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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Fever And Chill symptoms - H.C. Allen

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Fever and chill

Daily passes from time to time a little dark blood from uterus

For several months offensive mucus from uterus


Paroxysms of intense coldness with pain in spine

During paroxysm, limbs cool and livid

Attacks of vertigo, chilliness, sometimes chills; at least one a day for several days, not always accompanied by vertigo, though always accompanying it

Late in evening less inclined to chilliness

Chilly feeling, more down right (bitten) arm

Felt chilly and cold all over; shaking

"Desire for heat" marked

Became cold in bed at 3 A M, although covered with four blankets; lasted about one hour

Chills intermixed and followed by cold sweat

A fever, sometimes preceded by slight shiverings, generally very mild

Face sweats, with flushes

Temperature of body 100 to 104° Fahrenheit, seldom rises to 105 or 106

Cannot bear heat of sun

Fever in afternoon

Slight fever, with flushes of heat

Fever every evening, commencing at dusk and lasting until bedtime (midnight)

Sensation of burning heat in parts on which he lies

Great fever, no chill; pulse 160; no appetite; thirst, drinks cold water very often; stupid and sleepy

Feverish heat, with headache

Sensation as if a hot wave, fine, like vapor, surged through body, taking an outward course, yet not reaching surface or extending into limbs

Heat, with pressure in forehead and back

After drinking some coffee, a strong heat in right side of face, followed by aching in front op upper part of head; after this again heat from nape of neck up head over ears and right side of face; with heat in eye from within outward and tickling in ear

Sensation of heat felt internally and externally through entire body, no external warmth, it forces perspiration out on face as from weakness, and is accompanied by lassitude and aching in legs

At 9 P M, a dripping, warm perspiration from whole right hand from wrist to nails; afterwards hands and fingers stiff, she can hardly bend them

Skin covered with clammy sweat (last stage)

Skin moist, even covered with sweat; during spells, limbs cold and livid

Much better after perspiring

Intermittent fever

Attacks, Periodicity

"Other diseases, when poison is absorbed, have their periods; the canine poison depends on climate and constitution and different periods, from first day till nineteen months"

Took several drops of 300, after having been bitten in nose; symptoms next day and following, and well the third day, first symptoms returned on the twelfth day

First day better ; next day worse ; on third day salivation returned


Irregular fits of backache and chills, increasing steadily; Paroxysm, combined with a feeling of suffocation, almost produces strangulation

Sudden convulsions of a paroxysmal character

Periodically since two weeks

Spasms of throat

Attacks every few minutes, for five hours; pain down spine to loins and knees

Periodical ranula; spasm of esophagus; dull pain along left sciatic nerve

Alternating of heat and headache; twitches in arms and legs

Repeated eight times pain from sacrum to middle of back

For one hour pain in right arm

For two hours pain in and between both shoulders; pain in inguinal glands

Every two or three hours has a twitch in heart

For four hours sharp shooting pains in region of heart

After seven hours right leg falls asleep

From noon till evening headache

From 2 P M to 930 P M violent spasm in throat

From 3 to 4 P M headache

From 4 A M till evening pain in kidneys and across hips

From 4 P M till bedtime feeling of numbness in right arm

Every evening distension of abdomen; fever commencing at dusk and lasting until midnight

Three successive mornings; soreness across chest, both breasts swollen

First days smoking unpleasant, after first week a crazy, insatiable desire to smoke

Day after embrace pain in testicles

Every other day at 5 P M boring in temples

During three days her sense of smell painfully acute

Lasted eight days painful throbbing in region of spleen

After nine days severe pain in bitten thumb, thence to brain, nervous convulsion for a few moments, passes off in two or three minutes

Two weeks before time; catamenia

For two or three weeks scrotum tightly drawn up

In Summer, of six weeks' standing pain and tenesmus on hearing or seeing running water

For three months sticking, drawing, squeezing pain in heart

For seven years; prolapsus uteri

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