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Lycopodium Clavatum - General symptoms - Kent Lectures

Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod, Lyc.

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HPUS indication of Lycopodium Clavatum: Digestion
Lycopodium Clavatum

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lycopodium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Lycopodium is an antipsoric, anti-syphilitic and anti-sycotic, and its sphere is broad and deep. Though classed among the inert substances, and thought to be useful only for rolling up allopathic pills, Hahnemann brought it into use and developed its power by attenuation.

It is a monument to Hahnemann It enters deep into the life, and ultimate changes in the soft tissues, blood-vessels, bones, liver, heart, joints. The tissue changes are striking; there is tendency to, necrosis, abscesses, spreading ulcers and great emaciation.

There is a predominance of symptoms on the right side of the body, and they are likely to travel from right to left or from above downward, e. g., from head to chest.

The patient emaciates above, especially about the neck, while the lower extremities are fairly well nourished. Externally there is sensitiveness to a warm atmosphere when there are head and spine symptoms. The head symptoms also are worse from the warmth of the bed and from heat, and worse from getting heated by exertion.

The patient is sensitive to cold and there is a marked lack of vital heat, and worse in general from cold and cold air and from cold food and drinks. The pains are ameliorated from warmth except of the head and spine.

Exertion aggravates the Lycopodium patient in general. He becomes puffed and distressed, and dyspnoea is increased by exertion. He cannot climb, he cannot walk fast. The cardiac symptoms are increased as well as the dyspnoea by becoming heated from exertion. The inflamed parts are sometimes relieved from the application of heat. The throat symptoms are generally relieved from the application of heat, from drinking hot tea or warm soup. The stomach pains are often relieved by warm drinks and taking warm things into the stomach. Nervous excitement and prostration are marked.

In the rheumatic pains and other sufferings the Lyc patient is ameliorated by motion He is extremely restless, must keep turning, and if there is inflammation with the aches and pains the patient is better from the warmth of the bed and relieved from motion, and he will keep tossing all night.

He turns and gets into a new place and thinks he can sleep, but the restlessness continues all night. He wants cool air, wants to be in a cool place with head symptoms. It is true that the headache is worse from motion enough to warm the patient up, but not from the motion itself. The headache is worse from lying down and from the warmth of the room, and better in cold air and from motion until he has moved and exercised sufficiently to become heated, when the headache becomes worse. That is quite an important thing to remember concerning Lycopodium, because it may constitute a distinguishing feature.

The head symptoms are worse from warm wraps and warm bed,

The complaints of Lyc are likely to be worse at a fixed time, viz., from four till eight o'clock in the evening. An exacerbation comes on in the acute complaints and often in the chronic complaints at this time.

These general conditions go through all complaints, acute and chronic. There is an excitable stage of the whole sensorium in which everything disturbs. Little things annoy and distress.

The Oxalic acid patient cannot eat strawberries. If you ever have a patient get sick from eating strawberries, tomatoes or oysters, and you have no homoeopathic remedies at hand, it is a good thing to remember that cheese will digest strawberries or tomatoes or oysters in a few minutes.

The hives come out either in nodules or in long and irregular stripes, especially in the heat, and itch violently. Lyc has eruptions upon the skin, with violent itching. Vesicles and scaly eruptions, moist eruptions and dry eruptions, furfuraceous eruptions, eruptions about the lips, behind the ears, under the wings of the nose and upon the genitals.

fissured eruptions, bleeding fissures like salt Rheum rheum upon the hands.

The Lyc state when deciphered shows feebleness throughout. A very low state of the arteries and veins, poor tone and poor circulation. Numbness in spots. Emaciation of single members. Deadness of the fingers and toes. Staggering and inability to make use of the limbs. Clumsiness and awkwardness of the limbs. Trembling of the limbs.

Lycopodium Clavatum is especially suitable in these withered lads, with a dry cough or prolonged headache. In children who wither after pneumonia or bronchitis, emaciate about the face and neck, take cold on the slightest provocation, suffer with headache from being heated, have nightly headaches, and a state of congestion that affects the mind more or less, in which they rouse out of sleep in confusion.

It will throw out a greater amount of eruption at first, but this will subside finally and the child will return to health. The head in general is closely related to one symptom, viz., red sand in the urine. A long as the red sand is plentiful, the patient is free from these congestive headaches, but when the urine becomes pale and free from the red pepper deposit.

then comes the bursting, pressing headache, lasting for days.

