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Lycopodium Clavatum - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod, Lyc.

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HPUS indication of Lycopodium Clavatum: Digestion
Lycopodium Clavatum

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lycopodium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Redness of the white of the eye, with pain,

Redness of the eyes and pressure in them,

Red inflamed eyes, with sticking pain from 5 to 10 P.M.,

Blue rings around the eyes (after twelve days),

Dim, weak, eyes,

Eyes dim and weak, with collection of mucus in them,

Eyes dim, cloudy in the evening,

Right eye swollen, with accumulation of much hardened mucus in the inner canthus, pressive pain and much lachrymation (third and fourth days),

Very much sunken about the eyes (after seven days),

Mucus in the eyes, she must wipe them in order to see more clearly,

Dry mucus in the inner canthi, in the morning,

Hardened mucus in the eyes,

Much purulent mucus in the eyes, with smarting pain (thirty-second day),

Inflammation of the eyes, with redness and dimness of the whites; redness and swelling in the lids; burning pressure and secretion of mucus in the eyes,

Inflammation of the eyes, with itching in both canthi, redness and swelling of the lids of the right eye; distressing pain, as if they were dry, with nightly agglutination,

Inflammation of the eyes, with redness of the whites and swelling of the lids, sticking, photophobia, much lachrymation, and nightly agglutination,

Inflammation of the whites of the eye,

(Able to use my eyes for a remarkably long time, without pain or lachrymation),

Weakness of the eyes, she cannot read or sew long; she is obliged to press the eyes on account of the pain; in the morning they are somewhat agglutinated,

Weakness of the eyes, in the evening, by the light, with pain on turning them,

Eyes weak, dim (fourth day),


Dryness of the eyes; is obliged to close the lids,

Dryness of the eyes, in the evening and at night,

Dryness beneath the lids, as from dust, in the morning on waking,

Eyes dry and dim,

Eyes dry, difficult to open in the morning (fifth day),

Eyes dry, difficult to open, with smarting pain, in the morning (fourth day),

Heaviness and weariness in the eyes, as if sleepy from looking,

The eyes are painful, so that she can scarcely open them, in the evening,

Left eye painful, especially on moving it and fixing the eyes upon any object, especially if bright colored, it began to tremble (twentieth day),

Pain in the left eye, and for a short time a sensation as if a veil were drawn in front of it, in the evening (first day`,)

Burning in the eyes, ; (second day), ; (sixth day),

Burning in the eyes if she attempts to close them,

Burning and lachrymation of the eyes (eleventh day),

Burning in the eyes, disinclination to read, with dimness of vision, as from a veil, after dinner (fourth day),

Transient burning in the left eye,

Severe burning and itching in the eye,

Feeling of coldness in the eyes, in the evening,

Tensive pain in the left eye,

Compression in the eyes, with tense skin over the cheek-bones,

Pressure in the eyes (thirteenth day),

Pressure in the eyes in the morning (they are difficult to open), a feeling of sand or dust in them,

Pressure in the eyes, with sleepiness, in the forenoon,

Pressure and constrictive pain in the eyes,

(Pressure in the eyes and dim vision),

Pressure in the right eye, as if something were in it,

Pressure in the internal canthi,

Pressive pain in both eyes (seventeenth day),

Pressive pain in the eyes, as if dust were in them,

Feeling as though the eyes were being pressed into their orbits (fifteenth day),

Stitches in both eyes (after twelve days),

Stitches in the eyes, without redness of them, all day, but especially in the morning (after thirty-four days),

Stitches in the left eye,

Bruised pain in the eyes, as if they would fall out, so that he is unable to look sharply at anything; after 1 P.M., mostly in the evening,

Pain in the eyes, as if beaten black and blue,

Scraping as from a foreign body in the left eye (thirty-first day),

Smarting pain in the eyes while writing, on dark paper (third day),

Biting in the right eye, as from smoke, with drawing together of the lids,

Biting in the external canthi, with lachrymation as from smoke, in the evening, at twilight,

Itching in the eyes (after thirty days),

Itching in the canthi,


Vision weak, is unable to distinguish small objects as well as formerly (on a bright day),

Dimness of vision, even for a short distance; it seems as though he were looking a fine lattice,

