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Ledum Palustre - Fever And Chill symptoms - Reversed & reworded Kent repertory

Marsh-tea, Ledum, Led.

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HPUS indication of Ledum Palustre: Black eyes
Common symptoms: Black eyes, Bites, Bruises, Chills, Hives.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ledum Palustre in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Fever and chill


Morning; in bed

Late morning


with colic

In parts affected with other symptoms

From excessive alcohol

Alternating with sweat

In bed

rising from bed

Beginning in particular area


back; between the shoulder blades

Chilliness (see also whole body


temperature); late morning

temperature); in open air; while walking in the open

temperature); during intermission of fever

temperature); with perspiration

From environment; standing in water

After exposure

External; in spots

Without subsequent heat

In women; during period

With pain

Periodic, recurring

recurring daily

recurring daily; twice

With perspiration

With fever, but chill predominating

the attack consists only of chill

Shaking, shivering, rigors


without subsequent heat

without subsequent heat

long-lasting (see succession of stages, fever)

without subsequent heat

Single parts

At certain time of day or night

from 3 a.m.

from 10 a.m.

from 2-30 p.m.

Trembling and shivering

Violent chill; without subsequent heat

Sensation of cold water; poured over him


Alternating with chills; perspiration

Spreading up body

In bed (see night and warmth)

Localised; front of body

Burning heat

with swollen blood vessels


With chill

With chilliness

Coughing increases the heat

Dry heat

Heat absent

Intermittent, chronic

with gout

with rheumatism

Comes on suddenly; irregular; one stage missing

No perspiration

Heat comes on during sleep


Desire to uncover

Warmth; covering

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