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Lycopodium Clavatum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod, Lyc.

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HPUS indication of Lycopodium Clavatum: Digestion
Lycopodium Clavatum
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lycopodium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), *When and after rising, vertigo.

dizzy. on waking, rush of blood to head.

on rising, pain in head.

on waking, pressive headache.

stitches in eyes.

sneezing. mucus in mouth.

on waking disgusting taste.

on waking, sour taste.

bitter taste. nausea. after rising, especially on walking about room, nausea, etc.

dry cough, etc. on waking, disappearing after rising, relaxation, etc., of limbs.

on waking, numbness of fingers.

on rising, pain in hips.

stitches in little toe.

weariness. on rising, weary, etc.

restlessness, etc. chilliness.

on waking, orgasm of blood.

in bed, perspiration. perspiration on the joints..

(Afternoon), During a walk, coryza.

at 2 o'clock, nosebleed.

jerking in lower gum. pressure in pit of stomach.

while riding in carriage, pressure in stomach, etc.

from 4 o'clock on, distension of abdomen.

especially in cool air, colic.

while walking, colic. hoarseness, etc.

every other day, drawing in limbs.

at 4 o'clock, the symptoms,.


(Evening), Anxiety.

excited mood. inability to fix thoughts, etc.

stitches in head. after lying down, throbbing in head.

jerking headache. worse when reading and writing, headache on left side.

dryness on eyes, bruised pain in eyes.

at twilight, biting in canthi, etc.

jerking pain in lower jaw.

after lying down, feeling of dryness in mouth, etc.

nausea. in bed.

relieved by rubbing, pressure in stomach.

sticking in right side of abdomen.

cough, etc. in bed, hacking, etc.

in bed, palpitation of heart.

drawing in back. in bed, drawing in shoulder.

after lying down, tearing in shoulder.

in bed, trembling. bruised feeling over whole body.

itching of chin. chilliness.

every other day, febrile paroxysm.

in bed, chill, etc. at 7 o'clock, febrile paroxysms.

after lying down, chilliness in back.

(Night), Delirious.

tearing, etc., headache.

jerking headache. sticking, etc., in occiput.

dryness of eyes. agglutination of eyes.

toothache. bitter taste.

thirst. while lying on back, disappearing while lying on side, pressure in stomach etc.

cutting in epigastric region.

sticking in right side of abdomen.

cramp in abdominal muscles.

limbs fall asleep. jerking in arm.

tearing in right shoulder.

under the feather covering, tearing in hand, etc.

cramp in calves. drawing in legs.

tearing in left leg. before midnight, tearing from knee to foot.

cramp in feet. burning in soles.

sweat. perspiration on trunk..

(Eating), Pressure in forehead.

sticking in forehead. black spots before eyes.

redness of face. drawing in lower jaw.

bad taste. acidity in mouth.

eructations. hiccough.

heartburn. pressure in stomach.

distension of abdomen.

fulness, etc., in abdomen.

colic, heaving through body.

dread of open air. hot hands..

He is unable to read, because he does not recognize and confounds letters.

he sees and is able to copy them, but has no idea of their significance.

he knows, for example, that z is the last letter of the alphabet, but has forgotten what it is called.

he is able to write whatever he wishes, writes the proper letters, but cannot read what he has written,.

Accumulation of water in the mouth commencing a quarter of an hour after the first dose, gradually increasing and seeming to come especially from the submaxillary glands.

two hours later there was a feeling of tension in the submaxillary region, which was rather more sensitive to touch than usual.

the increased secretion continued all day.

in the evening the usual neckband was irksome, it seemed to press too much upon the submaxillary glands, which speedily became more sensitive (first day).

the secretion was increased and the sensitiveness of the glands also increased, so that neckband could hardly be tolerated, pressure upon the glands immediately increased the secretion, with drawing and a feeling of tension in the glands (second day).

the increased secretion continued (third day),.

Several brown spots in the skin on the inner sides of both thighs, close to the scrotum, extending from the inguinal canal backward to the perineum (along the bend of the thighs), (seventh day).

spots much inflamed with violently burning pain, so that walking was very painful (eighth day).

spots fiery red, swollen with great burning pain, especially when touched and on walking (ninth day).

this lasted two days, and gradually disappeared,.

