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Lachesis - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Lachesis: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lachesis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Confusion of head.

*on waking, vertigo. after rising, vertigo.

*vertigo. pains in head, etc.

*headache in frontal eminence.

tearing in forehead. after waking, heaviness in occiput.

stoppage of nose. after rising, troubles in throat, etc.

pressure in pit of stomach.

immediately after rising, pain across umbilical region.

itching in anus. *after sleep, dry, hacking cough.

on rising, *weakness of the whole body.

*weakness in all limbs.

*physical and mental exhaustion.

after waking, bruised feeling..

(Evening), The symptoms,.

eyes seemed thicker. after tea.

hawking of mucus. *sensitiveness of throat.

pain deep in throat.

*on lying down, pain in top of throat.

*longing for oysters.

eructations, etc. retching, etc.

at 6 o'clock cramps, etc., in stomach.

sticking in left side of abdomen.

*diarrhoea. cough.

on lying down, cough, etc.

dry cough. from about 9 o'clock, nervous cough.

after lying down, tightness of chest.

pains in shoulder-joint.

pain in wrists, etc. while sitting, pains in lower extremity.

tearing in feet. chill.


Loquacity. in the evening, with physical laxity, sleepiness without being able to fall asleep.

without sitting up he talks a great deal, wishes to tell stories, constantly goes from one to another.

during this he, however, recollects himself and soon knows when he has mixed and distorted anything.

he then corrects himself, but repeats the same mistakes.

thus he is tormented half the evening (first day),.

He is impelled to productive work in the evening, although he had been much fatigued during the day.

he sits all night, without the slightest sleepiness or exhaustion.

writes with the greatest freedom and increased vigor about everything that he knows.

new things constantly throng in his mind.

also next day, after very little sleep, he is just as excited.

it only gradually diminishes without subsequent reaction of mind.

on repeated provings,.

With sharp pains, especially in the forenoon, in the temples, upper and lower jaws, and eyes, sticking as with knives from the head towards the eyes, nose and temples.

the eyes became swollen, especially in the afternoon, with running of cold water from the left eye and nostril, and redness of the left eye.

the swelling gradually extended over the whole face, so that the eyes became closed.

the face was painful, itching much, as also the head and whole body.

worse in the afternoon and evening, relieved at night,.

Lids of both eyes inflamed, with burning pain, the right upper lid the most.

the eyes are painful, especially when reading (second day).

pressive pain about the right eye (third day).

burning in the left eye (fourth day).

itching pains in the lids (fifth day), which disappear, but return as a pressive pain in the eyes (fifteenth day).

burning pressure (sixteenth day).

drawing-itching pain in the lids (seventeenth day).

burning pressure in the eyes themselves (eighteenth day),.

In the evening, whilst walking, pain deep in the left ear, or between the ear and throat, which was made more severe while putting the temporal and masseter muscles on tension.

this pain disappeared in a short time, and one appeared just above the left external malleolus, which increased when the contiguous muscles were put upon the stretch in stepping.

this pain lasted for some time (second day),.

A catarrh that had come on the same day was soon excessively violent (after the 30th).

much sneezing, with dropping of water from the nose, margins of the nostrils and tip of the nose inflamed and rosy-red.

next morning the catarrh disappeared, as if it had never existed.

after the 30th it did not return, but five weeks later it came on, with fever, pain in the head, ears, and teeth, which latter he had never had before,.

Small tubercles on the right forearm (fifth day).

these gradually extend over the whole body, excepting the face, chest, and abdomen.

very violent itching at night in bed.

afterwards the eruption assumed a different character, partly larger, like nettles, hives, or insect-bites.

partly, after scratching, becoming like scarlatina, or roseola, or prickly heat.

and disappears the second day (in June),.

Itching on the sides and on the short ribs towards the umbilicus, in the morning, where there are red spots like bug-bites.

the itching is increased in the evening while walking, still worse in bed.

at the same time there are white hives on the left scapula, also involving the whole back.

on the next morning these hives were red (third and fourth days),.

After incessant itching there appears a round, red, very hard bunch on the back of the middle finger, lasting a long time, without vesicles and without suppuration.

a small deep point of pus slowly forms, of which very little exudes.

only on swallowing the hand to hang down there is a sticking pain.

six weeks later, after a blow on the bunch (which had almost entirely disappeared), it bled unusually profusely,.

Erysipelatous eruption beneath the left eye, which first itches at night.

she was wakened with fright about trifles.

in the morning the skin began to redden and swell, and became worse after the midday nap.

the next morning very thick and red, with incessant itching scarcely to be endured.

the whole lower lid was swollen, red, and itching.

preceded and followed by beating headache, on stooping,.

