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Lycopodium Clavatum - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod Lyc.

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HPUS indication of Lycopodium Clavatum: Digestion
Lycopodium Clavatum

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lycopodium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Itching eruption in the anus, which is painful to touch,

The rectum is frequently so contracted that it protrudes during a hard stool,

Swelling of the haemorrhoids in the rectum,

The haemorrhoids protrude from the rectum,

Haemorrhoids painful, sticking, burning, protruding even during a soft stool; very distressing for two days; less on the third day, and disappearing after eight days (after four days),

Inactivity of the rectum at stool,


Burning in the rectum during stool,

Burning in the rectum, with a stool which is not hard,

Burning in the anus, with frequent stools, even after forty-eight hours,

Continual burning pain in the rectum (after three days),

Feeling of fulness in the rectum, even after a copious stool,

Anus painfully closed,

Cramps in the rectum and small of the back, like labor pains,

Sensation of digging along the rectum, with tenesmus and dragging, after an ordinary stool in the morning (twenty-fifth day),

Twinging in the rectum (after two days),

Twinging and sticking in the margin of the anus,

Pressure in the rectum at night (after twenty-three days),

Pressive pain on the rectum, with spasmodic pains in the abdomen, so that she (being pregnant) thinks she is very near confinement (which, however, only follows after sixteen days),

Sticking in the rectum, with a natural stool,

Sticking and sore pain in the rectum,

Fine sticking in the anus, with a lumpy stool,

Short but very violent sticking pain in the rectum in the morning (sixth day),

A stitch in the rectum, extending thence from the small of the back,

Stitches in the rectum in the afternoon (seventeenth day),

Some stitches in the anus (fifteenth day),

Tearing in the rectum, taking away the breath (after forty hours),

The haemorrhoids in the anus are painful to touch,

The haemorrhoids in the anus are painful while sitting,

He cannot bear to sit down, so painful are the protruded varices (after three days),

Biting in the anus, with a thin stool,

Momentary biting pain in the anus (after five days),

Itching in the rectum,

Itching in the anus,

Itching in the anus and pubis,

Much itching in the anus (second day),

Violent itching in the anus (also after twenty-eight days), in evening,

Painful itching and burning in the anus (second day),

Burning-itching in the rectum after a soft stool,


Violent contractive pain in the perineum, lasting several hours, after a hard, scanty stool,

Pinching in the perineum, close to the anus, during micturition, which continues, and also at times remains when not urinating,

Pinching-cutting in the perineum and anus in the morning,


Desire for a stool (soon),

Desire for stool unusually early,

Desire continues, without result, after a natural stool,

Desire for stool as though much would pass, though only a moderate quantity came,

Desire for stool, griping in the abdomen, in the morning (seventeenth day),

Frequent ineffectual desire for stool in the afternoon (tenth day),

Urging to stool (first day),

Urging to stool, with distended abdomen, mostly in the evening,

Urging to stool, followed by spasmodic pain in the rectum, which does not permit the discharge of faeces,

A feeling as if the urging to stool extended only as far as the rectum (after a few hours),

Constant almost ineffectual urging to stool at night (second night),

Constant but ineffectual urging to stool (after three days),

Unusual urging to stool, emission of flatus, and relief of the gastric symptoms (soon),

Rectum and anus




Diarrhoea (fifteenth day), ; in morning (seventeenth day),

Diarrhoea, with colic, mostly very early in morning (about 2 or 3 o'clock),

Diarrhoea six times, with violent griping, from morning till noon; three times in the afternoon (thirty-second day),

Diarrhoea three times, consisting of green, extremely offensive faeces (fourth day),

Three attacks of diarrhoea, with pain in the abdomen, in the afternoon (sixteenth day),

Diarrhoea, with griping and tenesmus, three times, from 12 to 3 o'clock (twenty-fourth day),