Violent stitches in the chest, especially a hand's breadth below the left clavicle on every pulsation, aggravated by coughing, deep inspiration, and motion.

could scarcely change his position in bed, with chilliness, cough, headache, fever, lasting about an hour in the evening.

followed by heat of the head, dreamy sleep, and perspiration after midnight,.

Cough, with difficult respiration, and stitches in the right side of the chest, constantly increasing in the evening, with great chilliness and trembling of the limbs, obliging him to go to bed.

on stooping, the pain in the chest could scarcely be endured, the breath was short and difficult.

worse on motion and lying on the right side.

better from keeping quiet,.

Violently pressive pains in the back, sometimes over its whole extent, sometimes in one place, as though one's fist were pressed against the lower vertebrae, when it was accompanied by a similar pressure on the lower extremity of the sternum, so that I was obliged to hold the breath.

while sitting and writing, in the morning (second day),.

Violent colic, disappearing during a carriage ride, from 10 to 12 A.M., but an extremely distressing sensation of fulness and distension continued.

after a very moderate meal, griping in the abdomen, and especially a pain in the stomach continued with great violence, and did not leave him while, riding in a carriage for a quarter of an hour.

he felt very sick and irritable (every trifle made him angry), (eleventh day),.

Suddenly, an extremely violent pain as if sprained in the left shoulder, so that he could scarcely guide the horse.

after a quarter of an hour the pain left this place, and just as suddenly appeared in the right shoulder-joint, where it continued for some time, but less violent.

after an hour, the left knee-joint also became very painful (a drawing-tearing pain), (twentieth day),.

A smarting pain on the inner side of the right knee while walking, seemingly caused by something in the clothes rubbing against the leg.

on examination the skin was found quite normal, but the spot was painful on touching it even lightly with the hand.

during the night the pain became intolerable if the order leg pressed upon it when lying upon the side.

sleep was restless, with many dreams, and next day the pain extended down the inner side of the calf (eighth day),.



Emaciation during the proving,

Great emaciation,

On getting the feet cold, the glands become thickened and hardened,

It seems to have a beneficial effect upon the softening and curvature of the bones,

Trembling, without a sensation of coldness, in the afternoon,

Attack of trembling, in the evening in bed,

Involuntary jerking, now here, now there, affecting her very much,

Involuntary extension and contraction in the muscles in various parts of the body, without pain and with complete consciousness, in paroxysms, returning regularly every seven days for eight weeks,

Involuntary turning and twisting of the whole body, on account of which he gasped, and the face became red and hot,

Epileptic attack, with screams and frothing at the mouth; he beat about in unconsciousness with his arms and legs; then he thought he would die, and complained of great anxiety at the heart (after thirty-nine days),

Epileptic attack; the left arm was bent backward and the fingers clenched, for a few minutes; then he became unconscious, tore and beat about with his arms and legs; cried violently and frothed from the mouth, for a quarter of an hour; then lay motionless, as if dead; then began to make foolish sounds,

Epileptic attack. visible jerking of the muscles of the whole right leg, extending to the pit of the stomach, and he began to cry out, without consciousness.

beating about with the arms and legs, with frothing from the mouth, for a quarter of an hour.

then he lay motionless for half an hour, and after cold water was put into his mouth he ejected it, and returned to consciousness,.

A kind of faintness, while standing (in church) during the menses, she sees and hears nothing, with a feeling of great internal heat, especially in the head, great paleness of the face.

she is obliged to sit down immediately.

remains stupid the whole evening, and continues to have confusion of the head the next day (after three days),.

Violently tearing pain in second joint of right thumb, suddenly shifting to left shoulder, then to left elbow, then again to right thumb, left knee, left chest, in region of sixth rib (all these places were successively and suddenly attacked during a quarter of an hour; the left shoulder and elbow and right hand continued to pain until 9 P.M.), in the evening (twenty-third day),.

Very weary, sick, and dizzy in the morning, with chilliness and nausea, and colic in the abdomen.

during the forenoon diarrhoea twice, in the afternoon chilliness, shivering, especially over the back, abdomen and thighs, with head.

could scarcely get warm in bed.

the pain continued over the whole abdomen.

the hernia was painful and tense when protruded and when touched.

frequent yawning. while lying down, pain as if beaten in the nape of the neck, shoulders, and limbs.

scarcely able to rise.

after going to bed some sleep, and after rising again shivering with heat in the head, emission of flatus.

and after a glass of wine again diarrhoea,.

