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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Back And Neck symptoms - H.C. Allen

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Back and neck

All day difficulty in moving head

Sterno-cleido mastoid muscle on each side stands out like a thick cord; a look of mingled anxiety and terror on countenance

Head feels lopsided and as if something was drawing it toward shoulder

At 2 P M laid down, found his head twisted to left side; under ordinary circumstances would very soon have changed position, but to his surprise found it quite comfortable and feel asleep; woke at 4 P M, felt a numbness in left side of head, and flesh of lower part of body looked like goose-flesh

As if head was being drawn to shoulders

Cramplike pressure under right shoulder-blade and between scapulae

At 2 P M, severe pain across back between shoulders and waist

A pain or ache in and between both shoulders, as if a heavy weight was there, lasting two hours

Pressing, running from between shoulders to occiput and across right ear, in morning

Below right shoulder-blade a pressure; not pressing from out inward or better by bending backward

Pressure in back, five inches below point of right shoulder, on inch from spine; had same sensation during each of her pregnancies, always on right side, inward from lowest rib to breast bone

Severe backache all day, and numbness of hands

Spine aches; right side of throat sore

Backache and headache

Pain in back across hips, lasting all day

Pain in back and both groins

Burning in back near last ribs, right side, like heartburn

Pressing in region of kidneys; dull pressure in region of left

At 4 P M violent pain in right kidney, lasting an hour

Pain from 4 P M till evening in both kidneys and across hips, severe and a little burning better at 9 P M

Back extremely sore; as if beaten, in evening

Pains with cutaneous hyperaesthesia along vertebral column

Could not bear least touch along whole vertebrae; slightest touch produced an irritability akin to convulsions

Sheep turn an wriggle their backs because they cannot bear heat of sun; increased sexual excitement; symptoms pointing to madness; scratching their backs appears to be agreeable to them, as they remain quiet and make a peculiar motion with their mouths, which does not express pain

Going to back from heart, sensation with sinking

Want of strength in back, must lean against back of chair in sitting

Weakness in region of kidneys, loins and sacrum

Great weakness in back, as if it would split and fall apart

A sore lameness in back, with some degree of soreness in lower abdomen

Pain in lower part of spine severe

Pressing pain in sacrum, right side; later it moves to middle of back (repeated eight times)

Shooting through small of back

Disease peculiar to sheep, termed the "gid;" dropsy of spine


Constant pain in neck

Going to neck pain from head and from back

Pressing in neck and up back of head

From neck heat passes to ear and face

Pressure and drawing pain in neck

A stitch in nape of neck

Muscles of neck and breast, frequently entire muscular system, contract spasmodically; With inward heat, pains in neck, worse if headache is better, or heat in right side of face

Burning pain in neck

Throbbing pain extending into neck

Neck feels stiff; right side of neck stiff; muscles felt stiff in morning

Tearing, stinging and stiffness in neck

Stiff neck with rending and shooting

Pain in cicatrix and also some stiffness in muscles of neck and throat

Pain in muscles of neck and along cervical portion of spinal column

From nape of neck of heat draws over right ear into right eye and face, seems to pass from within outward

Neck feels stiff, held himself more erect than usual

Stiffness in joints of neck; if she allows her head to hand a while, it is difficult to raise

Neck feels more comfortable when, in sneezing, she throws head back

Emphysematous swelling of subcutaneous cellular tissue of lower part of neck; may extend along upper portion of breast and into mediastinum

In back, near right shoulder-blade, a pressing with heat, draws into nape of neck, thence into muscles of left upper arm

Stinging below right shoulder-blade; in cervical vertebra

Considerable pain in lower part of back, with a soreness left through the public region; pressing finger on neck increased it

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