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Lycopodium Clavatum - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod, Lyc.

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HPUS indication of Lycopodium Clavatum: Digestion
Lycopodium Clavatum

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lycopodium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Delirious at night,

Delirious, raging, envious, reproachful, presumptuous, and imperious (after twelve hours),

Irrational talking, with weeping, as if she would become delirious, the day preceding and the first day during menstruation (after seven days),

A kind of living outside of herself, as in the commencement of fever,

Involuntary whistling and humming,

Desires to be alone,

Disinclination to talk,

Weeping, with chilliness,

Weeping at night in sleep,

He cries and howls, at first about past and then about future troubles,

He laughs without being pleased; humorous,

If one looks at her to say anything serious, she is obliged to laugh,

Inclined to laugh and cry at the same time,

Excited and exceedingly merry,

Very much excited, almost jovial, from a glass of wine (third day),

Lively mood (ninth day),

Very lively mood during the whole proving,

Lively and excited, with busy fancies, in the afternoon (fourth day),

Great hilarity, especial good humor (fifth day),

Remarkably joyous mood for several days,

Exceedingly merry, with dizzy vertigo,

Sad mood,

Sad mood, she is obliged to cry all day, and cannot be contented; without cause,

Very sad mood, with confusion of the head (fourth day),

Sad, despondent, at last lachrymose,

Extremely sad and ill-humored,

Sadness when hearing distant music (thirty-fifth day),

Melancholy in the evening,

Melancholy; loss of spirits; sad thoughts,

Extremely melancholy; depressed, joyless mood,

Depression of spirits (after seventeen days),

She became very miserable (with sore throat), and the color of the face became yellowish-gray),

Despondent, sad, fanciful,

Very despondent and weak,

Despairing, lachrymose,

Hypochondriac, complaining mood; he feels unhappy (first two days),

Anxiety in the evening, whereby there seems to be a sort of semiconfusion before the eyes,

Anxiety on falling asleep,

Attack of anxiety on waking after midnight, so that she is unable to get her breath, lasting two hours, two nights in succession,

If people come near her, she is immediately attacked with anxiety at the pit of the stomach,

Great anxiety, as if in the pit of the stomach, without special thoughts (after twenty-four hours),

Internal anxiety in the forenoon, and internal chilliness, like an internal trembling,

Anxious thoughts, as if she were about to die, for which she even prepared by thinking of her farewell messages, in the morning after waking from a deep sleep (after sixteen hours),

Loss of confidence in his own vigor,

While walking in open air, apprehensiveness and attacks of vertigo,

He is easily frightened and starts up,

Great fearfulness,

Very fearful all day,

Fear of going to bed in the evening,

In the evening on entering a room he is attacked with fear, as though he saw some one; even during the day he believes that he hears some one in the room,

In the evening, in the dark, he is seized with fear when a door that he wishes to open moves with difficulty,

Great fear of frightful images, which her fancy conjures up, in the evening, and lachrymose during the day,

Great apprehensiveness in the pit of the stomach, from peevishness,

Anthropophobia (first day),

She flees from her own children,

She dreads to be alone,

Great irritability,

Extreme irritability, with apprehensiveness,

Very irritable and violent,

Very irritable, and inclined to melancholy,

Extremely irritable, fearful, and peevish,

Irritable, peevish mood,

Very irritable mood (twenty-seventh day),

Very irritable, peevish mood (fifth day),

Extremely sensitive mood, she cries about being thanked (after twenty hours),

Ill-humor (ninth and tenth days), ; (eleventh day), ; (eighteenth day),

Ill-humor; no desire to talk (after two days),

Ill-humor, with ravenous hunger, in the evening (fourth day),

Ill-humored in the morning (seventeenth day),

Ill-humored, fretful (twenty-first day), ; (twenty-seventh day),

Ill-humored all day, and made to weep by the slightest causes (sixth day),

Ill-humored and indolent (eleventh day),

Very ill-humored (first day),

Very ill-humored, morose, and melancholy just before menstruation,

Ill-humored and fretful mood (seventeenth day),

Extremely ill-humored in the evening (twentieth day),

Out of humor, with disinclination to talk, all day (seventh day),

Fretfulness, ; (eighteenth day),

Fretfulness and peevishness (seventh day),

Fretful, ill-humored (sixth day),

Fretful; very irritable in the evening (eight day),

Fretful, taciturn, inclined to weep (sixth day),

Frequent crying, the child was fretful, and in the evening would not go to sleep for a long time (sixth day),