The child was very weak and could not hold his head up.

could stand upon his feet only with great crying, fear and trembling, and wished to be carried.

the muscles seemed flabby and relaxed.

very ill-humored, the slightest worry caused weeping and sobbing.

night very restless. the child breathed rapidly, talked in his sleep, and frequently started up in fright (fourth night).

the weakness was worse, so that he could no longer sit up, but on attempting it sank down, cried if any one touched his thighs, was noticeably emaciated (fifth day),.

Seemed to have taken cold during the night, and woke in the morning with violent coryza.

after an hour pain in the frontal sinuses, some vertigo, a feeling of fulness in the chest.

hands and feet cold and sweaty.

a sensation in the tendo Achillis as though he had taken a long walk the day previous.

after half an hour tension in the tonsils, extending in a few minutes into the parotids and lower jaw.

with this the secretion in the nose ceased, and the mucous membrane seemed covered with dry mucus.

the coryza passed off after three hours after taking a dose in the morning, and the symptoms gradually disappeared excepting the vertigo.

the same day took a powder of the 1st trit. without noticing any special change.

during the next night a similar attack occurred, and I suffered again from a violent coryza.

the next morning the coryza continued, with bloody secretion from the nose.

after two hours, I experienced a drawing pain in the tensor fasciae latae (tensor vaginae femoris) of the right thigh, which was most violent on the crest of the ilium and lasted a quarter of an hour, followed by tension in the fifth and sixth dorsal vertebrae.

towards noon while walking I experienced a cramplike pain just above the internal malleolus, lasting five minutes.

in the evening a prickling sensation in the lower lip.

the coryza increased during the day, the next day affecting the upper lip, bronchi, and Eustachian tubes, so that I experienced pains in the ears.

the secretion of ear-wax was increased.

on the seventh afternoon, violent headache, with full hard pulse.

the coryza disappeared that evening while dancing,.

Chilliness, the extremities became cold, gooseflesh over the whole body, at 4.30 P.M. (ninth day).

at 4 P.M. a similar paroxysm, with incessant yawning, nausea, inclination to vomit, chilliness starting from the back and extending over the whole body, with coldness of the hands and feet, no sweat, no thirst, but heat, which was confined to the face.

the chill lasted two hours and a half, and ended with excessive weakness and weariness of the feet, inclination to sleep, and slight drawings in the wrists and fingers of both hands.

she slept well through the night and woke well the next morning (eleventh day).

at 4 P.M. attack repeated.

the chilliness lasted three hours.

the weakness and drawings in the wrists and fingers were worse than on the day before, however the sleep at night was quiet and refreshing (twelfth day).

the same paroxysm at 3.30 P.M. (thirteenth day).

a paroxysm at 3 P.M. the chill was more severe, and accompanied by shaking.

there was greater nausea and inclination to vomit, with a bitter bilious taste, also the tearing pains in the fingers and wrists were more violent.

(these symptoms, together with the mild temperament of the patient, induced me to prescribe Pulsatilla Pulsatilla, 4th dil.), (fourteenth day).

at 3 P.M. slight chilliness, also all the other symptoms, but much less severe (fifteenth day).

a still lighter attack (sixteenth day).

no indications of fever.

the gastric symptoms had also entirely disappeared, and the patient was quite well (seventeenth day), ;.

Chilliness in the evening (sixth day).

at 6 P.M., starting from the back, with a feeling as if water were spurted upon the back (seventh day).

at the same hour again chilliness over the whole body (eighth day).

at the same hour again chilliness, with stupefying sleep, followed by uneasy sleep, interrupted by heavy dreams (ninth day).

at the same hour, chilliness over the whole body, lasting two hours, with stupefaction of the head, sleepiness, tearing in the limbs, no thirst, and no sweat (tenth day).

at 7 P.M., shaking chill, commencing in the back, with coldness of the hands and feet, she cannot get warm in bed for two hours.

the tearing in the limbs is worse, with nausea and inclination to vomit.

uninterrupted yawning.

(the paroxysm ends after two hours, with stupid, extremely restless sleep, from which she wakes in the morning with excessive weakness), (eleventh day).

at 7 P.M. a similar attack (twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth days), the whole ends with a very slight attack,.

