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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - General symptoms - Clarke

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Lyssin. The nosode of rabies. Trituration of sugar of milk saturated with the saliva of a rabid dog. Triturations might also be made of Pasteur's strongest virus.

Bubo. Clairvoyance. Convulsions. Corns, pains in. Diarrhoea. Dysentery. Fever. Hair, oiliness of. Headache. Hydrophobia. Hypersensitiveness. Landry's paralysis. Leucorrhoea. Lyssophobia. Mania. Nervousness. Neuralgia. Oesophagus, stricture of. Paralysis. Pregnancy, convulsions of.

toothache of. Respiratory paralysis. Salivation. Satyriasis. Sciatica. Sunstroke. Tetanus. Ulcers. Uterus, prolapse of. Vaginismus. Wounds, too rapid healing of.

Hering was the first (1833) to prove, and to suggest the employment of this nosode in medicine.

and of late years it has become notorious through the experiments of Pasteur. Pasteur's method of administration is very different from that employed by homoeopaths, but he is working on homoeopathic lines in seeking to neutralise a virus in the system by introducing a modification of the same virus. His experiments led him to produce the rabic poison in a highly intensified form in the spinal cords of rabbits. He then modified its intensity in different degrees by exposure to air for a longer or shorter period. Patients who come to the Institute are inoculated first with the least potent, and later with the most potent "vaccin," after which they are pronounced "cured." The "cure" is, however, extremely uncertain, as the degree of susceptibility to the poison is unknown in any case, and many hundreds of the patients subjected to the inoculations have died of the disease. Pasteur's first method was admitted to be too strong, and was soon modified.

a number of patients having died from the inoculations. One of these cases I investigated, and the symptoms were sufficiently striking to deserve recording. The patient was Arthur Wilde, of Rotherham, aged 29, and I received the account from his mother, who nursed him through his illness. He had been bitten severely by a man suffering from hydrophobia, and was persuaded, much against his wish, to go to Pasteur. This he did a few days after the bite, returning on October 19, 1886, after undergoing the course. On Saturday, October 30, he complained of a pricking sensation below the ribs in the right side, in the part where the injections had been made. Pressure relieved the pain somewhat. That evening he vomited, and the vomiting continued, and he became very prostrate. On Monday the prostration was intense, vomiting continued.

restless. skin cool, perspiring.

quite conscious. The spots where the inoculations were made were dark and livid. Twitching occurred every few hours, sometimes more violently than others.

most marked on the abdomen. From Monday through Tuesday he was making a peculiar loud noise, something like a waggoner driving horses, "bis" "whoo," though he had never had to do with horses. He seemed completely helpless. On Tuesday night vomiting ceased and he began to froth a great deal. Early on Wednesday morning he began to talk thick. His breathing, which had been peculiar all through.

to bright objects, especially the surface of water.

to sounds, and most of all to the sound of running water. Even the thought of it is enough to bring on an aggravation or a convulsion. Cases of dysentery with pain and tenesmus on hearing water running from a tap have been cured with Hydrob. Cannot bear heat of sun. Thirst, with inability to swallow. Copious viscid saliva. A great variety of mental disturbances occur. Rapid speech and impatience are very noticeable. The mental irritability is as great as that of the senses and dangerously violent temper is developed. The irritation is further shown in the sexual organs. Suffocating feelings were experienced by several persons. Sighing, and sighing respiration. The effects of bites of non-rabid dogs have been removed by this nosode. Hydrob. is a close analogue of many of the animal poisons, especially Lachesis Laches., and I have no doubt when clinically developed it will prove to be equally important. Marked symptoms appear in every part of the body and mind. Many symptoms are agg. by stooping.

by motion generally. Sensitive to any changed position. Bending head backward amel. pain in neck. Throws head back when sneezing. Heat of sun agg., it is unbearable. Hot steam directed to bitten place amel. burning pain in it. amel. Turkish bath. Damp warm air oppressed him. Sensitive to least breath of air.

air of agreeable temperature feels cold. Slightest draught agg. Cold air amel. headache. agg. From slightest touch.

from riding in carriage.

Drawing from neck to forehead, immediately followed by sparks before eyes and vanishing of sight.

red face. involuntary grinding of teeth.

second attack. the first was felt in head after washing in morning.

seven days after bite of mad dog (Belladonna Bellad., three doses, Hyoscyamus Niger Hyos. interpolated once a day).


he would hold his breath for a long time when making the noise and then breathe rapidly for a few breaths