Dimness of vision; he is obliged to hold the print sometimes near, sometimes far off, in order to read,

Dimness of vision, as if caused by glutinous moisture in the eye, which he cannot wipe away; sometimes more, sometimes less,

(Dim eyes), (third day), ; (sixth day),

Dim, hot eyes,

On reading, or exerting the eyes, they become dim and vision vanishes,

(In the morning there seems to be a cobweb or fog before the eyes),

The evening light blinds him very much; he cannot see anything upon the table,

The letters become indistinct while writing,

A veil and flickering before the eyes, after the afternoon nap (after sixteen days),

Far-sightedness; while reading and writing everything is indistinct, as if seen through a veil; everything at a distance is distinct and clear,

The letters run together while reading,

Hemiopia; he sees only the left half of an object; the right half is wanting or obscured; same with one eye as with both, but worse with the right,

Sensitiveness of the eye to daylight (eighth day),

Unsteadiness of vision and frequent flickering before the eyes,

Trembling of objects at which she looks intently, in the evening by the light; and most of all of the light itself, on looking at it,

Flickering before the eyes on going to sleep,

Flickering and wavering before the eyes, like the air in the intense heat of summer,

Sparks of fire before the eyes in the dark (after five hours),

Sensation as though sparks of fire came from the eyes, especially in the open air,

Dazzling mist before her eyes,

After a meal, black spots before the eyes, with pain, especially in the left, aggravated by shaking the head,

Floating black spots before the eyes, at a short distance (after forty-one hours),

Brow and orbit

Tearing-drawing pain in the left eyebrow (sixth day),

Stitches in the eyebrows (second day),

Tearing about the eyes, extending into the forehead and cheeks,

Sudden sticking-tearing pain in the right eyebrow, at noon (fourteenth day),

Throbbing pain about the orbits, towards the outer portion,


Swelling and painfulness of the lids, with nightly agglutination of the canthi,

Lids of left eye swollen (sixth day),

Inflammation of the lids, with pressive pain and nightly agglutination of the external canthi,

Many pustules in the eyelids,

Styes on the lids, towards the inner canthus,

Suppurating styes on the lids,

Ulceration and redness of the eyelids; the water which flows from the eye smarts and bites the cheek,

Trembling of both upper eyelids, in the forenoon (twelfth day),

Spasmodic trembling of the left upper lid, with at times some sticking pain in the eye itself,

Spasmodic jerking of the left lower lid, towards the inner canthus (after thirty-five days),

Twitching of the eyelids (sixth day),

Twitching in the right upper lid (after a quarter of an hour), ; (second day),

Twitching of the left lid,

Much twitching of the upper lid,

Painful twitching in the right upper eyelid,

Spasmodic jerking in the lower eyelid,

Mucus in the eyelashes (sixth day),

Agglutination of the eyes, especially at night, particularly in the external canthi,

Eyes agglutination with mucus in the morning (third day),

Left eye agglutinated in the morning (seventh day),

The eyelids feel agglutinated in thee morning.

Eyelids dry, with smarting pain; they cannot be opened even on rubbing, in the morning (third day),

Heaviness and burning in the left upper eyelid in the evening (twenty-first day),

Heaviness of the lids; also during the day, especially in a bright light,

He is unable to raise the lids are too heavy,

Burning of the lids, especially of the left eye, on closing them in the evening (seventeenth day),

(Burning, biting, and smarting of the eyelids),

Pressure on the right upper lid,

Violent stitches on the margin of the right upper lid,

The eyelids are painful to touch,

Smarting and burning of the lids (third day),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation and much dry mucus in the eyes, with pressure and pale face,

Profuse lachrymation of the right eye, in the afternoon,

Lachrymation so profuse that if prevented work (after half an hour); violently painful pressure in the eye continued all the next day (after four hours),

Watering of the eyes in the open air (third day),

Water runs from the eye in a raw wind,

Biting liquid flows from the eyes, with great redness of the whites,


Burning in the left eyeball (twenty-ninth day),

Violent pressive pain in the right eyeball, causing lachrymation,

Tearing in the right eyeball,

Prickling, now in one, now in the other eyeball,


Pupils much dilated, a few days before and during menstruation,

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