Stitches in the left side of the pit of the stomach, apparently externally. In talking, all the words of a sentence were spoken completely and distinctly except the last, which were stammered.

it seemed as through the tongue were affected by a peculiar cramp.

no amount of attention to this was of any avail.

it lasted four weeks, and gradually disappeared of itself,.


(Nos. 1 to 8, from Hahnemann, Chr. K-n.) 1, Hahnemann; 2, v. Gersdorff; 3, Goullon; 4, Hartlaub; 5, Rummel; 6, Schreter; 7, Wahle; 8, Rückert; 9, Dr. J. J. Schelling, A. H. Z., 25, 357, proving with 19th dil., taken twice at intervals of four days (doubtful symptoms in brackets); 9a, same, second proving with same; 9b, same, proving with 23d dil.; 9c, same, A. H. Z., 82, 121, proving with 8th dil., one dose; 9d, same, proving with 20th dil.; three doses in one forenoon; 9e, same, 20th dil., 3 drops a day; 9f, same, repeated doses; 9g, same, proving with 24th dil.; 9h, same, took Lyc., a year after last proving, for itching on scrotum and turbid urine; 9i, same, subsequently, in good health, took 200th dil. (Jenichen); 10, Dr. Segin, Hygea, 19, p. 11, took 2 drops of 18th dil. every morning; 10a, same, proving with 30th, and afterwards with repeated doses of 18th dil.; 10b, same, took 3d trit., no symptoms for two days, then 30th dil. daily for five days; 10c, same, seven years after, took 1st dil., 10 drops after breakfast; 10d, same, ten days later, took 10 drops of tincture; 10e, same, took 1 drop of the oily residue from evaporated tincture; 10f, same, took 50 drops of 3d dil. in the morning, fasting; 11, Dr. Genzke, Hygea, 22, p. 446, took 3d dec. trit., 2 grains morning and evening, increasing 1 grain a day to 14 grains; 11a, same, proving with 20 drops of tincture (first day), 28 drops (second day), 40 drops (third day), 54 drops (fourth day), 76 drops (fifth day), 100 drops in two doses (eighth day), 130 drops in two doses (ninth day), 160 drops in two doses (tenth day); 11b, same subsequently took large doses, 300 drops (first day), 400 drops (second day), 500 drops (third day), the dose of each day taken in four parts at morning, 10 A.M., 6 P.M., and before retiring at night; 12, from last, Rusch, 24 years old, took 3d trit. daily for twelve days, beginning with 2 grains and increasing 1 grain each day; (Nos. 13 to 23, from Martin's provings, Vierteljahr-schrift für Hom., 10, p. 52); 13, Blaufuss, took one dose of 1 grain crude (first day), two doses (second day); 13a, same, took 1 grain of 1st trit.; 14, Graefe, took 1 grain crude (first day), two doses, each 1 grain (second day); 15, Gunther, took 1st trit. (first, second, and third days); 16, Hilpert, took 1 grain crude twice (first day), 1 grain (third and fourth days); 16a, same, took 1st trit. (first, second, third, and fourth days); 17, Horn, took 1 grain crude (first day), 2 grains (second day); 17a, same, subsequently took 1st trit. (first and second days); 18, Kuntzmann, took 1 grain pure (first, second, and third days), also a dose of 1st trit. on third and fourth days; 18a, same, took susbsequently 4 grains pure twice in one day; 19, Dr. Martin, took 1 grain triturated with 4 grains of Sacch. lac., afterwards repeated on two successive days; 19a, same, took 1st trit.; 19b, same, took 4 grains crude; 19c, same as last, repeated; 20, Oehler, took 1 grain (first day), 2 grains (second day); 20a, same, took 1st trit. three days in succession immediately after last proving; 20b, same, subsequently took a dose of 1st trit.; 20c, same as last, dose repeated third and fifth days; 21, Reichmann, took 1 grain, repeated after several days; 21a, same, subsequent dose of 1 grain; 22, Vulpius, took repeated doses of crude drug, 1 to 3 grains; 22a, same, 1st trit. on first, second, and fourth days; 22b, same, subsequent proving, repeated doses of 4 grains crude; 23, Werther, took 1st trit. (first, second, and third days); (Nos. 24 to 33, Dr. Huber's provings, Zeit. d. ver. hom. Aerste Oest., 1857, 1, p. 333); 24, Dr. Huber, took 5 grains of 5th trit. morning and evening for eight days; 25, Elizabeth Huber, 24 years