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Lycopodium Clavatum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod, Lyc.

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HPUS indication of Lycopodium Clavatum: Digestion
Lycopodium Clavatum
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lycopodium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

In the arm, which is weak, there are painless jerks at night.

Spasmodic twitching of the arms.

Drawing in the left arm, seemingly in the nerves.

Drawing pain in the bones of the arms, extending into the fingers.

Bending of the child's arms in the elbows, so that it dare not stretch or touch them for pain.

The arm on which the axillary glands are swollen, goes to sleep.

Weakness and lack of strength of the arms, when at work.

Worn-out feeling and sensation of paralysis of the arms; he must allow them to sink down when at rest; when at work and in motion, they are strong.

Sudden paralysis of the right arm, in the evening, as from apoplexy (aft. 5 d.).

Quivering in the upper left arm.

Muscular twitching on the upper arms.

Drawing in the left upper arm.

Tearing in the right upper arm.

Itching on the upper arms (5th d.).

In the elbow-joint, tearing, only when in motion.

Tearing in the right olecranon process.

Tearing in the left elbow, extending to the wrist.

Pressive tearing on and around the right elbow.

In the right forearm, rheumatic drawing, in the morning.

Tearing in the forearms, extending into the hands, from washing.

Tearing in the left forearm, almost into the bend of the elbow.

Tearing in the ulnar nerve, down into the hand.

Sensation of heat in the lower part of the forearm.

Large, inflamed swelling, like erysipelas, on the forearm below the elbow; it passes into suppuration like a furuncle.

Smarting, itching pimples on the forearms, filled with pus.

Cramp in the hand, all the day.

Tearing in the right hand and in the two middle fingers, only at night, and only when held under the covering (a feather bed); the pain ceases on taking it out (aft. 13 d.).

Tearing between the right wrist and the knuckle of the thumb.

Tearing in the right hand, between the thumb and index.

Tearing in the hands, toward the fingers.

Tearing on the outer side of the left hand and in the knuckles of the little finger, toward the wrist.

Tearing in the right palm, below de middle finger.

Tearing in the right palm with burning and itching in the skin, close below the fingers.

Dull tearing in the wrist-joints.

Shooting on the dorsum of the hands (aft. 21 d.).

Violently twitching stitches in the right hand.

Involuntary shaking of the hands.

Pain as from a strain in the right wrist-joint.

Cold hands, continually.

The hands are asleep in the morning, in bed.

The hands are asleep after a long talk.

Hot hands, continually, which is very disagreeable to her.

Swelling and heat of the right hand, with anxiety.

Sensation of heat in the left hand, with anxiety.

Red swelling of the right hand, extending into the joints of the fingers, without pain, for several days.

Perspiring palms.

Great dryness of the skin on the hands.

Itching pimples on the hands (aft. 7 h.).

Small furuncle on the hands, with shooting pain when touched.

Warts come on the hands.

The fingers sometimes spread out involuntarily, or again they are clenched.

The middle finger is drawn crooked, sideways, without pain.

Involuntary twitching of the fingers in sleep.

Involuntary twitching of the left index.

Pain of the knuckles of the fingers when pressed, without redness or swelling.

Tearing in the joint of the thumb, so that he cannot bend it.

Tearing in the left thumb.

Tearing in the tip of the right thumb.

Tearing in the ball of the left thumb.

Tearing in the middle fingers of the right hand.

Tearing in the joint of the right middle finger, toward the tip.

Tearing in the tip of the right middle finger.

Violent shooting tearing in the tip and under the nail of the left middle finger.

Pain as from a sprain in the posterior joint of the fourth finger, when closing the hand.

The last two fingers are asleep, in the morning, on awaking.

Numbness, coldness and dying off of the two little fingers on awaking in the morning; but they are, nevertheless, mobile.

Two of the fingers die off in the morning, for half an hour, with blue nails (aft. 31 d.).

Sensation of heat in the fingers, which externally seem cold.

Redness, inflammation and swelling of all the finger-joints.

Redness, inflammation and swelling of the middle finger-joints, with some swelling of the hands.

Inflammation of a spot on the finger which is slightly scratched.

Inflammation and pain on the right middle finger, owing to a little hang nail.

Itching of the fingers.

Violent, almost painful itching on the two anterior phalanges of the right index, as when a wound suppurates, with some redness; it does not go off from scratching.

Itching and shooting in several (frozen) fingers.

Itching in fingers which had once been frozen.

Burning in the hands and fingers, with redness of the fingers, as after freezing.

Chilblain on the little finger, with redness and severe itching.

Ulcer on the left index, increasing with the most severe pains, so that he cannot sleep at night.

