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Lachesis - Throat symptoms - Clarke

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HPUS indication of Lachesis: Sore throat

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lachesis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Constant tickling in throat, as if a crumb of bread, or something similar, were stopping in it.

Partial or general dryness of throat, often extending to ears, nose, and chest.

Burning and pain as of excoriation in throat, principally on swallowing.

Painful excoriation and inflammatory swelling of throat, with redness of parts affected, as if they were coloured with vermilion.

Swelling of the tonsils (mostly l.).

Large and small tumours in throat, which impede deglutition.

Cannot swallow the food after masticating it, because it rests on the back part of the tongue, and produces a thrilling pain there.

Constant desire to swallow, and a sensation on swallowing as if there were a tumour, or a piece of something, or a plug in the throat.

Sensation of contraction, of strangulation, and of constriction in throat.

The throat as it were stiff and paralysed.

Convulsions and spasms in throat.

Impeded deglutition, with dread of drinks, which often pass through nostrils.


Much slimy saliva, esp. in back of mouth.

The pains in the throat are agg. by slightest contact, and by least pressure on neck, as well as after sleeping, and while swallowing the saliva; the pains are amel. by eating.

When swallowing the pain extends to the l. ear.

Sore throat, which affects only a small part, or which, on the contrary, affects the ears, larynx, tongue, and gums; frequently with dyspnoea and danger of suffocation, salivation and hawking up of mucus.

Much hawking up of mucus, which is exceedingly painful.

Empty swallowing agg. the pain in throat more than swallowing food; or fluids are swallowed with less pain than solids.

Copious accumulation of tenacious mucus in throat.

In old chronic sore throats throat may not be very sore, but a great quantity of mucus will stick there, and occasions much hawking and spitting to no purpose; the mucus will stick and can't be forced up or down.

Sore throat alternately with stoppage of nose, or with sufferings, while speaking.

Ulcers on palate, on back, of mouth (on the inflamed tonsils), and in throat, with fetid odour, abundant suppuration, and sharp pains on swallowing food.

The inflammation and ulceration of throat begin on l. side and extend later to r. side.

The external throat is very sensitive to touch (not painful, but an uneasy sensation); on lying down, with suffocative sensation; even to touch of linen.

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