old, took same; 26, O. Huber, aged 1 year, took 2 grains of 5th trit. morning and evening for five days; 27, Theresa Herold, maid, 15 years old, took same as Dr. Huber; 28, Maria Weber, aged 23, took same; 29, Emil Koller, took 6th dec. trit., 20 grains (first and second days), 30 grains (third day), 60 grains (fourth day), 90 grains (fifth day), 5th dec. trit., 60 grains (sixth and seventh days), 90 grains (eighth and ninth days), 4th dec. Trit., 90 grains (tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth days), 3d dec. trit., 90 grains (fourteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and twentieth days), 2d dec. trit., 90 grains (twenty-first to twenty-sixth day), 1st dec. trit., 90 grains (twenty-eighth to thirty-first day); 30, Johann Huber, aged 33, took 6th dec. trit., 20 grains (first, second, fifth, sixth, and seventh days), 5th trit., 30 grains (eighth, ninth, and tenth days), 4th trit., 30 grains (eleventh and twelfth days), 60 grains (thirteenth and fourteenth days), 3d trit., 60 grains (fifteenth to nineteenth day), 2d trit. (twenty-first to twenty-fifth day), 1st trit., 60 grains (twenty-sixth, twenty-seventh, twenty-ninth, thirtieth, thirty-first, and thirty-second days); 31, Dr. Koller's daughter, 6 years old, took 15 grains of 6th trit. (first, second, third, and fourth days), 12 grains of 5th trit. (fifth, sixth, and seventh days), 20 grains of 4th trit. (eighth, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, and eighteenth days), 20 grains of 3d trit. (twentieth, twenty-second, twenty-fifth, and twenty-sixth days), 20 grains of 2d trit. (twenty-eighth, thirtieth, thirty-third, and thirty-fifth days), 20 grains of 1st trit. (thirty-sixth, thirty-seventh, thirty-ninth, and fortieth days); 32, Kathrina Herzig, aged 16, took dilutions from 30th to 1st, in various doses and at various intervals, with only one effect; 32a, same, afterwards took triturations, 60 grains of 6th (first day), 20 grains (second and third days), 60 grains of 5th (fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth days), 60 grains of 4th (ninth day); 33, Theresa Pell, aged 17 (had never menstruated), took 60 grains of 6th dec. trit. (first, second, third, and sixth days), 60 grains of 5th trit. (seventh, ninth, and tenth days); 34, Dr. Baumgartner, Zeit. d. ver. hom. Aerzte Oest., 1862, 1, p. 166, took one dose of 100 drops of 30th dil.; 34a, same, took like dose of 24th dil.; 34b, same, two similar doses of 18th dil., with interval of a week; 34c, same, took 100 drops of 15th dil. (first and second days), of 12th dil. (fourth day), of 9th dil. (sixth and seventh days), of 6th dil. (ninth and tenth days, of 3d dil. (thirteenth day), of 2d dil. (fourteenth day), of 1st dil. (fifteenth day), 10 drops of tincture (sixteenth day), 30 drops of tincture (seventeenth day), 100 drops of tincture (eighteenth and twentieth days), 1 1/2 ounces of tincture (twenty-fourth day); 34d, same, subsequently took 5 grains of 1st trit. morning and evening for twenty-nine days; 35, Dr. Robinson, Br. J. of Hom., 24, 515, proving in a young woman, glob. 1/1000 (1000th dil.) (Epps), in 8 ounces of water, a teaspoonful every third morning; 36, same, proving in a middle-aged woman, gtt. 1/18 (18th dil.), three times a day; 37, same, proving in a middle-aged man, gtt. 1/12 (12th dil.), three times a day; 38, Dr. Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., N. S., 1871, p. 71, a "patient" took one dose of cm Fincke (expunged, T. F. A.); 39, Berridge, a man took in water 200th dil., repeated doses (first and second days), on third and fifth days 30th dil., 40, same, proving in same man with 5000th (Jenichen), one dose; 41 and 42, same, in patients (expunged, T. F. A.); 43, Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., 1873, p. 500, a man took a dose of 6000th (Jenichen), repeated twice with same result; 44, Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., July, 1874, p. 296, effect of a high potency on self in health; 45, Berridge, N. E. Med. Gaz., September, 1874, p. 401, effect of 5m (Jenichen), repeated for twelve days.