Fretful mood, with disinclination for everything, in the morning (twenty-second day),

Peevish and irritable; easily excited to anger (twenty-third day),

Peevish, despondent (fifteenth day),

Sad, hypochondriac (peevish) mood,

He can hardly conceal an internal obstinacy and peevishness,

She cannot endure the slightest opposition, and is speedily beside herself from peevishness,

Mood very morose, excitable, easily roused to anger; becomes peevish about trifles, and is taciturn (fifth day),

She is overpowered by many unpleasant recollections, about which she becomes vexed; even at night on waking,

Easily roused to anger and scorn,

Passionate mood without fretfulness (after a few hours),

Indolent, obstinate, rebellious, wrathful,

He mentally quarrels with absent persons,

Quarrelsome rage, partly at herself, partly at others,

As if out of her mind, she seeks quarrels, makes unfounded reproaches, is most exceedingly violent, and strikes those whom she thus insults (after two hours),

Anxious, fearful, quarrelsome,

The child becomes disobedient, though not ill-humored,


Seems impatient on waking,

Discontented (after seventy-two hours),

Distrustful, suspicious, morose,

Extremely suspicious and distrustful,

After the anxiety, there is great inclination to laugh at trifles, for several hours, followed by weeping for half an hour without cause,

Her temper became very much affected, at one time she was excessively merry and laughed at the simplest things, again she was melancholy and low-spirited,


Indifferent and impatient,

Indifference to external impressions, with irritable mood,

Exceedingly indifferent,

The child loses its playfulness, becomes quiet and listless,



Excited, busy mood in the evening, without perseverance, changing from one subject to another, with difficulty of fixing the thoughts, and greater difficulty in accomplishing anything; while reading fell asleep (fourth day),

Special aptitude for mental work (third day),

Disinclined for mental work (sixteenth day),

Disinclined to mental work, distracted, without connected thought (second day),

Disinclined to thought; dulness of power of thought,

Disinclined to work or think in the afternoon (third day),

Ennui (second day),

Inability to perform mental labor (sixth day),

Inability for and aversion to mental work; apathy (fifth day),

Dull and without thought, in the evening, after a cup of milk (third day),

(Difficulty of fixing the thoughts, especially when reading),

Frequently distracted in mind for a moment during earnest conversation soon after dinner; I was unable to pay proper attention to what was said, and was obliged to give way to thoughts which forced themselves upon me (third day),

Confusion of ideas while reading; is unable to rightly comprehend or associate thoughts (third day),

The thoughts seem to stand still; the mind is helpless and as if dazed, like a confusion, without obscuration of mind,

Indecision and loss of confidence,

He is unable to do anything, cannot think; passes his time with trifles, without being able to make up his mind what to do,

Confusion of thought; reflection is difficult, causing a dulness of the head and dimness of vision,

Distraction of mind,

Very much distracted; weak power of thought; can neither comprehend nor remember what is read; much diminished power of reflection (second day),

A piece of music I once heard came so vividly before the mind that I could almost hear it (fifty-fifth day),

Great loss of memory, she talked confusedly; her friends laughed at her and could not understand her altered manner; she was quite unable to write; having written a letter, she burnt it, because she could not read it,

Awoke about 2 A.M. with difficult recollection, heat of the head and upper part of the body, with cold feet in bed,

Forgets names of persons (twenty-second day),

Weakness of memory (third day), ; (sixth day),

Memory very weak; forgets words (fourth day),

A peculiar distraction of mind (loss of ideas), lasted ten days (after twelve days),

He is unable to fix his thoughts; it is difficult to express himself and to find fitting words, especially in the evening,

When writing, omits and adds letters (eleventh day),

Speaks wrong words and syllables,

Mistakes in writing; spells words wrong (thirty-ninth day); the mistakes have continued at times (fifty-fifth day),

Selects wrong words,

When writing, uses wrong words, adds too many letters, misspells, omits words and letters, but is, conscious of these mistakes (tenth day),

He is able to talk rationally on exalted, even abstract subjects, but becomes confused about every-day things, as, for example, he speaks of plums when he means pears,

Insensibility of mind to external impressions,


Stupefaction, as if intoxicated; he could scarcely keep erect; tottering, weakness of the feet, and vertigo; in the morning (twenty-second day),

Stupefaction towards evening, with heat in the temples and ears.

It seems as if everything would vanish from her (third day),

Stupefaction on reading, with heaviness of the head, sleepiness, falling asleep (first day),

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