On the right thumb, a pimple.

Itching pimples between the fingers.

Wart-like nodules on the index, which pass of quickly.

Itching, with violent stitches on the right natis.

On the left natis, a sore burning.

Softly pressing tearing in the left natis.

Tearing on the upper part of the natis below the right hip.

On the hip, pressure, starting from the sacrum.

Pain in the muscles around the hip-joints, on pressure, sitting and lying down; not interfering with walking.

Pressure in the region of the left hip.

Tearing in the left hip-joint.

Rheumatic tension in the left hip.

Tension and tearing in the left hip.

Paralytic pain in the hip-joint, posteriorly, when stooping and when rising from a seat, after sitting.

Pain as of dislocation in the hip, toward the sacrum, in the morning, on rising, so that he had to walk lame for two days.

Furuncle on the natis.

In the right lower limb, every four days, a pain, extending from the hip-joint into the foot, so that he had to limp in walking.

Drawing in the lower limbs, from above downward, when at rest; better when moving.

The lower limbs go to sleep, while sitting, by day (aft. 6, 7 d.).

Restlessness in the thighs and legs, when lying (aft. 9 d.).

Much restlessness in the lower limbs, in the evening, before going to sleep; less in bed.

Great restlessness in the lower limbs, in the evening, before going to sleep; less in bed.

Twitching and twitching trembling in the lower limbs.

Involuntary violent shaking, first of the right, then also of the left lower limb.

Cold, heavy lower limbs.

In walking, the lower limbs seem to become insensible (though they were warm), so that he was in danger of falling down.

Weary and without strength in the lower limbs, as if bruised.

Soreness between the thighs, so that she can hardly walk.

As if excoriated, on the inner side of the left thigh, with a somewhat smarting itching, extending to the sexual parts.

On the left thigh, pain as if wounded; later, a burning.

Constant muscular twitches on the left side of the right thigh.

Cramp in the right thigh, extending to the knee, so that he can hardly go up stairs.

Involuntary spreading of the thighs, followed with a compression of the same, with subsequent erection.

Tension in the bones of the thighs and calves, chiefly when sitting.

Drawing pain in the posterior side of the thigh.

Drawing and burning in the thigh (13th d.).

Drawing pressive pain, anteriorly on the left thigh.

Tearing in the extreme upper part of the left thigh.

Tearing down the left thigh, chiefly when sitting, especially with bent knee.

Tearing in the middle of the right thigh.

Erosive tearing in the thigh, in the evening; he has to draw up the leg (9th d.).

Pulsative tearing, with sensation of paralysis in the outer muscles of the left thigh, when walking (1st d.).

Shooting in the left thigh, when treading.

Pain as from a blow on the right thigh, just above the knee-joint, aggravated by touching and moving it.

Pain in the left hip-joint, when moving, as from a mis-step.

Cold sensation, running down the left thigh by day.

The skin of the thighs pains after walking as if eroded and excoriated, a pain which caused twitches, for an hour.

A large furuncle on the thigh, above the knee.

The knees are painful in the morning on rising out of bed, as if they would break, also when moved.

In the morning, when rising from bed, stiffness in the hough as after a long tour on foot.

The left knee is bent, the child cannot straighten it for pain.

Tension about the knees, as if everything were too short, she could not tread.

Fine twitching in the knees, for several evenings.

Drawing in the left hough (aft. 22 d.).

Great restlessness in both knees, at night, when lying in bed (aft. 8.).

Tearing in the knees and ankles, with pain also when touched.

Unusual weariness in the knees.

Sore pain on the knees and other parts of the lower limbs.

Pain as from a sprain in the knee-joint.

Swelling of the knees.

Sweating of the swelling of the knee.

Itching in the right hough (16th d.).

On the side of the tibia, pain in the bones, when touched (aft. 13 d.).

Sensation in the left, as if it was firmly bandaged.

Cramp in the left calf, while sitting.

Cramp in the calf, causing him to cry out at night, also by day, when sitting with bent knees.

Frequent twitching pain in the leg below the knee.

Drawing in the legs, at night.

Drawing in the legs, from the ankle to the knee, at 5 or 6 P.M., for two hours.

Drawing in the right leg in the evening and occasional twitches.

Drawing and tearing in the left leg (aft. 90 d.).

Tearing in the left tibia.

Tearing on the left leg, below the calf.

Severe tearing, before midnight, from the knee through the calf down into the feet, so that she had to sit up and could not sleep.

Tearing in the legs and toes.

Rheumatic drawing in the left leg, at night, when awaking.

Sharp, twitching tearing on the lower part of the left tibia, in the evening in bed.

Violent, jerking twitching tearing in the left leg.

