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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Face symptoms - H.C. Allen

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Jawbones feel quite sore

Both jaws feel stiff; tingling in cheek bones

Gnawing and crawling sensation in right zygoma

Transitory drawing in left side of face, from cheek bone toward nose, as if in muscles, in evening

Tearing in right upper jaw extending into ear, same in temple

Shooting pains in upper jaw and violent headache

Darting pains in right side of face

Burning neuralgic pain down left side of face

A sensation moves about in right side of face and goes across forehead

Slight twitchings in face and hands

Quivering in face

Facial muscles become variously contorted, countenance changes its aspects frequently

Disturbed look with dyspnoea

Expression of face quite variable; reddening countenance often exhibits reflections of utmost mental and physical misery, of most horrible agony

Face flushed; complained of his head, said they were running needles into his brain

Heat in right side of face and right ear, followed by headache in vertex and forehead; as soon as headache gets better, heat returns; heat comes from within and spreads from back of neck to ear and into eyes and face, accompanied by constant pain in nape of neck, which increases after heat and headache disappear

A feeling of heat and soreness in middle of left cheek

Heat in face, with soreness of left cheek, from thinking

Heat in right side of face, and particularly in eye, where it causes a tickling; returns after drinking coffee

Face sweat; with sensation of heat; with flushes

In morning (6 A M), tickling in left cheek

Heat and redness of face

First heat in right side of face and in ear, then a quiet aching in front of upper part of head; this headache lessens, the heat increases

Heat in face in morning, with redness; at times very deep

Complexion pallid and cyanotic, and expression stupid

Flushes and headache alternately

Pale face with squeamishness and nausea

Face pale and yellowish, almost brownish

Appearance peculiar; skin sallow, pale or anemic; bloated all over, but no "pitting"

Chronic cramp diarrhea

Sensation as if she had been bitten in left side of face near mouth

Tickling on left cheek, at 6 A M

The scratches on cheek became red, thirty-three days after bite, and on following day looked quite fresh, as if they had been made only a few hours before, but were a little darker in color than newly made abrasions

Pimple on eminence of forehead, painful to touch; later one on right check

On left cheek near nose, towards eye, a pain, worse when touched; a pimple with soreness around

Slow maturing bluish pimples on face

The jawbones feel sore; aching in lower jaw

Violent jerking pains in lower jaw

Tearing in right lower and upper jaw up into ear

When reading or writing, felt a pain in lower jaw; the longer she read the worse it got

Masseter muscles not affected by spasms

During phrensical fits, snapping motions are made with jaw of an involuntary or spasmodic character, bearing some resemblance to motions of biting

Biting snapping with convulsions

Jaws feel stiff; crawling in zygomatic arch

Lower jaw stiff and painful; with inclination to yawn; with headache; imagines he cannot open mouth

Jaws feel sore and stiff; a great disposition to press hand against lower jaw

Sensation as if she would have mumps

A chilling, biting burning sensation of inner side of right upper lip, as if a corroding acid had touched spot; sensation passes up and back, in a lesser degree, to right nasal cavity, where it produces tickling and sneezing; subsequently increase of saliva; after several hours

Lips cracked on inside of middle line

Spasms with froth before mouth

It seldom happens that froth is observed around outside of mouth

Teeth and Gums

Grinding of teeth

Painful sensation of coldness shoots into teeth, it passes from lower posterior part upward and into jaw

Teeth hurt more on right side, it is a kind of aching dullness

Sensation in right lower jaw, in bone as it were, it shoots into root of a decayed tooth

Shooting pain in right eyetooth, preceded by burning, passing down esophagus B Frequent shooting pain in teeth; all the teeth ache

Aching in carious root of a molar

Toothache and other complaints during pregnancy, with internal ebullition of blood from chest to head; head feels as if filled with air to bursting

Teeth very sensitive; feel as if on edge

Headache and earache extend into teeth

Chilling painfulness starts in teeth of right side behind and below in bone of lower maxilla and passes upwards

Neuralgic pain in gums, principally in front

Aching in swollen gums on right side

Drawing in gums, most in front

Taste and Tongue

Food does not have right taste

Scrapy taste, with much saliva

Bitter taste in morning, on awaking

Salt victuals tasted too strongly of salt, other food seemed to lack salt

Speech is labored, short and pathetic

Difficult, incorrect speech

Impediment in his speech, would begin a sentence with difficulty after several fruitless attempts; some palatal vowels he could not pronounce, others but incorrectly

A cool feeling on tongue like after Mentha Piperita peppermint

Pain in root of tongue and left side of throat

Peculiar pain at root of tongue as if it was swollen

Tickling, queer feeling in throat and root of tongue

Tongue usually moist and clean; frequently slightly coated, more seldom dry and thickly coated

Tongue coated with thin layer of yellowish-white fur

Tongue coated with foam

Tongue dark red on sides, coated in centre

Tongue large, pale and flabby

Pricking sensation under tongue

Ranula returns periodically, with dryness of mouth, worse in afternoon, soreness when chewing; with hemorrhoids and constipation

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