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Lycopodium Clavatum - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod, Lyc.

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HPUS indication of Lycopodium Clavatum: Digestion
Lycopodium Clavatum
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lycopodium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Every week), Paroxysmal extension, etc., of muscles.

(Open air), Confusion of head; sparks from eyes; earache; tightness in chest.

(Walking in open air), Apprehensiveness, etc.; tearing in external head; formication in scalp; drawing in lower jaw; pressure in middle of chest; heaviness of limbs.

(Ascending steps), Forcing-asunder headache.

(Coffee), Pain in abdomen.

(Lifting), Pressure in pit stomach.

(Lying down), Pressive headache.

(Motion), Feeling in occiput; cough, etc., tightness of chest.

(Reading), Difficulty in fixing thoughts; confusion of head; stitches on vertex; during sitting pulsation, etc., in head; nausea.

(Rest), Headache; drawing in limbs; tearing in shoulder, etc.; bruised pains in shoulders; drawing in toes; weakness.

(Riding in carriage), Pain in forehead, etc.; pressive pain in forehead.

(Rising from stooping), Forcing-asunder headache; pains in small of back.

(Sitting), Drawing in back; constriction in small of back; tension in bones of thighs, etc.; especially when the knees are bent, tearing down thigh.

(Stooping), Headache; pressive pain in head; sore pain in forehead.

(After supper), Lines of face drawn up.

(Tabacum Tobacco smoke), Heartburn; nausea, etc.

(Walking), Forcing-asunder headache; cutting in upper abdomen; stitches in shoulder; pain in hip, etc.; stitches in knee; cramp in calves.

(Wine), Cramp in stomach.


(Open air), Affection of head; nausea.

(Walking in open air), Pain in hip.

(Eating), Headache.

(Moving), Pressive pain in forehead.

(Walking), Flatulent colic.

(Warmth of bed), Stitches in hollow teeth.


Appetite increased (thirteenth day),

Great appetite,

Very great appetite (after second day), ; (third day),

Excessive appetite, followed by distension of the abdomen (thirty-third day),

Hunger (twenty-first and twenty-third days), ; at 10 A.M., etc.

Hunger on waking at night,

Hunger remains immediately after eating, though the stomach and abdomen are full and tense,

Great hunger during a walk (fifteenth day),

Great hunger and hasty eating,

Excessive hunger; the more he eats the more the stomach desires; and so long as he eats he feels well, but afterwards there is a constant sourish taste on the tongue, even the saliva seems acid; nothing of which, however, he noticed while eating,

Ravenous hunger at noon, while eating; with a feeling as though he could not satisfy himself,

Constant ravenous hunger, in the afternoon; with a feeling as if heavy morsels were lying in the stomach,

Desire to eat without real hunger,

Remarkable desire to smoke (eighth day),

Appetite diminished (sixth day), ; (twenty-second day), ; (twenty-fifth day),

Loss of appetite (second day), ; (after three days), ; etc.

Loss of appetite, but much thirst (after thirty days),

Loss of appetite (has had no desire for tobacco for eight days), (twenty-fourth day),

Complete loss of appetite (thirty-ninth day),

Complete loss of appetite and thirst (sixth day),

No appetite (ninth day), ; (eleventh day),

Neither appetite nor thirst (fifth day),

After eating a little roast lamb, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, tension in the abdomen, sudden satiety, and great thirst, at noon (fifth day),

Almost disgusted with eating,

Aversion to breakfast (ninth and eighteenth days),

Aversion to eating much supper (seventeenth day),

Aversion to coffee and tobacco,

No desire for the morning coffee (thirteenth day),


Thirst with increased heat of the head, at 3 P.M. (twenty-seventh day),

Thirst at night; she is obliged to drink frequently, though but little at a time (after sixteen days),

Much thirst (third day), ; after eating,

Much thirst; she constantly desires to drink,

Great thirst and heat of the head, with sleepiness, so that he could not keep awake, at 8 P.M. (eighth day),

Excessive thirst, with fine frothy saliva in the mouth (after one hour),

Burning thirst, which I quenched with water all day; I ascribed this thirst to a slimy, sour, bitter expectoration, the taste of which I could not get rid of two days (second day),

Great desire for drink (seventh day),

No thirst; thirstlessness,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Eructations (ninth day),

Eructations without taste, at times (second day),

Frequent odorless and tasteless eructations, with pressure in the stomach, retching and pressure in the throat (second day),

Eructations without bad taste, after eating,

Frequent eructations, after eating,

Many eructations, alternating with yawning,

Frequent empty eructations (first days),

Eructations, risings of salty mucus,

Sour eructations, with colic (immediately),

A sour eructation, the taste of which does not remain in the mouth, but the acid gnaws in the stomach,

Many sourish eructations,

Eructations as from an acid stomach (second day),

Acid eructations, with a burning sensation as far up as the throat (first day),

Eructations of an acid fluid, with sour taste in the mouth,

Constant bilious eructations, in the afternoon,

Burning eructation; a kind of heartburn,

Incomplete burning eructations, which only rise into the pharynx, where they cause a burning for several hours (after four hours),

Rising from the stomach through the oesophagus to the pharynx, where they cause a retching (second day),

Sour risings at night,

Rising of the milk taken in the morning, with scraping-clawing taste in the throat,

Bitter water comes every morning into the mouth, as from the stomach, so that she is obliged to bend out of bed in order to spit it out, as in waterbrash,


Hiccough, after supper, lasting half an hour,

Frequent hiccough for three days in succession (after four days),


Heartburn (second day), ; (twenty-fourth day),

Heartburn for three hours after eating, aggravated by tobacco smoke,

Heartburn after eating (cold roast mutton), with a pressure upon the chest as if a stone were lying upon it (after thirty-three days),

Heartburn rising from the stomach, causing acidity in the mouth,

Heartburn after smoking (twentieth day),

Heartburn rising into the chest, followed by acidity in the mouth,