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Lycopodium Clavatum - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod, Lyc.

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HPUS indication of Lycopodium Clavatum: Digestion
Lycopodium Clavatum
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lycopodium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Involuntary twitches, now here now there, which fatigued her violently.

Very tired by a slight exertion, and not refreshed by any restful position.

Lassitude in the afternoon, with trembling of the hands.

Lassitude, so that he would like to rest continually, with wide awake spirit.

At other times accustomed to steady work, she has now to lie down several times a day for lassitude (aft. 16 d.).

Great lassitude, especially of the lower limbs.

Lassitude of the lower limbs, with dryness of the throat.

Much yawning (aft. 7 d.).

The child ineffectually desires to yawn; it cries, because it cannot finish yawning.

Abortive yawning; she often has to open her mouth widely, and yet cannot finish yawning.

Drowsiness by day-time; he goes to sleep as soon as he sits down.

Sleepiness in the forenoon, with pressure in the eyes, frequent yawning and internal chilliness.

With irresistible drowsiness at night, he is yet late in getting to sleep.

But little tired, in the evening in bed, he also wakes up again very early.

Sleep and dreams

Sleeplessness till midnight (aft. 16 h.).

Restless sleep, for several nights, on account of great excitement.

She could at first not get to sleep at all, and then her sleep was uneasy.

Uneasy sleep, repeated awaking, and at 4 she is wide awake again.

Uneasy sleep, while lying on the left side (aft. 24 d.).

At night in sleep, he always gets to lie on his back.

The sleep at night is full of dreams.

Sleep, with confused dreams.

Sleep, restless with confused dreams, in which he believes himself to be now here, now there, while he awakes frequently, and gets up in the morning more tired than when he lay down in the evening.

Restless sleep, full of dreams.

Restless sleep, full of dreams, without waking up (aft. 16 d.).

Uneasy sleep at night, he tosses about, wakes up and fancies himself now here, now there.

Sleep full of fancies.

Many dreams and fancies during the night.

Ugly visions before his phantasy, in the noon-nap.

Heavy dreams, at night.

She could not sleep the whole night, because everything that had occurred during the day at once came lively before her eyes, as soon as she closed them; she had to get up (aft. 10, 14 d.).

Vivid dreams at night and talking in sleep (aft. 4 d.).

He talks aloud in sleep, with anxious dreams.

She often laughs out aloud in sleep.

She has such pleasant dreams at night and toward morning, that she would rather not wake up (aft. 5 d.).

Lascivious dreams at night (2d w.).

Voluptuous dreams, at night (4th w.).

Dreams at night, as if she felt the excitation from coitus in the pudenda.

Dreams of coitus, and yet no pollution.

He wakes up after midnight, with a sensation of having had coitus, but without emission of semen.

She awakes from vivid dreams about the day's business, and she believes even after awaking that she must do what she has dreamed.

He often wakes at night from frightful dreams.

Starting up, when going to sleep.

Starting up when going to sleep, it seems to start from the feet.

Starting and jerking of the limbs, with restless sleep.

Anxious dreams at night.

Frightful confused dreams and restless sleep.

Frightful dream, and fear even after awaking.

Frightful dreams.

Sad dreams.

Horrible dreams; as if they wanted to kill him.

Dreams of murder.

Anxious dream; at a row, he hides from the danger.

Restless sleep, with frequent awaking from anxious dreams.

Vivid, anxious dreams, at night.

After vivid anxious dreams, at night, he has difficulty in waking up in the morning, and dreams again as soon as he closes his eyes.

He often wakes up at night, rolls around, and only gets into deep sleep in the morning.

She often awakes at night, remains awake for hours, and is then very drowsy in the morning.

In the morning, after many lively dreams, a very anxious dream, as if many young dogs and more and more in numbers clung to various parts of his body.

Anxious awaking, at night (aft. 11 d.).

Screaming in sleep, with delirious words.

Anxious screaming in sleep, several times (aft. 10 d.).

Restless nights, with moaning in sleep.

Weeping at night, in sleep.

The child sleeps very restlessly and mutters in its sleep.

When going to sleep, anxiety.

She often wakes up at night, as if awakened by fright.

In the evening, afraid to go to bed.

She wakes up for several mornings restless and anxious.

She starts up anxious from sleep, wants to scream, but cannot, as in a nightmare.

At night, nightmare.