Pain in left side of the throat, extending to tongue, jaw, and into ear.

so violent in morning after breakfast, that he was beside himself.

therewith the tongue was sore on the left side, with sticking here and there.

the gum was inflamed, all the teeth.

left side of the face and lower jaw swollen and sensitive to touch.

pricking and sticking small spots in the thighs and legs.

disagreeable taste. loss of appetite, and bad sleep,.

Unable to get breath. must sit up.

then rattling of mucus (a noise like peas cooking), with alternations of coldness and heat in the pit of the stomach, and general chilliness and flushes of heat.

risings into the oesophagus with efforts to vomit, whereby only mucus is raised, which collects in the mouth in large quantities (after forty-eight hours),.

Constant hoarseness (from second to fourteenth days), with much mucus in the back of the throat and a sweetish taste.

on the fifteenth day some mucus is loosened, and a discharge from the nose takes place, especially in the morning.

on the sixteenth day in the morning almost a stopped catarrh.

afterwards whitish yellow mucus in the nose and throat,.

Troubled every evening, from about 9 o'clock, with a little, fluttering, nervous cough, apparently excited by a tickling in the larynx, unattended by pain, expectoration, or any symptom of a cold.

it came on at no other time, and ceased on her going to sleep (after two or three powders).

the Lachesis was discontinued and the annoyance disappeared,.

Tickling cough. the tickling is at one time in the larynx, at another in the chest, at another apparently in the cardiac orifice of the stomach.

the mucus is at one time round and gray, at another tenacious and yellow, at another watery, almost never at night.

always associated with secretion of mucus from the nose.

cannot get rid of it for three weeks,.

Short hacking cough, very fatiguing, frequently causing vomiting, expectoration scanty and difficult to raise, mingled with harder, heavier lumps of mucus.

together with pain in the pit of the stomach, so that she must hold it.

cough only during the day, worse after every sleep, and after walking, especially after talking, as though thereby the throat became dry (also worse after eating fish, and in damp weather),.

Very distressing, persistent, pressive, sticking pain near the point of the right scapula, towards the spine, deep in the back, as if something were sticking in it.

worse by paroxysms, obliging one to bend backwards, and also to take a deep breath.

not affected by breathing.

usually recurring after long sitting (second and following days, for a week),.

Burning in the stomach and hepatic region.

stomach distended, with itching in the epigastric region.

the abdomen distended hard, as from eating much.

while walking, was obliged to stand still.

a feeling as though a stone were in the upper abdomen and in the pit of the stomach which pressed downward as if it would break away, so that he was obliged to step carefully.

the feet became swollen while sitting, and were cold, though burning.

therewith, offensive odor from the mouth, which he did not notice himself,.

(Pressure in stomach coming from chest (oesophagus); a feeling as though a morsel of food remained sticking there; this sensation extended in the afternoon to stomach, causing a pressure, so that he lay down and felt really better; in evening in bed, he was unable to sleep; at one time it extended up to the right side across the chest to the shoulders, and afterwards extended towards the navel, with a burning sensation; in the morning; a sensation in the abdomen as if he would be attacked with a violent diarrhoea, but it disappeared; in the evening, a violent cough with a horribly tasting expectoration; next morning, again, the sensation about the umbilicus),.

Abdomen frequently much distended, with a disagreeable sensation as if the inner parts or ligaments from the stomach were very much stretched.

on this account she was obliged to wear the clothes, especially about the stomach, very loose, otherwise it was very distressing, and even in bed she was obliged to loosen and pull up the night-dress to avoid pressure.

she dared not lay the arm across the abdomen on account of the pressure,.

Griping pains in abdomen, first left, then right, for a few seconds, also in loins.

worse on walking. the pain then came on in lower abdomen and loins, being sometimes of a shooting character, with occasional slight desire for stool.

relieved by emission of flatus, and once with borborygmi.

lasting forty-five minutes, till a stool was passed (after about eight hours, second day),.

Gnawing and crawling in the bones and flesh of the right third and fourth fingers.

also under the nails, as though something were crawling about under them, commencing at the finger-tips, and extending to the second and third phalanges.

it seems as though something were boring and burrowing from the backs of the fingers through and through and upward, but without pain,.



Stretching of the whole body, commencing in the toes and going to the fingers,

Stretching after breakfast,


Sudden jerking together of the whole body, starting from below, while sitting,

Always, after sleep, so stiff that he could scarcely stir or move; rubbing and stroking by another person did him good, and soon entirely removed it,

Trembling of the whole body, with ennui,

Trembling of the body, with fever, from pain on the back of the foot,

Muscular laxity; exhausted by motion and by the most moderate exertion,

Indolent; disinclined for business or study,

Indolence; heaviness after eating,

Weary, sick, dejected, with fulness after eating,

Constant and fatiguing labor does not agree with him; he soon becomes weary,

Great weariness on going out in the evening; the accustomed walk seems endless,

At mealtime, while walking on the street, so weary that he could scarcely proceed; yet he ate but little,

