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Lachesis - Nose symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Lachesis: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lachesis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Margins of the nostrils red, sore, erysipelatous; with catarrh,

After catarrh, the nose remains red and sore in the angles at the tip for a long time,

(The mucous follicles in the outer skin of the nose become inflamed),

The left nostril is internally somewhat swollen and painful; worse on repeating the dose; at last a scab on the painful spot,

Thin water from the nose, in the morning,

Cold water from the left nostril and eye, with swelling,

Increased secretion of mucus in the nose and fauces, diminished in the larynx,

Discharge of mucus from the nose when coughing,

Nasal mucus (fifteenth day), preceded by mucus in the throat,

Yellow mucus from the nose and throat, following stopped catarrh the day previous, preceded for a week by hoarseness and mucus in the throat,

Many symptoms end with nasal catarrh,

Catarrh; on the preceding day fever and a condition like an Influenzinum influenza,

Catarrh and sticking headache,

Catarrh, with sticking headache; stiffness of the neck,

Catarrh, with soreness of the nose,

Catarrh and cough, with easily loosened expectoration, with moderate heat of the head and hands, dim eyes, violent palpitation of the heart, together with rash over the whole body having the appearance of small spots without being elevated, as large as the point of a pin; sleep at night restless, with moderate perspiration,

(Catarrh with cough and other symptoms; as frequently in the spring),

Frequent attacks of catarrh, which, however, did not fully develop,

Sudden fluent catarrh in the evening, with much crawling in the tip of the nose, lachrymation, and pressure in the inner canthi; of short duration (first day),

Inability to have a real catarrh (yet has a constant or very frequent incomplete catarrh),

The catarrh disappeared in the morning on waking,

Stopped catarrh, commencing in the evening,

Stopped catarrh and dryness of the nose,

Stopped catarrh and cough,

Stopped catarrh in both nostrils begins to be fluent,

Catarrh; dry in the evening, which next morning on waking had disappeared, with burning in the upper lip; in the night towards morning there was again some catarrh, which on waking disappeared,

Bleeding of the nose (in a man of 45, for the first time in his life),

Bleeding of the nose; thick dark-red blood,

Blood and matter from the nose, with a plug in the trachea,

A drop of blood from the nose,

Some drops of blood from the nose,

(A few drops of blood from the nose soon after taking, very unusual, in a leprous person),

A few drops of blood from the left nostril, after boring in with the finger,

Blowing of blood and matter from the nose, in the afternoon,

Blowing of blood from the nose, and bloody streaks in the mucus,

Blowing of blood from the nose, in the morning, after the headache externally near the left eye (seventy day); with headache externally near the right eye; afterwards great congestion, in the afternoon and evening, especially when walking (eighth day); together with congestion (ninth day),

Blowing of blood from the nose, with troubles in the trachea,

Some drops of blood from the nose, on blowing it, in the evening,

Trickling nosebleed on blowing, in very many cases, and in various diseases,


Dryness in the nose,

Tensive burrowing beneath the right nostril, followed by biting across under the nose (first day),

Drawing sensation in the nose and frontal sinuses and beneath the whole skull,

Drawing in the nasal bones,

Needle-like stitches in the nose (first day),

Tearing from the upper part of the right side of the forehead to the nose (seventh day),

Soreness in the inner angle at the tip of the nose, after catarrh,

A sore spot beneath the nose that bleeds very much,

A spot just above the left wing of the nose painful to touch without anything being visible,

(The nose is painful; there is a discharge of watery clots from it, sometimes a scab),

Crawling in the tip of the nose, with nasal catarrh,

Itching in the nose, in the evening,

Itching in the nose, on sitting down to eat,

Itching in the nose, when eating (third and following days),


Sneezing and very violent catarrh (third day after third dose) lasting several days; at one time the nose was quite stopped, at another only one side, and then again open and fluent,

Sneezing and fluent catarrh, late in the evening (second day), (second experiment),

Sneezing and fluent coryza, with head troubles,

Sneezing without relief, with stopped catarrh and cough,

Sneezing, together with mucus in the throat,

Violent sneezing for about two minutes (after the third dose); frequently (immediately after the fourth dose),

Nasal catarrh comes on in the afternoon and is fully developed by evening, with much sneezing,

Nasal catarrh, with red sore margins of the nostrils and lachrymation, without coryza,

Catarrh, which would not develop for a long time, at last came on fluent with sneezing,

Very transient fluent catarrh (in one who had not had one for years), at first for only a few minutes in the morning, then in the evening lasting a long time, whereby all the headache, lachrymation, and stoppage of the ears disappeared, and he felt very free from trouble,

Catarrh; unusually great stoppage of the nose,

In the morning the nose is very much stopped (disappearing after blowing out membranous pieces, but afterwards returning violently); in the evening the stoppage was less,

(At night, violent drawing pains in the nasal bones about the point of union of the cartilages; sticking on pressure; with stoppage of the nose and discharge of dry mucus and watery pus),

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