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Lathyrus Sativus - Relationships - Clarke

Chick-pea, Lathyr, Lathyrus Sativa, Lathyrus Sativas, Lathyrus, Lath.

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HPUS indication of Lathyrus Sativus: Weakness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lathyrus Sativus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Compare Secale Cornutum Sec. (paralysis; blueness; amel. uncovering); Phaseol., Gelsemium Sempervirens Gels., Nux Vomica Nux, Curar.; Pic. ac. (paralysis; erections); Dulcamara Dulc. (agg. damp weather); Lycopodium Lyc. (amel. uncovering); Nux Vomica Nux (suited to men); Rhus Tox Rhus (paraplegia from effect of wetting). Manganum Metallicum Mang. and Conium Mac Con. (paralysis from below upward). Causation.


Cold and damp weather.


These are relationship sections of other remedies that refer to Lathyrus Sativus. Where the text is greyed out, a relationship with that remedy is already described above.

Hypericum Perforatum > compare
Compare Aconite Aco., Chamomilla Cham., Coffea Cruda Coff. (exalted sensitiveness); Arnica Arn., Calendula Officinalis Calend., Led., Ruta Graveolens Ruta, Conium Mac Con., Bellis Perennis Bellis, Staphysagria Staph., Allium Cepa Al. cep. (wounds); Hydrob., Lachesis Lach. (bites); Nux Vomica Nux (tetanus); Gelsemium Sempervirens Gels., Lathyrus Sativus Lathyrus; spastic paralysis. Causation.

> compare
Compare Ananth., Secale Cornutum Secale; Lathyrus Sativus Lath. (paralysis; agg. wet seasons). Op. (sleep).

> compare
Compare Lathyrus Sativus Lath., Astrag. menz., Physostig., Laburn., and other Leguminosae. In symptoms agg. when thinking of them, Ox. ac. (amel., Camphora Camph.). Pain in cord and testes, Ox. ac. Pains r. to l., Lycopodium Lyc. amel. moving about, Rhus Tox Rhus.

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