Diarrhoea twice in the forenoon, preceded by griping (nineteenth day),

Urging to stool in the morning; diarrhoea in the afternoon,

Frequent diarrhoea (fourth and fifth days),

Watery diarrhoea twice (sixth day); soft, watery stools, with burning in the anus (seventh day); diarrhoea (eighth day),

Yellow, watery diarrhoea six times during the day (fourth day),

Yellowish-white diarrhoea four or five times, with increase of the pain in the walls of the abdomen, so that even laughing was painful (thirteenth day),

Two diarrhoeic stools in the forenoon (twenty-sixth day),

Stool very frequent, consisting of blood and mucus, with peculiar offensive "earthy" smell; the desire for stool very urgent; bowels act thus directly after drinking and at other times (four days after leaving off Lyc.),

Soft stool several times a day, which must be evacuated with much exertion, without emission of flatus,

Violent twisting in bowels; continual urgent desire for stool, could hardly retain it; it rushed out first in a large fluid gush, after which the quantity was slight great bearing down in rectum; pain better after stool; this sort of stool occurred three times (after fourteen days),

Two liquid stools (third day),

Two green, very offensive evacuations in the morning (fifth day),

Two evacuations instead of the usual single stool (first day),

Much urging to stool, with discharge of much hard faeces, followed after two hours by pressure in the abdomen, renewed urging to stool, and a soft evacuation (eighth day),

Pasty stool, once or twice a day, for several weeks,

Urging to stool an hour after the normal stool, followed by discharge of pasty faeces mixed with mucus (fourteenth day),

Pasty evacuation from the bowels, soon followed by renewed urging, with a sensation as though diarrhoea would come on, but there resulted only a small fecal discharge, firmer than the previous stool (sixth day),

A thin evacuation from the bowels (third day),

Thin stool, mixed with hard lumps,

(Stool soft, almost like diarrhoea),

The first part of the stool is lumpy, the second soft, for several days in succession (after sixteen days),

Soft, painful stools (twenty-fifth day),

Stool yellow and pasty (sixth day),

Soft, pasty stool, with a feeling of tenesmus and dragging in the rectum, as in dysentery (twenty-third day),

Stool of a brown, liver color,

Stool very pale in color,

Very offensive stool,

Profuse discharge of thin mucus, but the stool was scanty, at noon,

Discharge of blood during the stool,

Discharge of blood from the rectum, even with a soft stool (after fourteen days),

Crumbly stool, in small pieces,

Hard stools (after three days),

A hard stool, only after great pressure, in the evening (seventh day),

Stool dry and hard, for three days, more than usually indolent (first day),

Stool at first hard, then liquid (second day),

Urging to stool, with rather hard faeces, in the evening, followed all night by excessive flatulence (fifth day),

Very hard stool (fifteenth day),

Stool unusually hard (second to fourth day),

The stools, though soft, were difficult to pass; (this condition lasted a long time after the proving),

Very difficult stool, from contraction of the rectum,


Stool daily, very small, and only passed with great urging and burning pain in the rectum,

Scanty stool, with a feeling as though much remained behind, followed by much painful accumulation of flatus in the abdomen (after twenty-four hours),

Stool only every other day,

Stool not daily, indolent, without desire,

Bowels act with difficulty and pain,

Two hard evacuations passed with difficulty and pain in the anus, after which there were none for two days, then another hard stool in the evening, very difficult to pass, with tearing pain in the rectum; two days afterwards another hard stool, with great pressure (after twenty-five days),

Hard stool, difficult to pass (third day),

Hard, scanty, difficult stool (eighth day),

Stool hard, with great pressure and tenesmus, and a peculiar sensation of burning like fire that extended from the anus deep into the rectum (twelfth day),

Stool at 4 P.M. (instead of 8 A.M. as usual); evacuation very hard (third day),

No desire for stool in the morning, but in the evening instead; although the desire is quite urgent, the small faeces can hardly be forced out,

Stool retained first two or three days, afterwards a natural, copious evacuation,

Absence of the usual two morning stools (eleventh day),

Constipation from the eighth to the eleventh day, when there was a hard stool, difficult to pass,


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