After midnight, on awaking, an attack of anguish, so that she could not draw her breath for two hours; for two nights successively.

After a deep sleep, after awaking in the morning, anxious thoughts as if she should now die, for which she also prepared herself by thinking of her parting letters (aft. 16 h.).

At night, when turning over in bed, anxious palpitation.

Almost every evening in bed, palpitation.

Sleep, unrefreshing (aft. 16 h.).

Sleep, unrefreshing and gloomy.

In the morning, on rising, weary and heavy (aft. 48 h.).

At night there is sleep, but unrefreshing, and in the morning he is weary and tired of life.


From excess of pain, she has to walk about and weep, and she cannot rest.

Her ailments increased at 4 P.M. but at 8 P.M. she feels better, excepting her weakness.

He always feels better in the open air than in the room, where he often cannot stand it for heat and restlessness.

He feels urged to go into the open air.

Aversion to staying in the room.

Very sensitive to the cold, open air; coldness strikes her strongly.

He is averse to the open air.

Sensitiveness to the cool air, almost feverish (aft. 6 h.).

Feverish horror of the open air, especially after meals.

When walking in the open air, anxiety and attack of vertigo.

After much enjoyment of the open air, violent sensation of numbness in the head.

When walking in the open air, heaviness of the lower limbs.

From walking in the open air, constrictive pressure in the middle of the chest.

After walking in the open air, the tightness of the chest is increased, with loudly pulsating heart-beat.

After walking in the open air, heat in the eyes and the palms.

After a short walk in the open air, he perspires excessively and is then languid.

Very much inclined to take cold.

The skin of the whole body is dry and hot; hot hands.

Itching on the head and the back, in the morning.

Itching as from flea-bites, on various spots of the skin and in the tetters.

Stinging itching, here and there in the skin.

Shooting, here and there in the body.

Intolerably tingling stitches in the lower part of the sacrum and in other places.

Twitching stitches from the neck down to the right foot (aft. 2 h.).

Burning, itching, very smarting, all over the body.

It seems to favor the softening and curvature of the bones.

Sensation in the bones as if they contained no marrow.

She feels heaviness in all her limbs.

Bruised feeling in the whole body, particularly in the evening.

Heaviness in all the limbs, he is disinclined to work, and peevish, and, from time to time, there is a flush of much heat in the face.

Drawing and stretching in all the limbs.

Discomfort in the whole body.

He fells unwell in the morning, as after a sleepless night.

Feels impelled to take exercise.

Disagreeable sensation of restlessness in the body, when sitting; this does not allow him to continue writing; he has to jump up and take a deep breath; his chest is oppressed.

Great restlessness in the blood, in the evening, even to a feeling of tremulousness.

Violent ebullition of the blood, toward evening.

Ebullition of blood, so that everything in the blood-vessels is in agitation.

Disagreeable sensation of heat in the whole body, everything feels too heavy or too hot for him; he has often to breathe deeply and feels oppressed; the hair stand on ends, and feels as if drawn together into a bunch (aft. 24 h.).

Internal unrest, as if she had to strike out with hands and feet, and feeling of swooning (during her headache).

Sensation as if the circulation stopped.

Frequently, a very painful sensation, as if he became quite cold internally, and as if the blood gradually ceased to be warm.

Attack of chest-troubles, with nausea even to vomiting, when she could not speak, but could only whisper quite softly, which ceased after a violent eructation.

Several paroxysm daily, of half an hour's duration, first of griping and clutching in the back, whence it comes like a shooting into the side; things become black before her eyes, and she must lie down, wherever she may be.

After vexation, he becomes quite prostrated, with palpitation and trembling, the whole forenoon (aft. 14 d.).

When vexed, he is suddenly affected in the scrobiculus cordis, and then there is heaviness like lead in the lower limbs.

Involuntary burning and twitching of the whole body, causing him to part and to become hot and red in the face.

Involuntary alternate extension and contraction of the muscles in various places, without pain and with full consciousness, in regular paroxysms, recurring regularly every 7 days, for 8 weeks.

Spasmodic contraction and extension of the limbs, almost without pain.

Epileptic fit with screaming and foaming at the mouth, he beat about unconscious with arms and legs, then he thought he had to die and complained of great anguish of heart (aft. 39 d.).