It might be said that this is a uraemic headache; but it does not matter what you call it, if the symptoms are present the remedy will be justified. In old gouty constitutions, when the headache is most marked, the gout in the extremities will be better and vice versa

The headaches is present only in the absence of pain in the extremities. Again, when there is a copious quantity of red sand in the urine the gouty state, either in the head or extremities, will be absent, but whenever he takes cold the secretion seems to slacken up with an worse of the pain.

There is another feature of the Lyc headache related to catarrhal states. The headache is worse when the catarrh is slacked up by an acute cold. The Lyc subject often suffers from thick, yellow discharge from the nose.

In that exsudative stage of pneumonia, the stage of hepatization, Lyc may save the life of that patient. It is closely related in the period of hepatization to Phosphorus Phos. and Sulphur Sulph.

The Sulphur Sulph patient is cold; there is no tendency to reaction; he feels the load in the chest, and examination of the chest shows that hepatization is marked. He wants to lie still and is evidently about to die. Sulphur Sulphur will help him.

It does not have the flapping of the nose, nor the wrinkles upon the forehead, like Lyc In the brain complaints of Stramonium Stramonium, the forehead wrinkles, and in the chest complaints of Lyc the forehead wrinkles, and their wrinkles are somewhat alike. You go to a semi-conscious patient suffering from cerebral congestion and watch him.

he is wild, the eyes are glassy, the forehead wrinkled and the tendency is to activity of the mind.

That is not Lyc but Stramonium Stram By close observation these practical things will lead you to distinguish, almost instantaneously, between Stramonium Stramonium in its head troubles, and Lyc in the advanced stage of pneumonia.

You will see by the study of the face that his face conforms to his sensations. lie is an oversensitive patient and at every jar or noise, such as the slamming of a door, or the ringing of a Belladonna bell, he wrinkles his face. He is disturbed, and you see it expressed upon his countenance. He has a sickly wrinkled countenance, with contracted eyebrows in complaints of the abdomen as well as in chest complaints.

It was mentioned when going over the general state that the striking feature of Lyc in regard to direction is that its symptoms seem to spread from right to left; we notice that the right foot is cold and the left is warm; the right knee is affected; if the pains are movable they go from right to left.

Most complaints seem to travel from right to left, or to affect the right side more than the left. This is also true of sore throats; a quinsy affecting the right side will run its course, and when about finished the left tonsil will become inflamed and suppurate if the appropriate remedy be not administered.

Under Lyc. apparently malignant cases have their life prolonged. The case is so modified that, instead of culminating in a few months, the patient may last for years. Right hypochondrium swollen as in liver troubles.

Persons of feeble vitality, overwrought persons, overtired persons, with feeble genital organs, seldom need Phosphorus Phosphorus, but Lycopod is a typical remedy where the young man has abused himself by secret vices and has become tired out in his spine, brain and genital organs.

If this patient makes up his mind that he will live a somewhat decent life and marries, he finds that he is impotent sexually, that he is not able to obtain erections, or that the erections are too feeble, or too short, and that he is not a man.

The extremities are cold while whistling and face are hot, with much coughing and troubles in the chest. He wants to go about with the head uncovered, because there is so much congestion in the head.

Lycopodium Clavatum patient has a feeble reaction. There is no tendency to repair and the history of the case is that The troubles have existed since an attack of bronchitis or pneumonia. Besides the dry, teasing cough, Lyc goes into another state in which there is ulceration, with copious expectoration of thick yellow or green muco-pus, tough and stringy. Finally night sweats, with fever in the afternoon from 4 to 8 o'clock, come on. Lycopodium Clavatum's use in the advanced stage of pneumonia, in the period of hepatization, with the wrinkled face and brow, the flapping wings of the nose and scanty expectoration, we have already spoken of.

It has all manner of fevers, continued intermittent and remittent. It is especially suitable in old age, and in premature old age, when a person at 60 years appears to be 80 years, broken down, feeble and tired.

It is eminently suited in complaints of weakly constitutions. It is suitable in various dropsies, associated with liver and heart affections. Scabs remain upon the skin, do not separate; they crust over and the crust does not fall, or may become laminated like rupia.

Sulphur Sulphur, Graphites Graph. and Calc Carb Calc. are not longer acting or deeper acting than Lyc These substances that seem to be so inert in their crude form come out strongest when potentized and form medicines of wonderful use.

The skin ulcerates There are painful ulcer, sloughing ulcers beneath the skin, abscesses beneath the skin, cellular troubles. The chronic ulcerations are indolent with false granulations, painful, burning, stinging and smarting, often relieved by applying cooling things and aggravated by warm poultices. It is somewhat a general in Lycopodium that warm poultices and warmth ameliorates.