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Lilium Tigrinum - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Tiger-lily, Lilium Tig, Lilium, Lil, Lil-t.

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HPUS indication of Lilium Tigrinum: Anxiety
Common symptom: Worry..

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lilium Tigrinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Frequent urination during day, with smarting in urethra.

Continuous pressure in bladder.

Constant desire to urinate, with scanty discharge; burning (tenesmus) and smarting in urethra after.

Urine milky in morning; clear and white; like boiling oil; strong-smelling; phosphatic; copious; sediment white or red.


Fundus of uterus low down, tilted against bladder, the os pressing upon rectum.


Testes swollen and tender to touch; sore in morning, and heavy; neuralgia in l.


Bearing down, with sensation of heavy weight and pressure in uterine region, as if whole contents would press out through vagina; amel. by pressure of hand against the vulva.

Voluptuous itching in vagina, with feeling of fulness of parts; stinging in l. ovarian region.


Severe neuralgic pain in uterus; could not bear touch; not even the weight of bedclothes or slightest jar; anteversion; retroversion; prolapsus.

Bearing down in uterus, with pains in l. ovary and mamma.


Desire increased.

Prostration from coitus, with irritability from suppression of desire.

Emission towards morning.

Sharp pains in ovarian region.

Grasping pain in l. ovarian region and groin, with pain in right hip, extending into thigh.

Pains in ovaries extending into inside of thighs.

Pains in r. ovary and back.

Ovaries sore on pressure, agg. r. side.

Aching and burning pain in ovaries; feeling like live coals; afterwards pain in r. increased till it seemed as if a knife inserted in ovary and ripped down groin and front of thigh; extending over loins to r. hypochondrium, amel. by pressure on ovary.

Gnawing dragging in r. ovary agg. walking.

Sexual desire increased; ending in orgasm; with hurried feeling; amel. during physical effort; disposition to use obscene language.

Sensation of dragging down from the shoulders and chest, feeling as if she wants to be held up; abdomen feels as if it must be supported; as if it must be held up with both hands.


Leucorrhoea; bright yellow, acrid, excoriating; leaving a brown stain; after menses.

Menses continue only when moving about, and cease when sitting or lying down.

Amenorrhoea accompanied with cardiac distress, or with ovarian pains of a burning or stinging character; if complicated with prolapsed or anteverted uterus; partial, the menses returning occasionally, or again remain absent for some time.

Menses freer than usual, relieving headache.

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