Weakness, especially of the arms,

Weakness, especially of the legs,

Weakness of the whole body, in the morning on rising, especially in the arms and feet,

*Weakness in the morning, in all the limbs; inclined to sleep; general exhaustion, even to lying down; better after lying down; therewith inactive, sad, disinclined to work, indifferent or gloomy, as after a night's debauch; physically prostrated and mentally indolent (second to sixteenth days),

Weakness every morning; in the beginning rather a physical prostration, then inclining him to sleep; afterward, rather a mental prostration (second to sixteenth days),

Weakness after breakfast,

Weakness after supper,

Weakness after the nightly attack of vomiting,

Weakness a few hours after waking, after emissions,

Weakness, with headache, after an emission,

Weakness, with confusion of the head,

Great weakness, now and then during the day,

Great weakness in the morning after rising; she constantly desired to sink down again, on the slightest exertion the arms sank down exhausted; therewith she felt her heart beat; often also in the evening she was very weak, so that she could not remain up long,

He would constantly sink down from weakness,

Great exhaustion of mind and body (after an ecstasy the day previous), (sixth day),

Great exhaustion and weariness in the evening; sleepiness, without however being able to fall asleep (first day),

Physical, not mental, exhaustion,

Physical exhaustion and weariness, with mental excitement,

Physical and mental exhaustion,

Great physical and mental exhaustion, especially in the morning,

Motion is very exhausting, throughout the proving,

Faintness during breakfast, with nausea,

Faintness and coldness, so that all the limbs became stiff, and he sank to the earth powerless (after two hours and a half he was found as above, and died, in spite of all remedies).

Transient faintness, with nausea, vertigo, even to falling down; vanishing of sigh for two or three minutes during breakfast; during the day, frequent attacks as if it would return,

He falls unconscious to the ground, as if struck by lightning; has an involuntary stool and vomits (bite).

Restlessness often drives him into the open air,

Restlessness drives him into the open air; he desires to accomplish much and begins many things,

Restless tossing about, with moaning, in children with sore throat,

He is obliged to do everything very rapidly; he bolts his food, and afterwards is unable to remain sitting,


Inclination to lie down,

Inclined to lie down, in the morning and forenoon,

Great inclination to lie down, especially after eating,

Very great inclination to lie down, sitting is almost intolerable (sixth day),

Aversion to motion,

Feeling of weariness,

Feeling of weariness drives him to sleep early,

A decided sensation of weakness in the morning in sleep.

on waking general sick feeling, vertigo, feeling of lead in the occiput, can scarcely raise the head from the pillow.

all the joints seemed sprained.

pressure in the small of the back and fulness in the abdomen.

after half an hour everything disappearing.

afterwards repeated in a less degree,.

Began to feel great heaviness and lassitude all through the body, but particularly the back and legs, soon after noon (about three hours).

the feeling of lassitude had increased, and walking tired me much more than usual, at 3.30 P.M.

this feeling partially passed off after supper (first day).

general lassitude more marked (second day).

lassitude continued (third day).

increased (fourth day),.

Febrile heat, fulness of the head, drawing in some teeth and in the bones of the face.

eyes glistening, indicating exhaustion.

with pain in knees as if sprained.

next day, febrile heat with the same symptoms, and in addition irritability.

feeling in the small of the back as though sprained.

extremely restless and uncomfortable.

symptoms as in a kind of grippe (Influenzinum influenza).

during the attack, expectoration consisted of tenacious gray mucus.

the day following, some catarrh without fever,.

A kind of fever commencing at 3 A.M.

drawing from toes upward and urging to stool, with frequent soft stool during the whole time.

then drawing in the right side and in the anus, extending up into the chest and above the region of the kidneys, with some sensation of warmth, together with pressure in the chest and sighing (and a pressure about the heart lasting a few days), followed by chilliness and stretching, with some thirst.

shaking chill in the open air.

afterwards a creeping from the anus up into the head, with dulness, dizziness, roaring in the ears, dazzling before the eyes, weakness of the arms, crawling about and twitching in the flesh, even in the limbs together with yellow color of the face.

frequently recurring, always after taking vinegar,.

He woke at 2 A.M. with general nausea, and oppression of the chest, pressure in the stomach, and, after an hour, violent vomiting, followed by some colic.

afterwards again, violent some spasmodic vomiting.

at last, vomiting of bile, with transient vertigo, accompanied by profuse sweat.

about 6 o'clock, diarrhoea and four, stools, till 9 o'clock.

together with burning in the urethra on urinating.

followed on the fifth day by general weakness and pressive headache,.

Tickling-itching extending from the thighs into the genitals, which become swollen, with a voluptuous sensation, sexual desire, and tickling.

together with these sensations, there is a tickling in the anus, which extends into the region of the kidneys, and thence up to between the shoulders, as if between the skin and flesh,.