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Lithium metallicum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms

Lithium, Lit-met.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lithium metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

Pain on the anterior side of the right shoulder-joint, near the insertion of the pectoralis major, at the margin of the muscle (after half an hour),

Pain in the metacarpal bone of the little finger of the left hand, in the evening (first day),

The middle finger of the left hand, which was chafed about two hours ago, is painful; a pain which goes from other parts towards the spot, precisely of the same character as the other Lithium-pains (after half an hour); the spot very painful (after three hours),

Pain along the middle finger towards the extremity, then in the left metacarpus, in an outward direction, with burning stitches as if it would itch, especially in the ball of the thumb; the burning-sticking pain, in jerks from within outwards, and ending in itching, seems to the prover to be characteristic (after three hours),

Burning stitch in the ball of the left thumb (after three hours),

Lower extremities


Pain in the left hip, in the night,

Itching-burning pain in a small spot, externally on the right hip, then on the thigh, then on the outside of the little toe (after half an hour),


Pain in right thigh (three days after ceasing to take the medicine),

Pain in the right thigh in front and towards the outside, in a small spot, as if were the seat of insertion of a muscle (third day),

Itching, sticking pain internally on the left thigh (after half an hour),


Great weakness of the knees on going upstairs this morning, but not at noon, nor in the afternoon and evening (first day),

The knees pain on going upstairs; but more the parts above the knees (after half an hour),

Pain internally on the left knee, a sticking-burning sensation, going from below upwards (after fifteen minutes),

Pain, a burning-sticking sensation above the right knee, and inwardly towards the patella (after twenty minutes),


Now and then, rheumatic sensations in the legs (after the proving),

Pains externally, first in the left skin, then in the left hand (after two hours and a quarter),

Pain superiorly in the right calf, which goes downward (after half an hour),


The ankle-joints pain when walking, first the right the more, and then the left; frequent urgent pains, of moderate severity, of a sticking character, from within outwards, ending in a burning itching, in a small spot, more on the left side, in the evening (first day),


Pain and weakness of the feet, in the afternoon (second day),

Pain through the hollow of the left foot, extending horizontally to the outside of the foot, and thence along the leg to a little below the knee; this pain was the most violent and most persistent; when walking (more than twenty-four hours after last dose),

Pain in the left foot, similar to that in the foregoing proving, but not so extended, when walking,

Rheumatic pain in the right foot, on awaking in the night, passing away on rising (first night),

Twitching pain through the right foot, beginning at the heel, and extending towards the middle foot (after half an hour),


Great soreness of the corns, which had not troubled her so for a long time before, after a long walk on a very warm day (after the proving),

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