Epileptic fit His left arm was bent upward and the fingers clinched into a fist, for a few minutes, then he lost his senses, tore and kicked about him with arms and legs, screamed loudly, and foamed at the mouth for a quarter of an hour; then he lay motionless as if dead; then he began to babble.

Attacks of syncope while lying down, with loss of consciousness, while everything becomes black before the eyes, without impulse to change this state by motion (1st d.).

Total relaxation of the nerves, the jaw hangs down, respiration is slow and through the mouth, gauzy, half-opened eyes.

Syncope, at certain hours, daily, chiefly in the evening.

She fell down suddenly, without any vertigo.

Sudden failure of the strength, like fainting; she had to hold on to something; at the same time, dimness of vision for one-half hour.

Trembling of the limbs (aft. ½ h.).

Attacks of trembling, in the evening in bed.

Drawing trembling in all the limbs.

Trembling, without sensation of cold, in the afternoon.

He becomes emaciated and pale.

Great emaciation (against which Graphites Graphites is serviceable).

She feels wretched (with a sore throat) and has a yellowish-grey complexion.

Walking, as well as continuous sitting while writing, becomes very hard for her, and it readily puts her into a profuse perspiration.

Sudden weakness, while sitting down.

Very much inclined to rest, without weariness.

He would like to continually lie down and rest, and when he lies down, he goes to sleep at once.

Weariness, especially in the morning.

Lack of tone, with irritation of the nerves.

Sudden occasional weariness in all the limbs, with peevishness.

Frequent attacks of weakness, so that she has to let her hands hang down.

Lack of strength, after a slow walk.

Weariness of the lower limbs, especially when ascending.

Especial lack of strength, when going up-stairs, when the bones of the lower limbs are painful (aft. 11 d.).

She feels her weakness most when at rest.

The weakness increases when at rest.

When lying in bed (in the evening before sleep), he feels a weakness, depressing the whole body, as if he should pass away and sink down lower and lower.

Even while walking, she cannot keep from falling asleep.

Irresistible sleepiness at noon, and after it, laziness and numb feeling in the head (aft. 4 h.).

Sleepy, in the afternoon.

In the evening, very drowsy, early.

He wakes up every night at break of day, and then goes to sleep again.

He lies in bed for a long time in the evening without being able to sleep.

He could not find rest in the evening in bed.

In the morning on awaking, ebullition of blood.

At night, he cannot bear lying down, he has to get up.

At night, no position was comfortable, which vexed him even to weeping.

At night, he feels his pains even in sleep and dreams about it.

After midnight, the sleep is very much interrupted and restless.

At night, shooting and throbbing in the occiput.

At night, at 3 o'clock, he wakes up with obscured mind (3d d.).

At night, dryness of the eyes.

At night, in sleep, saliva runs from his mouth.

At night, sour regurgitation.

At night she awakes with vertigo and nausea.

At night on awaking, hunger.

At night thirst, she has to drink often and only a little at a time (aft. 16 d.).

In the evening in bed, troublesome pressure in the stomach, improved by rubbing (the first days).

At night, cutting in the gastric region, she has to sit up.

At night, colic in the hypogastrium.

After midnight, colic below the navel, so that she had to bend double.

At night, drawing pain in the left side of the abdomen.

At night, constant, almost ineffectual urging to stool (2d n.).

Nightly cramp of the abdominal muscles; they are quite hard and painful, so as to cause him to scream.

At night, cough and pain in the chest, which keep him from going to sleep before midnight.

At night (during confinement) a sort of spasm of the chest, coming from the sacrum up the back, first into the gastric region, then into the chest, it made breathing difficult and caused anguish.

At night, pain in the sacrum and stitches in both hips and in the left side of the chest (aft. 4 d.).

At night, the hands are asleep.

At night, tearing in the left lower limb.

In the evening in bed, severe drawing pain in the heel.

For several nights, cramp in the feet.

At night, the limbs are, as it were, asleep (aft. 6 d.).

In the morning, on awaking from a heavy, fanciful sleep, the whole right side of the body is asleep, for half an hour.

At night, drawing in the gums and on the whole of the left side of the body, which pains waked her up.

At night, insomnia, from trembling and a sensation as if everything in the body kept swinging forward and backward.

In slumber, single twitches, the lower limbs are thrust forward.

In the morning, ebullition of the blood, when awaking.

In the morning, when awaking, relaxation and lack of tone of the limbs; this goes off after rising.

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