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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Abdomen symptoms - H.C. Allen

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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A rending pain across abdomen from left to right, in evening when in bed

Pain in right side of abdomen proceeding from uterus

Pain down left side of abdomen

Pressing in abdomen

A drawing in abdomen below navel

Cramp in lower part of abdomen

Painful sensation deep in upper portion of abdomen, as if behind duodenum; in forenoon

Colicky pain in abdomen; when it subsides stinging in small of back

Severe bellyache, lasting an hour, awoke from sleep at 1130

Violent bellyache

Sticking in right side of abdomen, when taking a breath; in abdomen above hip; with feeling of motion in lower part of abdomen

Stitches in right side of abdomen; in belly, an inch from crista ilea

Shooting in abdomen

A sense of motion, with slight stinging in middle of abdomen

A burning, waving and surging, proceeding from abdomen, spreads through entire chest to head

After cooling sensation and scratching in esophagus had subsided, there appeared a half cooling, half burning sensation in entire upper part of abdomen

General soreness in whole of lower abdomen

Distension of abdomen; every evening

Rigidity of muscles of abdomen

From both loins a drawing downward, followed by cramps in lower abdomen

Aching in loins; into back; down to feet

Dull pressing pain above right inguinal region on a defined place

Pain in right groin, with some swelling

Drawing, dragging pain in groins; heavy, bruised feeling in thighs

Drawing from groins downward, then cramps in abdomen, accompanied by dizziness

Aching from groins to feet, in evening

Pain in both groins; in right, two small kernels under skin, very painful

Inguinal glands very much swollen, they pain for two hours

Stool and Rectum

Tenesmus during and after stool

Dysenteric stools with tenesmus; renewed as soon as he hears or sees water run

When in morning some water was poured out from pitcher into basin, pain and desire to stool returned


Stools watery and profuse, with severe pains in lower bowels; frequently of stools not uniform, some days five or six, others fifteen or twenty, usually more frequent in morning

Chronic camp diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea contracted in Southern camps

Stools of bloody mucus

Involuntary stools

Straining to evacute, causing a violent pain in small of back and in rectum, afterwards compelling him to walk about although weak

Bowels constipated; stool very dark in color

Stools became dark and thickish in appearance, mingled with shreds of wool or cotton, bits of wood and coal that had been swallowed; a dog

Passage of bright red blood from anus, with terrible burning and pricking in it as from thorns

Difficult stool, piles protrude

Hemorrhoidal troubles, passes blood from anus during catamenia

Throbbing in anus externally

Darting into anus causes contraction


Difficult passage of flatus as if anus resisted expulsion


Diarrhea with much pain, most during day, eighteen hours after dose, lasting twenty-four hours, with pain in lower part of bowels; worse in morning; followed by nausea as if she would have to vomit; attended with violent pains early in morning; after stitches in side


A pressing pain in right side, near last ribs, with breathing; in hypochondria, after quick walking

Shooting in right side of abdomen

Pain in region of liver and right kidney

Pain from within outward in right side

Fatty degeneration of liver

In upper part of abdomen, left side (region of stomach and spleen), a continued gnawing pressure in forenoon

Aching from below waist to feet

Pain in left side at 8 A M

Pressing pain in region of spleen when walking fast

Painful throbbing as if an abscess was forming in region of spleen, but very deep in, exact locality is half way between median line and outline of left side; it lasted eight days; with it departed remnant of a similar affection in this locality, against which eleven years of allopathic treatment had proved of no avail

Under mamma hot sensation, quietly aching, sometimes same lower down or in whole of abdomen, as if in intestine

Tearing from left hypochondriac region to right

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