Shooting tearing on the leg below the knee, which is at the same time felt in the thigh.

Sensation as if the legs were very swollen and heavy.

Great heaviness of the legs, with restlessness therein.

Swelling of the legs extending above the knees, with large, red, hot spots, which pain with burning, especially on the knee and ankle, so that she cannot tread for pain and shooting; in the afternoon this is frequently attended with shivering and constipation.

Red spots on the legs like fly-stings, which pass away and come again.

Severe itching on the calves down to the ankles.

The ankles are painful at night (aft. 10 d.).

Pain in the ball of the right foot, in starting to walk.

Pain in the heel, on treading, as from a little stone under it.

Turgidity around the ankles (aft. sever. d.).

Burning tension on the dorsum of the foot, near the big toe.

Drawing in the foot below the ankle with heat there.

Pressure in the foot (that had been sore), as if it would break open again (aft. 9 d.).

Tearing, below the left heel.

Tearing beside the heel (6th d.).

Tearing in the heels and on the balls of the foot (12th d.).

Shooting in the ball of the foot, like needle-pricks, when treading and when pressing on it.

Shooting on the dorsum of the foot (aft. 20 d.).

Shooting in both heels, as from needle pricks.

Shooting in the feet, when walking in the open air.

Violently cutting shooting on the left side of the heel.

Sprained pain in the right ankle.

Pain, as from a mis-jump, on the external ankle, also when at rest.

Sensation of stiffness in the left ankle (aft. 4 d.).

Pain as from festering in the ball of the right foot.

Pain, as if from festering, in the soles of the feet, when treading and when sitting, with a burning sensation.

Burning in the feet (aft. 28 d.).

Burning in the soles of the feet, at night.

Great heaviness of the feet (aft. 6 d.).

Swelling about the ankles (aft. 6 d.).

Swelling of the feet, also during the menses.

Thick swelling of the right foot (the first days).

Swelling of the left foot, with shooting in the toes, when treading.

Swelling in the feet, with shooting in the ankles, chiefly when walking.

Swelling of the dorsum of the feet (the first days).

The swelling of the feet increases into abdominal dropsy, with swelling of the genitals, oppression of the breath, and scanty urination with straining (aft. 10 d.).

The feet are numb and go to sleep, up to the calves, at night.

Sensation in the left heel, it feels as if asleep.

He easily gets cold in his feet.

Cold feet, constantly.

Coldness, first in the right, then in the left foot, in the evening in bed, for one hour.

Coldness of the right foot, while the left is hot (aft. 2 d.).

Cold, sweaty feet.

Sweaty feet.

Copious sweat of the feet, even so that the feet get sore.

Itching about the ankles.

Tumors on the side of the foot, which pain in walking.

Callosities on the heels, with sore pain.

A chap on the heel.

The toes are spread out involuntarily, and then again contracted.

Pressure on the ball of the big toe.

Tearing in the first three toes of the right foot.

Tearing and drawing, near a corn on the little toe, painful also when touched.

Shooting in the right big toe, in the evening.

Shooting in the big toe, then in the sole of the foot.

Shooting in the right little toe, which looks red and frozen, chiefly in the morning.

Pain, as of soreness and erosion on the ball of the big toe, when walking.

Erosive sore pain between the toes (aft. 28 d.).

Burning sensation of soreness on the toes, as of sand upon them.

Burning shooting sensation of soreness on the toes.

Inflammatory pain on the nail of the big toe.

Corns form after fourteen days.

Shooting in the corns (aft. 13 d.).

Shooting, with sensation of soreness in the corns.

All the limbs pain when touched.

All the soft parts of the body pain, when touched and pressed.

Everything she sits or lies upon is too hard for her.

Pain here and there on the trunk, as if single muscles were spasmodically contracted and then again extended.

Intermitting, spasmodic drawing on the knees, fore-arms, hands and fingers.

Pressive drawing in all the joints, especially on the knees.

Drawing in the left hand and tarsus, in the morning.

Drawing and tension in the carpal and tarsal joints, in the morning in bed.

Drawing in the limbs, every other afternoon, and also over the face.

Drawing, now between the scapulae, then in the right lower limb, then in the chest.

Transient tearing here and there.

Pinching pains, here and there on the body.

Violent stitches in the thoracic cavity and in the umbilical region, checking the breath (10th d.).

Stiff in all the joints.

Stiffness of the limbs and the sacrum; audible cracking in the joints on bending.

Stiffness of the arms and legs, with insensibility and numbness; he cannot walk any more without falling, nor eat alone, as he cannot use his hands.

Stiffness of all the muscles of the trunk and the upper part of the body; he cannot move for pain.

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