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Lolium Temulentum - General symptoms

Lolium, Lol-t.

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HPUS indication of Lolium Temulentum: Writer's cramp
Common symptom: Writer’s cramp..

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lolium Temulentum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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General tremors (Suger),

His whole body trembled,

Universal convulsive trembling, with drowsiness, and marked coldness of the limbs,



Great depression,

General lassitude,

General weakness,

Great weakness,

Excessive weakness,

So weak and exhausted that he could scarcely talk,


General debility,

General physical prostration,

Prostration of strength, trembling,

Was obliged to sit down and rest the head on a table,


General restlessness,

General uneasiness,

The noxious qualities of darnel grass partake more of the narcotico-acrid than narcotic character,


For some hours, more or less unfit for work,

General malaise, for several days,

So ill as to be for some time unfit for their work,

General sick feeling,

The action of darnel is somewhat analogous to that of ergotized wheat; and both are apt to occur in very wet seasons,

In TREMBLING of hands and legs

Lolium temulentum. Darnel. N. O. Gramineae. Trituration of seeds. Tincture of ripe spikelets. Tincture of ripe seeds.

The name Darnel means stupefied, and the plant's evil reputation is of very ancient date. The symptoms are the result of observations made on persons poisoned by eating meal containing an admixture of Lol. tem. Allen mentions an assertion that Lolium is much infested with Secale Cornutum ergot, and that it is to this that the poisoning symptoms are due, the unaffected grain being inert.

and Allen notes in support of this that the poisonings have been most frequently observed in low, wet districts, and during wet seasons. Provings are needed to decide this. The chief symptoms are Confusion of mind, at times delirium.

very great depression. Nausea and vomiting of the bread containing it and mucus with it. Paralysis, tremors, and convulsions. Cold rigors, internal chilliness.

cold sweat. A very characteristic symptom is Tightness in the calves.

violent pain in the calves as if bound with cords. This tightness affects the rest of the legs in less degree. Bonino has cured a carpenter, 29, who had had trembling of the hands eleven years, agg. morning. Latterly the legs also began to tremble. His father and brother were similarly affected. Merc Viv Merc. v. and Agaricus Muscarius Agar. only relieved temporarily. Lot. tem. cured.


Delirium tremens. Paralysis. Paralysis agitans. Tremor. Writer's cramp.

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