv Merc. (to which Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is an antidote).

but is more prominent in Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach., when a patient is always making mistakes in the time of day, and confounds the morning hours with the evening hours, Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. will generally put this right, if it does no more.

Fainting fits and vertigo on closing eyes; on looking intently at any object; in morning on waking.

Rush of blood to head.

Sun-headaches. Headache with very pale face.

Throbbing headaches in temple, with heat of head.

Headache extending into nose; amel. when nasal catarrh comes on.

A woman, forty-four, to whom I gave Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. 12 for a poisoned finger, experienced after each dose a sensation "as if a hand were in her head, moving and squeezing," an eruption of spots came out, and she felt as if she had no energy.

The finger healed, but when she left off the medicine on account of the head pains, the finger became worse with cramping pains and a feeling of pins and needles.

There is intense nervous irritability, restless, tossing, moving; nervous exaltation, hysteria.

Trembling in whole body, thinks she will faint or sink down from weakness.

Convulsions, spasms. Cases of hydrophobia have been cured with Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach., the thirst, spasms, sensitiveness and nervous prostration closely corresponding to the symptoms of rabies.

Fainting accompanying other complaints is an indication for Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. with pain at heart; with nausea; with vertigo and pale face.

Catalepsy. Awkward gait; left side weak.

Gressus gallinaceus. Disturbances of sight and hearing are numerous.

I have frequently cured with it noises in the ears when agg. after sleep.

In hay fever it is the remedy when there is headache extending into nose agg. on suppression of the discharge, which may occur in sleep; or when the paroxysms are agg. after sleep.

Sore nostrils and lips.

Pus and blood from nose.

Red nose of drunkards.

Dark red eruptions; purplish swellings; black and blue spots are characteristic of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach.

Ulcer sensitive to least touch.

Small ulcers surrounding larger.

The throat is in an especial degree the seat of the Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. action.

Sore throats of almost all descriptions come within its range, provided some of the characteristics are present agg. after sleep; by touch; symptoms agg. left side or proceeding from left to right; cannot bear any pressure about neck; empty swallowing is agonising, liquids are swallowed with less pain and solids with least pain.

Diphtheria, mercurial and syphilitic sore throat.

Fetid breath. The prostration is out of all proportion to the appearance of the throat.

Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. has sinking at the stomach, and cannot go long without food. Unquenchable thirst. Desires oysters, wine, coffee (coffee agrees). Symptoms are amel. after eating, especially after fruit. The throat symptoms are agg. by hot drinks. Nausea always after drinking. Everything sours.

heartburn. Alcoholic drinks agg. (except the immediate effects of the bite). Although Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is a left-side medicine, it has a powerful action on the liver as well as the spleen. "Acute pain in liver extending towards stomach," though contrary to the general "left to right" direction, is characteristic, as I can testify. Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is also one of the most prominent remedies in appendicitis. The general characteristics will guide here. Bubos. Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. and Naja Tripudia Naja have had the greatest success of all homoeopathic remedies in the recent epidemics of Plague in India. The bladder and rectum are most painfully affected. There is a very characteristic symptom in the bladder Sensation as if a ball were rolling loose in the bladder or abdomen on turning over. The urine is almost black.

frequent. foaming. dark. ("The patient always has to urinate after lying down, day or night, especially after sleep; more frequent in the night. Urine has little black spots or flakes like soot floating in it.").

H. N. Martin.) Stitches in kidneys. The ball sensation occurs elsewhere as if a ball, or lump, or button in throat.

as if two balls threatened to close the throat.

as if a ball rose from abdomen to throat.

as if a plug were in anus. Many severe and characteristic symptoms appear in rectum and anus. Diarrhoea of fetid, cadaverous kind and also constipation. Atony of rectum. Painful hćmorrhoids. Visible spasmodic tenesmus in paroxysms, from two to five minutes, extorting cries.

passes blood and mucus. Painful constriction of anus followed by collapse. Hćmorrhoids with scanty menses. Burning in rectum. Stitch in rectum (upwards) when coughing or sneezing. Full feeling in rectum, and sensation as of little hammers beating. Tugging upward sensation as from a mouse. Both ovaries are affected, but principally the left.

swelling, induration, tumours. Menses regular but scanty.

pains amel. when flow is established. In a case of mine, Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. 12 postponed menses for a week. Many symptoms occur in connection with menses. The breasts are affected. I have seen most obstinate and distressing eruptions appear on the nipples and areolć.

cramp-like pain in precordia. Constriction. Palpitation with numbness down arm. Cyanosis. Varicosis. Peculiar sensations of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. (in addition to those already mentioned) are As if frightened by visions behind him.

as if knives were being thrust into brow.

as if tongue bound or tied up.

as if a part of right-side of head cut away.

as if a thread was drawn from behind to eye.

stitches as from knives in eyes.

eyes as if they had been taken out, squeezed and put back.

ears as if closed from within.

as if stuffed up as if insects whizzing in ears.

as if he had a moustache of ice as if a small crumb lodged in throat.

as if he had had a blow on neck.

as if a stricture in rectum. As if heart hanging by a thread and every beat would tear it off.

as though heart turned over and ceased beating for a moment.

as if heart hadn't room to beat. As if neck constricted with a cord. (Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is one of the remedies for "gridle pain") as if burnt or scalded in different parts (tongue, tibia, hypogastrium). Burning sensation and pains are a leading feature throughout Lachesis. Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. is called for in many kinds of fever, particularly intermittents after abuse of Quinine. The symptoms of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. are agg. in spring or summer.

from extremes of temperature.

from sun's rays. change of weather, especially in a warm spell. Must have open air, which amel.

but draughts of air agg. External warmth amel. (wants head closely wrapped up).

hot drinks agg. thirst.

= toothache and bleeding of gums. Cold weather, cold washing agg. Most symptoms appear or are agg. at night and in early morning after sleep. Lying down amel. pain in head.

agg. vertigo, throat, cough, breathing. Lying right side amel. earache in right ear.

palpitation. Lying left side = pain in heart. amel. Sitting bent. agg. Standing or stooping. agg. Motion generally. agg. Contact. agg. Constriction. Swallowing = stitches into ears. amel. By discharges.

Fever at night or in evening, quotidian, tertian, or quartan, and often accompanied by headache, rapid prostration of strength, and debility which obliges the patient to lie down.

want of appetite, hiccough, vomiting, sensibility of the neck to the touch, palpitation of the heart, anguish, yellow urine, diarrhoea, pains in the limbs, back, and loins, nervous and spasmodic yawnings, stretchings, swelling of the body, spots and ulcers.


much to his wife's dismay. Towards morning he slept, and on waking his mind was clear. He drank a little water to moisten his throat, and the first question this indomitable prover asked was "What did I do and say?" His wife remembered vividly enough. The symptoms were written down, and this was the first instalment of the proving of Lachesis. The natives crept back one by one next day, and were astonished to find Hering and his wife alive. The Bothrops Lanceolatus snake grows to seven feet and upwards in length, has fangs nearly an inch long, a reddish brown skin marked along the back with blackish brown rhomboidal spots. Nearly all the provings of Lachesis were made with the 30th and higher attenuations.

agg. from sleep. I will take an illustration from Nash An old syphilitic suffered from obstinate constipation, and was taken with severe attacks of colic. The pains seemed to extend all through the abdomen, and always came on at night. The man was not making any progress, when one day he remarked to Nash, "Doctor, if I could only keep awake I would never have another attack." And in response to an inquiring look from the doctor, he added, "I mean that I sleep into the attack and waken in it." He never had another. One dose of Lachnanthes Tinctoria Lach. 200 cured the colic and the constipation too. "Sleeps into an aggravation;" "agg. after sleep whether by day or by night;" "as soon as he falls asleep the breathing stops "


Thinks she is some one else; in the hands of a stronger power; that she is dead and preparations are being made for her funeral; that she is nearly dead and wishes some one would help her off.